Vaiaso Lima – Week 5

Afa one of our faiaoga – tutors for Samoan Language week reading a Samoan Reader to a small group of friends.

Nerisa also reading a Samoan reader to a group of friends.

We welcome Sharlene Haskell to Te Kei o Te Waka!

Talofa lava fanau this week in Te Kei o Te Waka we are celebrating Samoan Language week and this year’s theme is “Ma’au i lou ofaga.  Maua’a lou fa’asinomaga.” “Keep your Identity alive to thrive!”  We are very fortunate to have some students who are fluent in the Samoan Language and they have been our Faiaoga-Teachers of the language.  Thank you to Afa, Arizona, Mathius, Nerisa and Mark for your knowledge of the language.  Activities such as learning basic greetings and sentences to have a conversion and also reading a Samoan story to a small group.

We have a new student in our class this week and we welcome Sharlene Bourne to our whanau room of Te Kei o Te Waka.

A creative writing challenge is due in this Thursday 2nd June and some students have taken on board the challenge to write an imaginary story as part of a competition being organised by Mrs Teariki.

Tomorrow the Rugby Teams will be competing at the West Auckland Tournament and representing our class will be Nerisa.

Tofa suifua,

May Tamati


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Visual Arts Technology Teacher

.8 FTTE starting Term Three

We have an opportunity for an enthusiastic, motivated teacher to join our Technology Team, teaching our Art (Visual Arts) programme. Feel free to come visit us!!

Job Application pack available from our School Secretary, Jasmine Keenan;

Applications close 30th June 2017 at 3pm




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Mauria Te Pono

It has been a very busy time in Mauria Te Pono.  We have been learning about the importance and cultural significance of Water in our lives.  We have used the reciprocal reading process to summarise information about Water and the weather.

This term we have had the Revolution tour visit us, providing us with messages around bullying and how to deal with it.  The main focus is how to keep ourselves safe and what to do if these types of situations arise – don’t be afraid to let someone know if you need help.

Last week we farewelled our team leader, Mrs Tariu.  She had an amazing cultural farewell and students from Mauria Te Pono and throughout the school, were able to say their goodbyes.  We will miss Mrs Tariu and wish her all the very best for the future.


Team K – Kotahitanga on winning the fitness cup in Week 3

Mauria Te Pono who won the most Engaged class in Week 3 for Mandarin ! Yay !


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“Brothers don’t necessarily have to say anything to each other they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Cause & Effect:

This term our inquiry topic is global warming. In Tamatoa we are looking at causes and effects. What causes global warming? how does it affect our earth? we are focused on land, air and water.

It is important for the young men of Tamatoa to set achievable goals.  These goals help bring focus & a target to aim for. We have been working on vision boards in class.

Tamatoa are very good at singing!! We should become a choir?

Nathan, W. Signing helps support young men learn.  

So far, Tamatoa have learnt songs in these languages Samoan, Tongan, a song in Thai, Urdu (Afghanistan), Tuvalu, Fiji and the Philippines.  Research says singing helps boys to engage with their learning.

Fawad Teaching Tamatoa a song in Urdu (Pakistan).


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‘Jade Speaks Up’

Kia Ora whanau!

This week we started our ‘Jade Speaks Up’ programme for Health. This programme is a chance for us to look at choices we make about how we act, especially around violence.  We are learning ways about how we can act in more peaceful ways and how we can keep ourselves safe if we find ourselves feeling scared.


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Our small steps to success!

Kia ora koutou this week has started on a high with our class achieving two school awards one for the Best Attendance and the other the Cleanest Class Award.  These two awards are very important to our school values as they both reflect Respect, Responsibility and Engagement in our daily school life.

We welcome a new student to our class Jarred and he has already started to feel happy and comfortable in our class.

For maths the Oe’ group have been using cubes to help with multiplication and division.

Our PE classes have been a good challenge learning the basic skills of Netball and Basketball and the throwing and catching techniques have improved over the past week.

Our new Term Two goals are on the way as the students aim for their next Taumata level.  The year 8 students have started to organise a school Mix Netball Competition which will be held on Friday lunch time and our class councillors and leaders will be organising this.

Slowly but surely our work is being added onto the Onenote programme and students are helping others in class to work collaboratively to put all their Profiles and students work in the Te Kei o Te Waka class notebook.

A reminder if there are any parents who would like at any time want to discuss your childs progress and achievements please call May Tamati on the below number.

Ka Kite,

May Tamati



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Numbers are taking over!

Tone our Mathematician working his magic!

Stacey and Saiyan working together to solve some pretty difficult math equations.

We like working in groups, it helps us build relationships and support each other with our learning.

We use devices everyday to assist with our learning. Literacy isnt only about reading and writing, but also becoming a a fluent digital citizen and using a range of devices to work collaboratively with others.

Group work and vocab – this was definitely the highlight of our math session this week!

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We have started our week with the Jade Speaks Up programme as part of our health studies and keeping ourselves safe.  In brief the programme is a chance for all to look at the choices we make about how we act in a more peaceful way and how we can keep ourselves safe.  A permission slip has been given to your child if you do not wish for them to participate in the reseach project questionnaire towards the end of the programme.

Here are some of the poems the students have written so far about the Jade Speaks Up:

P resentation is always excellent and on point

E nvironment making the Physical World a better place

A ttitude is positive

C aring for others and making good choices

E ndurance to overcome a tough time (by Mathius Lole)


P ain will go away and make you have peace and quiet

E motions can get over you so let it go under

A ccept life when it  gives you lemons

C ome to the nearest community to find help

E ven though you seem you’re alone but you’re not (Monique Favier)


T hink about what you say before you say it

R un as fast as you can when someone approaches you

U se your self defence actions to fight back

S trength can help you verbally and physically

T rust the people around you (Nadia Marwan)


T elling someone secretly you trust them

R ing or call someone nearby if you are in trouble

U se your self defence

S afely walk back home

T ry and avoid talking to strangers (Mark Siliko)


S tay strong and run for help

A ask for help

F ind people that you trust

E vacuate from danger (Melefale  Houma)

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Week 2, Term 2…

Term 2 has started well with alot of critical thinking and discussions occuring in our classroom.  Our students are settling in well to work and are becoming more responsible for their own goals and are working hard towards achieving them.

This week we had a great time at our Annual Swimming sports carnival, held at Kelston Girls’ College – what a fabulous day of chanting, swimming, competing whilst still enjoying the atmosphere and team unity.

Reminders –

Please label all items of clothing

Bring a signed note if you require a uniform pass

Complete all set homework tasks to the best of your ability




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Jade Speaks Up Workshop was great


Jade Speaks Up Workshop was great. We are looking forward to teaching our students “Why Violence is NOT okay?” Scenerios will extend our students thinking. Some videos that our students will share will bring awareness of Safety around us.

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Wiki tuarua/tuatoru! Ka rawe koutou!

Kia ora e te whanau!

E mihi kau ana tenei kia koutou mo to koutou awhi i a matou tamariki i te whakataetae kauhoe. I tu katoa nga tamariki o Te Roopu Taonga! I puta te werawera, i puta te ihi me te wehi. Kaore he korero tu atu i te koa me te ngakau mahaki. I waimarie hoki matou o Te Roopu Taonga, a, i tuatahi matou! Nga mihi nui!

Wahooooooo! Nga kakano have had such an awesome Wiki Tuarua! Last Monday our whole kura went to Kelston Girls College to participate in our first school swimming sports competition! The atmosphere was “ELECTRIC”, our tamariki were “AWESOME” and everyone had a MEAN KELSTON MEAN DAY!!!

Image result for swimming race clip art

All our tamariki tried their hardest and done well in all 3 grades! A, B & C! There were tamariki who were afraid of swimming in front of others but they still got in the water and swum their little hearts out! I am soooo proud of each and everyone of our tamariki who got in the pool and participated! All our kids WON that day by PARTICIPATING so well done whanau!! You all showed the Kerehana wairua (Kelston spirit) and you made all us kaiako so so proud! Ka rawe koutou!

Image result for swimming words

Kiwi Can: Honesty & Integrity!

Our tamariki have been learning the importance of Honesty and the mana it holds. Last week we learnt the effects of being dis-honest and the different whanau of who this affects. Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria really commit to teaching our tamariki real life scenarios they will face on a daily basis and they help teach our kids how to make positive and right choices. Here a a few pics of our lesson last week of role play and the cause & effect of being honest/dis-honest! Here are a few pics of our kids in action in Kiwican!!

This week, our focus in Literacy/Reading comprehension will be on Whanau & Identity. The kaupapa for Inquiry this term is ‘Whakapapa & Turangawaewae’. Our tamariki will research and learn the importance of history/whakapapa and how this has influenced and shaped them today.

Pangarau: Geometry & Multiplication/Division

Our awesome Maths tumbles are flowing well. In levelled roopu our tamariki a learning a variety of geometrical language features and the different components of Geometry. Angles, symmetry, edges, positional directions a just a few awesome kaupapa this term. Our maths strand is multiplication/division. Our tamariki have weekly homework including Maths. They will be coming home and learning their timestables weekly. By the end of Term 2, they will have learnt their 1-12 timestables off by heart. Please awhi (help) our tamariki with their mahi kainga.

Mahi kainga:Homework

There are still a few that frequently dont bring in their mahi kainga pukapuka back to kura. Homework is ALWAYS due on a FRIDAY! It is issued on a Monday & due back on Ramere (Friday). Every week we have new kupu hou, new spelling words in english, Pangarau (Maths) and Maori activities! Please make sure that this is happening! Nga mihi

Panui (Notices):

  • Year 7’s to return your immunisation forms by Wednesday 17th May
  • Make sure your bringing your P.E Gear on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  
  • A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our Ty Broughton who competed on the weekend at the MMA graple national tournament where he won GOLD!! Well done Ty! Such a HUGE achievement for you and your whanau!

Ka pai koe! Kei te harikoa ahau! 

Have a great week whanau, and lets be the role models for our tamariki by showing our 3 values Respect, Responsibility & Engagement at home, kura and mahi!

Arohanui, Whaea Terina

Image result for kia kaha symbol

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Inquiry Learning

Talofa lava matua ma aiga

This term we have a Science focus for Inquiry – The World Around Us, with the focus on cause and effect.

Students in Lumana’i Manuia have chosen Pollution as their main topic. The students will then choose what type of pollution they will research e.g.  water pollution, air pollution.

The students have been learning how to ask high order questions using Solo Taxonomy verbs. They have decided upon their big question and are now in the process of finding relevant information, using a range of sources. Our students will learn the necessary research skills such as skimming and scanning for key words/ideas, summarising, analysing and evaluating.

Please talk to your child about what they are learning at school and support them with their homework.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Tuilaepa

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Term 2

Kia ora whaanau, welcome back to T2.

What a whirlwind of a year so far and looking forward to knocking T2 out of the park!
I just wanted to congratulate all the TAUIRA (students) who either participated in a sport or even better, competed at a Western Zone competition this year. Ka rawe koutou!

Also, to all those parents who have either helped on a school trip, in coaching team, attending whanau day, fundraisers, student led conferences or helped in any other way, THANK YOU very much!



This term our main focus will be all about Global warming; Its causes and its effects

Image result for what is global warming?

Your tamaiti (child), should have a reasonbable understanding of what Global warming is, so please sit down and have a 5-10 min discussion with your child.


Homework this term is all about articles/readings/stories about global warming. I want your tamaiti to read about as much knowledge as they can so that when they are out in the big world, they have the best chance to make the right decision. So please, make sure they are doing this at home with a minimum of at least 30-45 mins dedicated to there homework.
Maths homework will also start coming home at the beginning of W4.

Image result for swimming

Lastlly, CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who were awesome yesterday at our first school swimming event! What an epic day it was, and an enjoyable one for all of us with no incidents or disruptive students. Well done to TEAM TAONGA who won the swimming sports. In my eyes, our entire KURA won the day!


Naa te whaanau,

Ngaa Kahurangi.

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Term 2

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Talofa this term as a class our theme in Tamatoa is “Brotherhood”. Brotherhood is about respect,responsibility & being engaged. It’s about identity, culture & understanding that we are Kelistonions.

This term our main focus will be on science. Our inquiry topic for science is “Global warming”. We will be looking at these areas; Air– pollution, oxygen & omission. Land-erosion, natural disasters. Water– pollution, water cycle & filtration.

In maths we are going to look at Geometry , learning about – 3D shapes, angles, directions, rotation & reflection, 3D model of the solar system, Matariki, making of the stars , nets of the planets.

Please make sure that you keep up to date with your child’s progress on OneNote. They will have specific tasks to complete & also home work.

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Week 1 Term 2 2017

Talofa lava families of Nga Hau e Wha,

We are so pleased to be back at our fantastic school! As you’ve read our school letter we are preparing for our first ever Swim School Competition. So, if you have time come along and cheer along our students as we strive to take the Kelston Intermediate Swim Cup for 2017.

Nga Hau e Wha have been busy this week on the following events …

  • Pre test for Geometry – Angles, 2D and 3D shapes
  • Inquiry learning tasks have been set for the next two weeks. Presentations and due on Thursday 18 May.
  • PE with large ball skills assessments
  • Mathematics – Multiplication using place value strategies, decimals and with zero

Some of our students went with Mrs Gates and Mrs Wallace to the following schools …Glendene Primary, St Leonards Road School  and Kelston Primary.

The students spoke to the Year 5 & 6 students about their journey throughout Term 1. It is pleasing to see many of our students reconnect with their past teachers and principals. We look forward to providing more opportunities for our students to ‘give back’ to their previous primary schools. Nga Hau e Wha would like to thank all the principals and staff from these schools for inviting us over to share our learning journey here at Kelston Intermediate.

Our topic is around ‘Global Warming’ and Team Aroha is in the midst of planning trips to our local estuaries the Whau.

Have a great weekend everyone and best of luck to all those who play in weekend sports. Play hard! Play fair!

Malo lava

Mrs Gates

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Term 2 Week 1

Talofa lava and a huge welcome back into our learning for term 2, 2017.

Your child will have an exciting, new opportunities and lots of challenges throughout the term. Mrs Brown and myself are very excited with the new enthusiasm that the ULIMASAO students has shown so far in the first week of this term. Thanks to the parents who have helped their children with their ANZAC holiday assignment. There are a few students still need to complete their ANZAC assignment.

Our main focus this term is “Water Is Life!” Vai O Le Ola!” Our main focus question is; “Our precious resource is at risk, what can we do about it?” All our readings, writings and research work will be based around this topic.

Mathematics –

Geometry; is all about shapes, nets, angles, directions, locations and symmetries.

Numeracy; working out different types of strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.

P.E. We will focus on fitness large ball skills. Sports like rugby, soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball and rugby league.

Starting next week, our class work, assignment and e-portfolio will be on ONE-NOTE. Which means you can view and excess their work at home.

If you have any concern about anything relates to your child, please don’t hesitate to come and talk it over with or e-mail at any time.

Manuia lenei kuata,

Mr. Williams


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Welcome Back, Week 1, Term

Kiaorana, Malo i lelei and welcome back to term 2, I hope you all had a great break and that you are ready to get back into school and learning.  Over the holidays, the school has been under construction, there is now a lot more space that we will be able to use once projects within the school have been completed.

This term we will work within the following learning areas:

Maths: Geometry, numeracy:multiplication and division

Inquiry Learning: The World Around Us: Material World – investigations/questioning around Water

English: Reciprocal reading, persuasive writing, Oral language: The Morning Programme

It is going to be a very busy term !


Swimming sports will be held on Monday 8 May, 2017.  Please bring your required MEDICATION, togs, a plastic bag, goggles, atleast 2 towels, a healthy lunch (we will not be able to purchase food anywhere), water, a cushion to sit on as there is no available seating and an OUTSTANDING ATTITUDE.  100 % EFFORT IN ALL THAT WE DO !!!

Homework:  Revision of pepeha, completion of projects/inquiry.  Learn the basic facts and read for atleast 30 minutes if you have completed all of your work.


Moana was one of 6 amazing girls from our school who trialled for the Waitakere netball representative teams.  Wow, what an achievement, well done on your selection into a West Auckland representative team.

Well done to MAURIA TE PONO – Rm 8, who won $500 with their Garden design entry for our school Garden competition.  What a great team effort, we have lots of plans on how we would like to use the prize, one idea being that we would donate something to the school to share what we have been given.



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Nau mai, hoki mai ki te Wahanga Tuarua!! Welcome back to Term 2

Nau mai, hoki mai ki te Wahanga Tuarua!! – Welcome back to Term 2 Whanau!

Its been so nice to see our tamariki back at kura in their correct uniform and with AMAZING attitudes ready to learn for the term ahead!

We all hope you had a lovely holiday with your tamariki! We have been writing and reflecting on what we did in the holidays. Nga Kakano have been using the writing process to create a story using the 5 W’s to describe where they went, who they went with, what they did, when they went and how they got there!

Our new Pangarau kaupapa this term is GEOMETRY and Multiplication & Division. We have new groups now in the names of geometrical shapes: Tapatoru, Tapawha, Porohita & Taimana. This week our tamariki sat a pre-geometrical diagnostic test to determine areas of where the focus needs to be with their learning in Geometry.

We also created new Taumata 2 Goals-Academic, Social and Cultural. These goals need to be achieved within Term 2. Every week we will focus on a specific area and will add stars to our goals and once we have 5 stars added to each of our Taumata goals, then they have achieved their next Taumata- So kia kaha whanau 🙂

Next Monday we have our School swimming sports where our whole kura will be going up to Kelston Girls and swimming against one another in Teams. We are in Team Taonga so we are excited to compete as a kura and as teams! Matua Sean has been teaching our team some new chants to use at the swimming competition so come and join us next Monday (Rahina) from 9.30am-2.30pm. Be great to see yous!

Nga mihi Whaea Terina

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Welcome back for Term 2!

Kia ora Koutou,

Term 2 has kicked started with the new topics of study with the different curriculum areas underway.  Topics of study include Geometry, Multiplication and Division, The World Around Us, Keeping Safe, Music Arts, Explanation Writing, Reciprocal Reading, Natural Disasters and all linked with the students Inquiry questions and research.

As a beginning of a new term expectations to improve levels in all areas is a key focus as well as excellent work habits and having high level of completed set assignments and tasks.  For this to be achieved students have set their new goals for Term 2 and are planning their pathway to achieve them.

We are placing our Profiles online on Onenote and this will be an ongoing process before the midyear Student Led Conferences.

Just a reminder if parents would like to discuss the progress of their child please call the school or drop a text to the below number.

Ka kite,

May Tamati


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Fun with Geometry

Welcome back to school everyone, We hope you have enjoyed you school holidays and are well rested to take on term 2!

For Math this term we are focusing on Multiplication and division as well as Geometry.

Geometry is all about shapes and their properties. In geometry we will be learning many things such as, angles, nets, location, symmetries etc so if you enjoy playing with objects or if you like drawing then perhaps Geometry is perfect for you too!


Here a picture of Matua Sean and Chelston having a game of battleships. Battleships is a great way to learn how to use coordinates and also think strategically. It is also a great way to practice using vocab relevant to geometry. Ka pai korua.

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Million words cannot describe the feeling behind this carving. Only this student from Tamatoa could share how he felt, what he thought. The students were able to change the direction of their tool to tell their story. Each symbol has a meaning, each pattern tells a story. Hard materials give your child the chance to make a mistake on a piece of wood and fix it to bring it back into line just like this student.

Well done Group C you are all awesome.

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Welcome back to Term 2!

Kia Ora whanau!

We have had a great start to the term.

We had fun in Mandarin with tutor Ms Juan. We are learning how to say simple commands in Mandarin. Today we played an interactive game on our digital devices and competed with each other.

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A Great start to Term 2

Te Urunga has made a great start into term 2. Our Inquiry Topic is “Our precious resource,WATER, is at risk. What are we doing about it?” Students have started developing high order questions around this topic. Lots of resources have been obtained from a number of sources. We will be studying the science and social science aspects of this topic. A major assignment will focus on an indepth study of cause and effect. We are going to have a great term.

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