Kids are enjoying Jade Speaks Up programme

Students in my class are enjoying Jade Speaks Up Programme. They are beginning to realize that violence is NOT okay. We have analysed Stone Soup worksheet and talked about why it is necessary to assist one another. Moana’s story is worth reading. Students have brainstormed vocabulary dealing with Emotions and Feelings. They have learnt to understand why it is necessary to disclose issues rather than bottling up until it is too late.

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Inquiry – NRL superstar in the house.

In our class we are studying the cause and effects of different social issues that our community face on a daily basis. Today we were welcomed with a special visitor “David Fusitua” who came in to be interviewed on the causes and effects of being a NRL star.

David Fusitua was interviewed by Chelston Richies about what has made him into our very own Kelston Super star. A HUGE mihi to David for taking time out of his very busy schedule to give back to the community that loves him so much!


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Critical thinking in Lumana’i Manuia

Talofa lava!

Students in Lumana’i Manuia have been learning how to write persuasive arguments on a variety of current issues. They learned how to identify the language features of a persuasive argument, and how to back up their arguments with facts and evidence.

Students worked in collaborative learning groups to critically analyse a range of exemplars.

Some focus questions were looked at were:

  • What is the writer’s argument?
  • Do you agree with the writer’s argument?  Why/Why not?
  • How has the writer maintained the reader’s interest?
  • What facts/evidence has the writer used to back up her argument?
  • What do you think the writer has done well?
  • What do you think the writer needs to work on?


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