Success Through Effort …. Our Inquiry Presentations!

Mathius Winitana-Lole is presenting his Inquiry Presentation.

Hola Whanau o Te Kei o Te Waka,

This week we are sharing our Inquiry Presentations using the microsoft classroom tool SWAY.  Today was the first of the presentations with our Deputy Head Boy Mathius Winitana-Lole taking on the challenge to be the first to present.  Our focus for this term was to look at the Causes and Effects of Disasters and the impact of these on our lives.

We have made a great effort with learning the Mandarin Language and our class managed to win the best class for last week.  Today we learnt how to say numbers from 0-99.  Our Mandarin teacher Miss Wong is learning other languages and she has managed to translate one of the Cook Island readers ‘Toku Mama’ into the Mandarin language.

Our challenge to achieve our Academic Goals continue as the students progress and aim to complete set tasks by next week.

Hei konei ra,

May Tamati


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Week 9 – we almost there

Here you can see one of our math groups challenging each other to complete a wooden puzzle. This activity was based around challenging students to become more abstract thinkers and to think outside the “box”.

At the end of the session students were unsuccessful in achieving the objective but the conversations and the team work that was displayed in this activity are a success in itself.


Also – Welcome back to Whaea Moana who is our student teacher from Auckland university. She will be here in Te Pou Herenga Waka for the rest of the term and for 5 weeks of term 3 also. We look forward to spending more time together and learning from eachother.

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Matariki haerenga

Kia ora whanau,

Nga Kakano and Te Urunga travelled to Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau on Monday and were very lucky to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of learning different kaupapa of Matariki. Our tamariki had hands on experience with raranga (weaving), tuhituhi (drawing kowhaiwhai patterns) and Koauau (Maori instruments). It was an amazing day enriched with the knowledge and learnings about Te Ao Maori, Tikanga Maori and Te Reo Maori. Our tamariki all got to take home a taonga each-The boys got to take home a kohatu (rock) where they first had to rub and korero to our taonga to ask if we were allowed to paint on them. This was a very special moment. Also our kotiro made harakeke stars and again they dad to ask the harakeke if they were allowed to cut and weave with it. Tino ataahua tera mea kotiro ma. Tino pai i o koutou mahi!

Here are a few pics of our amazing day. Big mihi to Mr Maharaj and Te Urunga for their awhi and participation. Also a HUGE mihi to Whaea Stella (Ranuis mama) & Matua Steve (Kaylibs papa) who came and supported our tamariki. This was a very very special day for our tamariki to experience and learn more about our Maori culture. Arohanui kia koutou katoa 🙂

Matua explaining to our tamariki the kaupapa of Matariki and the importance this has to Te Ao Maori. Nga mihi papa

Beautiful Maori art exhibition for our tamariki to experience

Whaea Tracey teaching our kotiro how to weave with harakeke

Our puoro workshop

Some of our tama learning different koru patterns in Kowhaiwhai patterns

Our Angel showing us her harakeke whetu so far. Ka pai Angel

Aaliyah and MJ helping each other learning all about harakeke

Our tama learning about the tapu of a kohatu (rock) and asking for its blessing before they start painting on it


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Science Trip at KBHS

Mr White, Science Teacher at KBHS, explains our tamariki how to use a bunsen burner to heat water. Students learnt names of apparatus used in this experiment. Eight groups set their own experiments and collected data on temperature changes every minute when water is heated . It was fascinating to see how engaged our students were.

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Epetoma Varu – Week 8

Year 8 boys Kerehana Toa Netball Team doing their cheers at the West Auckland Netball Tournament

Te Kei o Te Waka girls receiving their Duffy books and we thank Warehouse Stationery St Lukes for their sponsorship of these books.

(Te Pou Herenga Waka were the winners of last weeks Mix Netball game and Nga Hau e Wha won the chant!)

Kia ora Whanau o Te Kei O Te Waka this week has been a busy week with a focus on working towards our Academic Goals for Term 2.

Last week Wednesday we had the pleasure of having our Principal Matua Phil Gordon visit our classroom for observations and see what we do and how we learn in our class.  Some students shared their portfolios and sway creations and others shared some of their book work.

This Tuesday our class helped to plant some trees at Archibald reserve and that was a valuable experience for both our students and teachers as we worked along side the St Leonards Primary school to plant six hundred trees.

There is a buzz at the moment with both boys and girls playing netball at this school and some students in Te Kei o Te Waka represented our school at this weeks West Auckland Championships.  Well done to Shakyna who played in the Year 7 girls team and was also the captain.  Aryan played well on the day in the Year 7 boys team playing in the positions of WA and GD.  In the Year 8 boys team was Mark at the WD and GK positions and Afa at the GS and WA positions.

On Fridays we continue to organise the school netball competition and the winners for last weeks games was Te Pou Herenga Waka.  The chant was won by Nga Hau e Wha and we look forward this weeks game.

Our Onenote folders have been updated and parents can view with this with your child at home as they continue to add evidence to their portfolio folders and class notes.

Our Team Taonga teachers were learning how to bake an apple pie with our new Food Technology teacher Whaea Raitu.  It was a fantastic challenge and like the students we had to write the method ourselves, listen to instructions and measure ingredients accurately.  What a great experience that was and afterwards the applie pie and ice cream tasted delicious!

Thank you to the parents who make sure that your child is at school everyday it is so important that your child attends school on a regular basis for their learning.

Just a friendly reminder that we start school at 8.40am so students please make an effort to be on time for the first bell.

Kia maroimaroi, Kia kaha te Whanau o Te Kei O Te Waka.

Nga Mihi,

Mrs May Tamati



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Tree planting at the Whau river

Tamatoa – helped plant 1500 trees down at the Whau river, it was awesome….

This is happening right now in Tamatoa

Brayden is teaching a song in Maori.

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Food Technology at Kelston Intermediate

Kia ora. My name is Reitu Warren and i am the new Food technology Teacher. I have been at Kelston Intermediate for one month now and have found the kaiako so welcoming and the tamariki both welcoming and all so keen to learn. Although i am new to Kelston Intermediate i am not new to the area, having taught at Kelston Girls’ for 18 years. Here is a little ‘taste’ of what we’ve been learning so far.

“This term we have made Apple Pie, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Fritters and Pikelets. I have learnt to measure accurately and how to make new things i haven’t cooked before.” (Nikita Rm1)

“Food Tech is where we learn how to design new recipes and also to cook exotic things like apple pies.” (Maria Rm 6)

“I love how we have the opportunity to create different recipes with so many awesome flavours.” (Mali Rm 6)

“I have learnt about the value of certain veges and how they are affected by the weather” (Xarya Rm1)

“I have learnt how to weave (on my apple pie) which has made a big impact because i didn’t know how to weave. Cooking, to be honest, nothing beats it because you get to eat afterwards. Another reason is because everything you learn in Food Tech you can utilise and share with others”. (Alicia Rm1)

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Awesome discussion and activities took place on Integrity. The topic discussed was Reliability. Most of the activities tied up with trust. Positive and negative effects of reliability was discussed and role modeled.

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PE with Mr Tasi

Talofa lava!

Last week we practised our Touch Rugby skills with Mr Tasi.

Mr Tasi incorporated Reciprocal Teaching into the lesson. This involved predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. We learnt how to develop our critical thinking skills to help us become better touch rugby players.

Thank you Mr Tasi for an awesome lesson!

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Library and duffy books

Today we received our duffy books while we were in the library. Some of the books that our students received were very interesting. Please ensure that your child is reading atleast 30 mins of every day, this is very important to ensure their minds are stimulated and they are getting better when reading fluently.

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Best attendance

“United we stand, divided we fall” – unknown. 

Tamatoa win best attendance award – excellent


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Nga kakano Wiki Tuawhitu/Wahanga Tuarua

    • Pounamu and Kyron working on geometrical strategies

      Our AMAZING kapahaka roopu practising for Kelifest #2017

      Team Taonga learning a new and beautiful Samoan waiata

      Nga Kakano working together to understand and practice reciprocal reading/teaching strategies.

      Ranui & Noah creating a rap in KiwiCan which needed to include our 3 values-Repect, Responsibility & Engagement


    • Kia ora whanau, our tamariki have been very very busy this term. They have been learning many kaupapa including geometrical terminology, maioha, large ball skills and Whakapapa/ Turangawaewae.
    • Above are a few whakaahua of our tamariki being engaged in many kaupapa we have here at our AMAZING KURA- Kapahaka roopu, Team Taonga hui, Reciprocal reading programmes and Kiwican.
    • Panui:
    • Haernga ki Matariki workshop: Monday 24th june- $10 koa.
    • Correct P.E uniform reminder: Please make sure your tamariki have P.E shoes as well as their P.E uniform.
    • Incorrect school uniform/jerseys. We have had a few non-regualtion jerseys creeping into class. These are not acceptable unless our tamariki have a panui from home. We do have kura jackets at our kura office for $65.

    Our tamariki are trying really hard and I encourage our Matua to awhi our tamariki at home by encouraging them to complete their mahi kainga koa. Mahi kainga is given every week on a Monday and must return on Friday completed to the best of their ability.

    Kia pai to ra whakata,

    Nga mihi mahana,

    Whaea Terina Hetaraka

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“I am smiling because you are my brother. I am laughing because there is nothing you can do about it!” – Unknown

“When we build positive relationships we establish great learning environments” Nathan, W.  This is Tamatoa, we are a brotherhood, we are KELSTON HARD!!!

The name TAMATOA in essence means to never give up. Research shows that girls develop/mature faster than boys, however – try telling TAMATOA that. With the right attitude we can be the best.

So, lets look at it….we are in week 7- term 2….

Well, let me tell you – Our inquiry topic has been about GLOBAL WARMING. We have been looking at the CAUSE and EFFECTS of natural disasters specifically, events that have happened in NZ.

Tamatoa have been working on a disaster timeline which they will need to present to the class. We have had a variety of topics that the students have been very keen to investigate. Pictures of the end result will be up shortly.

To make links into our Inquiry topic our writing focus has been to explain how GLOBAL WARMING effects our world and environment. I can assure you, we have had some interesting debates/discussions on the Why & How. 

Geometry has also been a very interesting subject.

To start Geometry we do an activity called “Shapes”. The leader will call out a Geometry shape and the students need to make that shape, if not they are out. For example the leader might say octagon, the students then need to get into a group of 8 people. Nathan, w – to help boys engage in their learning, they also need to be moving & not sitting for more than 30 minutes. 

A special mention to Linkin the Head Boy. He is the first person in Tamatoa to receive a Taumata Wha. The first of many more .

Up & coming events: next week on the 20th of June Tuesday, team Aroha will be down at the Whau river helping to plant 1000 trees. We will be there from 9 am – 2 pm.

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Linking Learning with Everyday Situations!

Afa and his 3Dimensional Identity Cube

Jared and our new class mascot TK Emoji

Siope and his Identity Cube

Hajeerah and Monique during a Buddy Reading session on the Reading Couch.

Nerisa and Mele during Buddy Reading time.

Nga Kahurangi and Mauria Te Pono first game for Kelston Mix Netball Competition 2017

Sharing our Cultural knowledge with each other. Here Siope is sharing his Tongan knowledge with Rizita.

Hola and welcome to our news from Te Kei o Te Waka class.  We have had a full on week inside and outside of the classroom.  Our class leaders have been organising a Mix Netball competition run on Fridays and well done to Nga Kahurangi who won their game against Mauria te Pono.  But the winning was not the important aspect of the game but more the participation and also the opportunity to build Team Spirit.

Te Kei o Te Waka leaders have learnt that organising an event is quite challenging but worthwhile.  There are emails that need to be sent out to communicate with teachers and class councillors, a draw to be set up and ready to be changed if necessary, minutes of meetings to be written and viewed upon from previous discussions, organising the equipment for the game and most importantly making sure that all players and teams know when they going to play as well as know the rules and expectations and be ready with a Class Chant.  For all this to happen the students had to call on their Mathematics, Literacy, Communication, Physical Education, Inquiry skills to organise the event.

In Geometry we are continuing on with constructing 3 Dimenstional shapes as well as as using the cubes as Identity Cubes to place our own cultural messages and cultural designs on them.  Other students have used their 3D cubes as SOCIAL, CULTURAL, and ACADEMIC goals to show evidence to help achieve their next Taumata Level.  A few have placed some of the JADE SPEAKS vocabulary on the their 3D cubes and also included reminder phrases that they have learnt in the sessions taught.

Kiwican has a major positive influence for our class Te Kei o Te Waka as the learning and activities help support what is covered in class and part of the school values.  Learning to be “…Responsible for our learning and staying motivated.” was the WALT for last week.  We thank Matua Sefa and Ms Amelia for their knowledge as the Kiwican teachers.  Being responsible and motiviated is one of the major skills the students have been working on as they have to been given the opportunity to utilise a 10 minute time slot daily where they can work on a task of their choice to help with their ACADEMIC goal.

The Buddy tutoring programme is going well and students are cooperating well to help each other read.  There are a lot of alternative places they can sit in the classroom that are comfortable and at different levels with the use of cushions, the reading and thinking couch, by the back door step, under tables, on a tall stool or just being at a desk.

This week we celebrated the birthday of Vaikona on Monday and Jared on Tuesday.

We have a new mascot in our class and it is called TK Emoji who will attend all our netball games and also it will be looked after by Jared and the rest of the class.

A reminder to parents if you would like to see the progress of your child or just to have a chat you are most welcome to come in on Tuesday’s from 12pm through to 3pm to speak with Mrs Tamati or alternatively drop a text to the below number.

Hei konei ra,

May Tamati


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Kids are enjoying Jade Speaks Up programme

Students in my class are enjoying Jade Speaks Up Programme. They are beginning to realize that violence is NOT okay. We have analysed Stone Soup worksheet and talked about why it is necessary to assist one another. Moana’s story is worth reading. Students have brainstormed vocabulary dealing with Emotions and Feelings. They have learnt to understand why it is necessary to disclose issues rather than bottling up until it is too late.

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Inquiry – NRL superstar in the house.

In our class we are studying the cause and effects of different social issues that our community face on a daily basis. Today we were welcomed with a special visitor “David Fusitua” who came in to be interviewed on the causes and effects of being a NRL star.

David Fusitua was interviewed by Chelston Richies about what has made him into our very own Kelston Super star. A HUGE mihi to David for taking time out of his very busy schedule to give back to the community that loves him so much!


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Critical thinking in Lumana’i Manuia

Talofa lava!

Students in Lumana’i Manuia have been learning how to write persuasive arguments on a variety of current issues. They learned how to identify the language features of a persuasive argument, and how to back up their arguments with facts and evidence.

Students worked in collaborative learning groups to critically analyse a range of exemplars.

Some focus questions were looked at were:

  • What is the writer’s argument?
  • Do you agree with the writer’s argument?  Why/Why not?
  • How has the writer maintained the reader’s interest?
  • What facts/evidence has the writer used to back up her argument?
  • What do you think the writer has done well?
  • What do you think the writer needs to work on?


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Open your mind …

Open your mind and heed the words that are given to you….We are learning about hooks and emotive language in Persuasive writing, noting how the power of words can be used to influence the views and opinions of the reader.  We have observed the words, Open your mind and to us, this means to see other viewpoints and to listen to those around us, teaching us to have a respect for different perspectives.  Some of the opinions we have read about, have helped us to strengthen our own views and have enabled us to critically analyse various situations.

In Math, we have been working with decimals and Geometrical shapes.  Thank you very much to Mr Williams who has been sharing Math strategies with our class, through our teacher.  We have been constructing Geometrical shapes – these look great in our classroom.

Congratulations: Taumata Tahi: Alice & Lynette.  Taumata Rua: Shahid, Velria, Rosalina.  We are very proud of you all !

Upcoming Events: $5 day fundraiser – Team Taonga.  Money must be paid on Thursday 8th 🙂

MATARIKI CELEBRATION: At 5pm our school Kapa Haka Group will be performing at the Kelston Hub this Friday.  Please come along and support this cultural event and our school Roopu…

Here are some of our amazing Mauria Te Pono students performing at the lovely Mrs Tariu’s farewell, with the Samoan Group.  They were quite spectacular !


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Term 2 Week 6

Talofa lava matua, aiga, uo ma le fanau aoga,

Malo lava le soifua maua ma le lagi e mama. Viia pea le alofa o le Tama i le lagi i lona alofa ma lona agalelei ia i tatou i aso uma. Talofa talofa lava.

Greetings and a big faafetai lava to all the parents and students who contributed food and drinks for our shared lunch to celebrate the Samoan language week. It was awesome to have parents coming in and witnesses the some of the students lauga/speech about ‘why my Samoan language and culture is important to me?


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Angles, angles and more angles


We have been learning some really high intensive stuff about angles and the different types of angles there are. From acute to obtuse, from supplementary to complementary angles we have been working these out while also learning how to use a protractor appropriately.

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Afa is finding some words that start with th to help Jared with his reading.

Matua Sean is helping Jared with his Social, Academic and Cultural Goals.

Shakyna is helping Jared with his reading.

Greetings All,

Thank goodness for the Queens Birthday weekend where we can have a rest with our families and be ready for Week 6 of Term 2.  Today the students were challenged and concentrated on answering the following question but with true and deep thought on their own successes so far this year.  WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED SO FAR THIS YEAR FOCUSING ON OUR SOCIAL, ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL GOALS?

Some examples of the students responses are shared this week with the clear understanding that some students are stepping up and achieving their different goals to help get their next Taumata Level as well as their learning and WHERE TO NEXT GOALS!

As part of Whaea May’s inquiry for this year to help support students to be responsible for their own learning a few changes have been made in the daily programme to help support this kaupapa and concept.  The students have been given the opportunity in the first 10 minutes of the day to choose an activity that they would like to do to help with their learning.  This is a work in progress and students have started to make changes to improve good work habits for academic success.

Being a whanau Te Kei o Te Waka rely on supporting each other with our learning.  Buddy Reading Tutors have started today to help with our ‘Priority Learners’.  This not only helps the students who need support but also the Tutor Buddy who is aiming to be responsible as part of their next Taumata.

Congratulations to Aryan Chand and Raina Singh who have started their Taumata Journey-Malaga and received their Taumata Tahi last week.  If anyone sees Aryan around the school ask him to say his Pepeha he is amazing and confident.

Focus this week is to LISTEN carefully so that we can be more SUCCESSFUL to achieve our goals.  The importance of REFLECTION on our daily acheivements.

Our leaders have been organising a school Mix Netball Competition and we hope that it will start this week depending on the weather.

Meitaki atupaka,

May Tamati




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Inquiry is huge at KIS

Inquiry learning is huge at KIS. Inquiry is aligned with reading, writing and Maths. Our current topic for discussion is “Our precious resource, WATER, is at risk. What are we doing about it? Students are working on their assignment which is due on the 30th of June. Some of the questions they are finding the answers for are:

How does water get into your homes?

What is storm water and how is it treated?

How will water supply be affected if Auckland’s population doubles in a couple of years?

How does immigration affect water consumption?

Is Auckland ready to survive a drought?

As more houses are being built to cater for more homes, are we doing enough to cater for more water for the future?

How can we save water at home and at school?

Explain the water cycle and investigate its purpose.






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Pink Shirt Day

Talofa lava!

On Friday it was Pink Shirt Day – making a stand against bullying.

Activities were organised by students from Lumana’i Manuia, Twinkle, Brandy and Serena, and Zayna from Te Pou Herenga Waka. Activities included Kahoot, colouring in, GKQ and dancing. Every student who attended signed a pink shirt to make a statement and a stand against bullying. They even got a Pinky bar!

Unfortunately, we have been having trouble uploading the awesome photos we took on the day.

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