Fun with Geometry

Welcome back to school everyone, We hope you have enjoyed you school holidays and are well rested to take on term 2!

For Math this term we are focusing on Multiplication and division as well as Geometry.

Geometry is all about shapes and their properties. In geometry we will be learning many things such as, angles, nets, location, symmetries etc so if you enjoy playing with objects or if you like drawing then perhaps Geometry is perfect for you too!


Here a picture of Matua Sean and Chelston having a game of battleships. Battleships is a great way to learn how to use coordinates and also think strategically. It is also a great way to practice using vocab relevant to geometry. Ka pai korua.

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Million words cannot describe the feeling behind this carving. Only this student from Tamatoa could share how he felt, what he thought. The students were able to change the direction of their tool to tell their story. Each symbol has a meaning, each pattern tells a story. Hard materials give your child the chance to make a mistake on a piece of wood and fix it to bring it back into line just like this student.

Well done Group C you are all awesome.

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Welcome back to Term 2!

Kia Ora whanau!

We have had a great start to the term.

We had fun in Mandarin with tutor Ms Juan. We are learning how to say simple commands in Mandarin. Today we played an interactive game on our digital devices and competed with each other.

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A Great start to Term 2

Te Urunga has made a great start into term 2. Our Inquiry Topic is “Our precious resource,WATER, is at risk. What are we doing about it?” Students have started developing high order questions around this topic. Lots of resources have been obtained from a number of sources. We will be studying the science and social science aspects of this topic. A major assignment will focus on an indepth study of cause and effect. We are going to have a great term.

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