“I am smiling because you are my brother. I am laughing because there is nothing you can do about it!” – Unknown

“When we build positive relationships we establish great learning environments” Nathan, W.  This is Tamatoa, we are a brotherhood, we are KELSTON HARD!!!

The name TAMATOA in essence means to never give up. Research shows that girls develop/mature faster than boys, however – try telling TAMATOA that. With the right attitude we can be the best.

So, lets look at it….we are in week 7- term 2….

Well, let me tell you – Our inquiry topic has been about GLOBAL WARMING. We have been looking at the CAUSE and EFFECTS of natural disasters specifically, events that have happened in NZ.

Tamatoa have been working on a disaster timeline which they will need to present to the class. We have had a variety of topics that the students have been very keen to investigate. Pictures of the end result will be up shortly.

To make links into our Inquiry topic our writing focus has been to explain how GLOBAL WARMING effects our world and environment. I can assure you, we have had some interesting debates/discussions on the Why & How. 

Geometry has also been a very interesting subject.

To start Geometry we do an activity called “Shapes”. The leader will call out a Geometry shape and the students need to make that shape, if not they are out. For example the leader might say octagon, the students then need to get into a group of 8 people. Nathan, w – to help boys engage in their learning, they also need to be moving & not sitting for more than 30 minutes. 

A special mention to Linkin the Head Boy. He is the first person in Tamatoa to receive a Taumata Wha. The first of many more .

Up & coming events: next week on the 20th of June Tuesday, team Aroha will be down at the Whau river helping to plant 1000 trees. We will be there from 9 am – 2 pm.

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Linking Learning with Everyday Situations!

Afa and his 3Dimensional Identity Cube

Jared and our new class mascot TK Emoji

Siope and his Identity Cube

Hajeerah and Monique during a Buddy Reading session on the Reading Couch.

Nerisa and Mele during Buddy Reading time.

Nga Kahurangi and Mauria Te Pono first game for Kelston Mix Netball Competition 2017

Sharing our Cultural knowledge with each other. Here Siope is sharing his Tongan knowledge with Rizita.

Hola and welcome to our news from Te Kei o Te Waka class.  We have had a full on week inside and outside of the classroom.  Our class leaders have been organising a Mix Netball competition run on Fridays and well done to Nga Kahurangi who won their game against Mauria te Pono.  But the winning was not the important aspect of the game but more the participation and also the opportunity to build Team Spirit.

Te Kei o Te Waka leaders have learnt that organising an event is quite challenging but worthwhile.  There are emails that need to be sent out to communicate with teachers and class councillors, a draw to be set up and ready to be changed if necessary, minutes of meetings to be written and viewed upon from previous discussions, organising the equipment for the game and most importantly making sure that all players and teams know when they going to play as well as know the rules and expectations and be ready with a Class Chant.  For all this to happen the students had to call on their Mathematics, Literacy, Communication, Physical Education, Inquiry skills to organise the event.

In Geometry we are continuing on with constructing 3 Dimenstional shapes as well as as using the cubes as Identity Cubes to place our own cultural messages and cultural designs on them.  Other students have used their 3D cubes as SOCIAL, CULTURAL, and ACADEMIC goals to show evidence to help achieve their next Taumata Level.  A few have placed some of the JADE SPEAKS vocabulary on the their 3D cubes and also included reminder phrases that they have learnt in the sessions taught.

Kiwican has a major positive influence for our class Te Kei o Te Waka as the learning and activities help support what is covered in class and part of the school values.  Learning to be “…Responsible for our learning and staying motivated.” was the WALT for last week.  We thank Matua Sefa and Ms Amelia for their knowledge as the Kiwican teachers.  Being responsible and motiviated is one of the major skills the students have been working on as they have to been given the opportunity to utilise a 10 minute time slot daily where they can work on a task of their choice to help with their ACADEMIC goal.

The Buddy tutoring programme is going well and students are cooperating well to help each other read.  There are a lot of alternative places they can sit in the classroom that are comfortable and at different levels with the use of cushions, the reading and thinking couch, by the back door step, under tables, on a tall stool or just being at a desk.

This week we celebrated the birthday of Vaikona on Monday and Jared on Tuesday.

We have a new mascot in our class and it is called TK Emoji who will attend all our netball games and also it will be looked after by Jared and the rest of the class.

A reminder to parents if you would like to see the progress of your child or just to have a chat you are most welcome to come in on Tuesday’s from 12pm through to 3pm to speak with Mrs Tamati or alternatively drop a text to the below number.

Hei konei ra,

May Tamati


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