Angles, angles and more angles


We have been learning some really high intensive stuff about angles and the different types of angles there are. From acute to obtuse, from supplementary to complementary angles we have been working these out while also learning how to use a protractor appropriately.

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Afa is finding some words that start with th to help Jared with his reading.

Matua Sean is helping Jared with his Social, Academic and Cultural Goals.

Shakyna is helping Jared with his reading.

Greetings All,

Thank goodness for the Queens Birthday weekend where we can have a rest with our families and be ready for Week 6 of Term 2.  Today the students were challenged and concentrated on answering the following question but with true and deep thought on their own successes so far this year.  WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED SO FAR THIS YEAR FOCUSING ON OUR SOCIAL, ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL GOALS?

Some examples of the students responses are shared this week with the clear understanding that some students are stepping up and achieving their different goals to help get their next Taumata Level as well as their learning and WHERE TO NEXT GOALS!

As part of Whaea May’s inquiry for this year to help support students to be responsible for their own learning a few changes have been made in the daily programme to help support this kaupapa and concept.  The students have been given the opportunity in the first 10 minutes of the day to choose an activity that they would like to do to help with their learning.  This is a work in progress and students have started to make changes to improve good work habits for academic success.

Being a whanau Te Kei o Te Waka rely on supporting each other with our learning.  Buddy Reading Tutors have started today to help with our ‘Priority Learners’.  This not only helps the students who need support but also the Tutor Buddy who is aiming to be responsible as part of their next Taumata.

Congratulations to Aryan Chand and Raina Singh who have started their Taumata Journey-Malaga and received their Taumata Tahi last week.  If anyone sees Aryan around the school ask him to say his Pepeha he is amazing and confident.

Focus this week is to LISTEN carefully so that we can be more SUCCESSFUL to achieve our goals.  The importance of REFLECTION on our daily acheivements.

Our leaders have been organising a school Mix Netball Competition and we hope that it will start this week depending on the weather.

Meitaki atupaka,

May Tamati




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Inquiry is huge at KIS

Inquiry learning is huge at KIS. Inquiry is aligned with reading, writing and Maths. Our current topic for discussion is “Our precious resource, WATER, is at risk. What are we doing about it? Students are working on their assignment which is due on the 30th of June. Some of the questions they are finding the answers for are:

How does water get into your homes?

What is storm water and how is it treated?

How will water supply be affected if Auckland’s population doubles in a couple of years?

How does immigration affect water consumption?

Is Auckland ready to survive a drought?

As more houses are being built to cater for more homes, are we doing enough to cater for more water for the future?

How can we save water at home and at school?

Explain the water cycle and investigate its purpose.






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