A Week to be Ambitious!

Kia orana Koutou Katoatoa Te Kei O Te Waka Whanau,

With a week of speeches the learning we have done from each other has been amazing. The topics were varied and not only interesting but also valuable for all to learn from.  We congratulate Michael Davies and Mathius Winitana-Lole for representing our class in the Team Taonga Speech Competition.  The audience were engaged and enjoyed both speech topics of Racism and Life Struggles.  The school speech competition will be on Friday and Mathius has also been chosen to represent Team Taonga.

Mark Siliko sharing his speech!

Brooklyn being part of the Open Rugby League team for 2017!

Mathius Winitana-Lole playing his favourite game of Rugby League and helping the Open team come second place in the Western Zone competition.


2017 Open Rugby League Team with coaches Matua Sean and Matua Tyler! Awesome effort coming in 2nd Placing!

Yesterday was a great day for the sport of Rugby League and it was amazing to watch the Under 55kg team win their division.  The Open team came second with Mathius putting his whole heart into the final game.  The total amount of tries he managed to get on the day was ten.  A fantastic team effort and congratulations to Matua Sean the team coach as well as the inclusion of Brooklyn who enjoyed being part of the team.

Now that our speeches are completed we are now working towards completing our living world investigations that are due in week 8.

This weeks proverb:”He waka eke noa”, “A canoe which we are all in with no exception”

Kia kaha, Kia Toa

Whaea May


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Congratulations to our Lumana’i Manuia speech finalists Jasmine Ah Mai and MJ Tua’oi who presented their speeches at our Team Taonga speech finals. Jasmine wowed us with her speech about Insecurities and MJ inspired us with her speech about Poverty in NZ.

Well done also to the rest of the finalists from Team Taonga pictured below.

A reminder that the Bollywood Fusion culture group is having their fundraiser next Friday 8th September at lunchtime. For $5 you get a sausage sizzle, ice block and mufti.

Thank you for your support.

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Inquiry in Tamatoa

Inquiry happening in small groups – students using reciprocal reading strategies.

Our inquiry & wall of fame display!!

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Wiki Tuaono!

Nga mihi Whaea Reitu for sharing your knowledge of making Takakau paraoa with our AWESOME TEAM TAONGA!! It was tino reka!! This recipe will be used for our whanau who will be visiting us on Transition day- September 15th. We look forward to seeing our Year 6’s then.

KiwiCan this week we learnt all about Resilience and understanding Emotions. Our tamariki enjoy our Kiwican classes learning life lessons and skills with the amazing and talented Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria. Nga mihi korua




Our energiser in KiwiCan “Freeze frames”

Nga Kakano and Nga hau e wha shared our KiwiCan lesson together this week. This was heaps of fun and our tamariki enjoyed listening and learning other ideas and their whakaaro of other tamariki.

Our tamariki have been learning about Puberty and Health. We have been having many korero around maturity and tapu/noa. Our tamariki enjoy role plays of emotional changes in puberty and identifying the absolute need to respect our own and each others tinana through puberty. If you have any concerns around our health/puberty classes, please dont hesitate to come and have a korero whanau 🙂


Kaua e wareware te omaoma me te kohi moni-Dont forget our FunRun and sponsorship!. We have been been encouraging our tamariki to get at least 10 sponsors no matter what the amount. Kia kaha whanau- Tautoko our tamariki and their Oma Roa 🙂

September 8th we have a $5 mufti,sausage sizzle and ice-block to help fundraise our Bollywood culture group get new unifomrs for the upcoming Kelifest. Lets tautoko our Bollywood group whanau next Friday 🙂

Hakinakina kakahu- P.E uniform is to be brought to kura EVERYDAY! Our tamariki have morning fitness EVERYDAY AND P.E lessons thorughout the week so they must bring their correct P.E uniform and shoes. It is part of our Taumata and our value ‘Responsibility’.

8:40am kura starts with karakia and himene. Please encourage your tamaiti to be at kura by at least 8:30am. This allows them to prepare themselves for the day by setting up their pukapuka, stationary and get changed into their P.E uniform. If for any reason they cant make 8:40, please dont hesitate to text me 021-267-0745. Communication is always key.


Nga mihi whanau, Kia pai o koutou wiki

Whaea Terina: terinah@kelstonint.school.nz




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Students are enjoying Mandarin classes

This week we have been studying about relationships in a family. Learning Mandarin is fun. This will help us to understand Chinese customs, traditions and language.

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Week 5 Term 3

During this week, we’ve had two students who have gained Taumata Rua – Akenese Johnson and Manase Heaki. Congratulations!

This week has been very challenging as we presented our speeches to our peers in Nga Hau e Wha. Congratulations to Jarolani Pogai, Eliasa Ikenasio, Dylan Tigifagu, Paula Finau and Precious Manukia who were selected to present their speeches in front of Team Aroha. As a result, Eliasa Ikenasio (Nga hau e wha) and Kenneth Santos (Tamatoa) will proceed to present our team at the school speech finals on Friday 1 September.

Many thanks to the families who assisted us with the Team Aroha bake sale. We fundraised $667.10. This will go towards organising an EOTC trip in Term 4.

All students in Nga Hau e wha have their Fun Run booklets. Please support our students as they need your sponsorship.

Another great week in Nga Hau e Wha. Especially with the terrariums and aquariums in our classroom.

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Staple Foods

Food Technology – Term 3 week 5


“The Staples”


This week, in line with our “Living World” kaupapa, we have explored the role of ‘staple foods’ in our diet.  We have considered how the traditional staple foods have been very much influenced by the rich cultural diversity of modern Aotearoa and the availability of food through our supermarkets. This week we made Fried Rice.


Some words from the students.

“I’ve learnt how to clean my area when I’ve finished cooking.  I’ve enjoyed working with my classmates and with Mrs Warren” James Room 4

“I’ve learnt how to cook new foods and have enjoyed cooking with my friends” Nikisoni Room 4

“We have learnt how to measure, cook with eggs and vegetables and other kinds of foods” Abraham Room 7

“I have learnt how to cook food and have enjoyed working in a group” Layla Room 7

Mrs Warren

Food Technology

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And Just Like That…It is Week 6

Kia ora, Talofa and just like that, it is Week 6.  This term has flown by with some excellent learning occuring in Mauria Te Pono.  Speeches went so well and topics such as Illegal Fishing, Racism and Peer Pressure, were covered throughout our speeches. As the classroom teacher, I was so, so proud to see not only the effort made by the students, but I was also so proud to see students who are normally shy, share in the class, stand and be counted, putting their heart in to the speeches that they presented. The progress that our class has made was absolutely fantastic, Tu meke and well done Mauria !

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 5 September – all fees and permission slips should now be returned, for our Kauri Cascades trip in to the forest


Rory and Margaret who represented our class and Team K’s Syndicate Mathex teams – AMAZING !

Well done to the two students receiving their Taumata today. I was very proud to award Lynette and Mieia their Taumata Rua !!! Yay, yippee, well done. Work hard to achieve your next Taumata, students !!!

Keep up the uniform standards team, you are fabulous.


Have a safe weekend 🙂

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Farewell whaea Moana. Back to reality for us.

A huge mihi to Whaea Moana who has invested so much love and manaakitanga in our class. She has now finished her practicum with us here in Te Pou Herenga Waka and returns to finish the rest of the year at university. We will miss you dearly.

Reminder for students: class speeches will be taking place on monday so please be prepared to stand tall and talk about your amazing topics. Team Taonga speech competition will take place on Wednesday and full school speeches on Friday. Next week will be so much fun.

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Ministry of Education visit, Mathex, Year 8 netball, KiwiCan, T.O.P.S- What a week!!

Nga Kakano were very honoured to have our guests Whaea Honor and Matua David from the Ministry of Education, visit our class to see and experience how we learn Te Reo me ona Tikanga Maori in all our academic curriculum areas.

In the pohiri, our kura sang ‘Rona’ for our waiata tautoko and were told that Whaea Honor was the actual composer of this special waiata.

We were all humbled that we were graced with her presence at our kura. Thank you Whaea Honor for your taonga and we hope to see you both in the near future. Nga mihi nui kia korua 🙂

We would also like to congratulate our teina (Year 7) George Talukder who represented Team Taonga for the Year 7 Mathex Team. We are all so proud of you George. You played hard and fought right to the end!! Team Taonga came 2nd equal overall. Ka pai koutou! Nga mihi Mr Williams for organising such an awesome kaupapa!

Also Congratulations to our Sharnadel Cadore who plays in our Year 8 poitarawhiti netball team. They won their final on Wednesday night at Te Pai courts!

Our kotiro fought really hard, tears were shed, intercepts occured but most importantly our kotiro played with mana, showing our 3 Values at all times! They played with humility, with respect and were very engaged the entire game. They never gave up and won 28-22. Ka rawe koutou!


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Learning in Kiwican

Our theme is Resilience and the topic today was Self Control.

We are learning to implement a range of coping strategies related to self control and compare their purposes. We discussed coping strategies that we could use in a range of situations, such as bullying and gossiping. Our students now need to apply what they have learnt to their everyday lives.

Thank you to Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria for providing such engaging lessons.


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Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to the all the girls that played in the winter league netball tournament this year at Te Pai. I’d like to also acknowledge their Coaches and managers Leni, Mrs Gates, whaea May, Mrs Teariki and also to the teachers and whaanau that were able to help with transporting and supporting our girls at Te Pai every week! Kei runga noa koutou!
To the year 8 girls leaving and WINNING their grade, thank you for your effort and representation this year.  Miss Tapene – Maoate is definitely going to MISS you all so much. Ka pai e hine maa.

Secondly, thank you to Kelston Boys for inviting us to attend their performances/showcases yesterday at their Kura, rawe!

We as a community need to take a bit more responsibility about how we are driving when dropping tamariki off to school. Please be mindful and SLOW DOWN. Children are precious treasures and cannot compete with a car. We are working on getting a proper crossing with the council, but for now, please SLOW DOWN and be extra careful around our schools.

Living world…

Paanui / tuhituhi
At the moment, for our reading and writing projects we are studying animals. Looking at their special abilities, how they collect food, how they feed their young, the different developmental stages different animals go through when moving from babies into adulthood, their habitats, who they are prey for and who their predators are.
We have had some great discussions in class about what they would or could do if they posessed such abilities as speed, agility, 20/20 vision, easy movement on land, air and water . Also learning about the science behind animals and their technical terms.


Fractions, decimals and percentages is our learning this term. Converting, adding, subtracting and finding these amongst numbers, problems or posed equations is what we have been working on in maths.
Twelve Fifths is the same as two wholes and two fifths. True or False?
What is 30% of $120?
If there were 6 chocolate bars that consisted of 10 pieces, then how much would each person get if you had to share amongst 4 people? (Answer in decimal form and show working out)

This is the study of DATA. Its about investigating an area of life and making sense of that information through numbers, graphs and collecting information. We are now looking at how we can make true statements about the data we are deciphering and graphing.

Hauora / Haakinakina

Large ball skills and athletics are our focus in P.E this term. Health is all about Puberty. Its not as scary as you think it may be, in fact its probably one of the most important times of our students lives as you start to change physically, mentally and emotionally. Knowledge is power, and we are all about empowering our Tamariki.!

Lastly, Thank you whanau for supporting our TEAM AROHA bake sale! We had an awesome time selling all the scrumptious baking that you, our whaanau gave in for us to sell to fundraise for our end of year trip. Thank you, thank you, nga mihi nui rawa kia koutou. Ko koutou te mana, te oranga o aa taatou kura!

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Hola Te Kei o Te Waka Whanau,

Last week was a great eye opener to see the ability of our Mathex teams who will be representing our schools this week.  Well done to Mark Siliko who is part of Year 8 School Mathex team and who managed to receive three of the daily maths prizes in the daily notices competition.  Ardrianna Webster particpated well in the school Mathex competition and she enjoyed working cooperatively with the other Team Taonga Year 8 team members.

We have continued to work on our prepared speeches and these will be ready to present next week with an emphasis on being confident and leaving a positive message with the audience to think about.  Michael Davis has volunteered to be the first to present his speech and his topic of interest is RACISM!  All speeches are to be between 2.30 – 3 minutes long and practised so that the speech is learnt off by heart with cue cards to support.

Inquiry assignments will be due closer to the end of Week 9 and students have chosen a plant species or animal species to focus their inquiry on.  Ofa Tangipa has found the National Library Topic Explorer system on the Library computer very useful for her inquiry research.

Encouragement to all students to continue to ATTEND SCHOOL EVERYDAY and ARRIVE TO SCHOOL EARLY!

Our proverb for this week is TAMA TU TAMA ORA, TAMA NOHO TAMA MATE.  This proverb encourages us all to be physcially healthy and be active and not to sit around and be lazy or we will get sick.  At lunchtime students have been playing basketball, volleyball as well as attending Netball and Rugby League Training.

This week we have a formal assembly all the best to those students aiming to receive their next taumata level.

Kia Kaha! Kia Maroiroi!

Whaea May


Abil being active during the lunchtime basketball seesions!

Arizona and Jared hanging out at lunchtime watching the basketball sessions.

Mark Siliko representing the Year 8 school Mathex
Team and good luck for the Auckland schools competition this Thursday!

Ardrianna representing Team Taonga Year 8 Mathex team in the school competition.

Michael Davies sharing one of his favourite Nelson Mandela quotes.

Ofa Tangipa utilising the National Library Topics Tools computer programme available in the school library.

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Simply the best!!


This just happened Tamatoa win Mandarin & the attendance award two weeks in a row.

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Week 4 Term 3 Nga Hau e Wha

Talofa lava, Kia ora and Greetings!

What a busy week  in Nga Hau e Wha (Room 5)

Most students have presented their speeches in front of the class. An incredible effort for many who have never given a persuasive speech to an audience. This week was also Maths Week; we were challenged daily with maths problems posted by Mr Williams, which had everyone thinking what strategies they would use to solve the equations. On Friday 18 August, we hosted our first Team Aroha Bake Sale. An amazing learning experience for our students Mali and Jarolani to work behind the scenes with other students in Team Aroha to organise this event. Many thanks to the students, staff and whanau who came out to support our EOTC fundraiser. Next week…we are making ecosystems to replicate environments for a living thing…insects and plants. Please bring school any yoghurt containers to help with making our terrariums.

Congratulations to Gwen, Peesi and Manase who won their semifinal netball game in the Year 7 Grade B. Their team Kelisoni came 5th overall.

We look forward to Formal Assembly. It will be interesting to see who will receive their next Taumata.

Fa’a fetai lava and Thank you!

Mrs M Fuiava Gates


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Mauria Te Pono – Week 4

We have completed our speeches and they are sounding great.  We have been discussing how to use tone, volume, and pronunciation with confidence, when we are speaking.  We have been using tuakana/teina to help each other, providing positive and critical feedback to help us improve.  We are looking forward to presenting our speeches next week.


Please pay $10 for our Cascade Kauri Trip with Team Kotahitanga and return your permission slip, this week


Are attendance results are improving, well done, keep it up !

Our team is working steadily in fitness – remain engaged, respectful and responsible !






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Basketball skills

Talofa lava!

This week in PE, we started Basketball skills with the help of Matua Sean. Rotations were led by Jasmine, Svetlana and Pritveer.


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Reciprocal Teaching in Maths works well with word problems

maths cards for students

Mixed word problems


  1. There are 305 children at St Luke’s School. 167 of them are girls. How many are boys?
  2. Charlie saves $3.20 in December and $1.95 in January. How much money does he have in total?
  3. There are 9 shelves of cereals in the supermarket. Each shelf has 120 packets of cereal on it. How many packs of cereal is this altogether?
  4. Jade’s mum buys a pack of 6 kiwi fruit. They cost 90cents. How much does each kiwi fruit cost?
  5. A machine makes nails. Between 9am and 10am it makes 1230 nails. Between 10am and 11am it makes 1267 nails. What is the total number of nails it makes between 9am and 11am?
  6. Mr Daw gives each child in his class 18 stickers during January. If there are 30 children in Mr Daw’s class, how many stickers has Mr Daw given out?
  7. Katie spends $3.65 on some magazines. If she had $8 to start with, how much does she have left?
  8. Mrs Sherwood puts sweets into bags before the disco. If she puts 12 sweets into each bag, how many bags will be needed to take 180 sweets?
  9. Mr Daw shows limited willpower and eats 17 biscuits every day in January. (Mrs Mole eats the rest.) How many biscuits will Mr Daw have eaten by the end of January?
  10. Being healthy, Mrs Wollington buys a 2-litre bottle of olive oil. She uses 567ml. How much does she have left in the bottle?


Mixed word problems


  1. A theatre holds 1060 people. If 389 seats remain unsold on one evening, how many seats have been sold?
  1. The school spends $186.20 on fresh fruit during January. In February, it spends $188.89. How much has been spent on fruit in total during these two months?
  2. A car salesroom sells 12 cars for $9,800 each. How much money have they taken altogether?
  3. Jade’s mum buys a pack of 6 kiwi fruit. They cost $1.32. How much does each kiwi fruit cost?
  4. What is the product of 19 and 3.6?
  5. Mr Daw gives each child in his class 18 stickers during January. If there are 29 children in Mr Daw’s class, how many stickers has Mr Daw given out?
  6. Katie spends $1.29 on a magazine and $8.95 on a CD. If she had $12.50 to start with, how much does she have left?
  7. Mrs Sherwood puts sweets into bags before the disco. If she puts 14 sweets into each bag, how many bags will be needed to take 196 sweets?
  8. Mr Daw shows limited willpower and eats 17 biscuits every day in 2009. (Mrs Mole eats the rest.) How many biscuits will Mr Daw have eaten by the end of the year?
  9. Being healthy, Mrs Wollington buys a 2-litre bottle of olive oil. She uses 567ml in one week, then 533 the next week. How much does she have left in the bottle by the end of the second week?





Mixed word problems


  1. A theatre sells 467 tickets for a matinee performance. A school group then books a further 118 tickets. If the theatre holds 1060 people, how many places are left unsold?
  1. The school buys 820 new books, which are put onto new bookshelves. If there are 34 books on each shelf, how many shelves must Mr Baldwin put up?
  2. A car salesroom has a sales target of $150,000. They sell 12 cars for $9,800 each. How many more cars do they need to sell to meet their target?
  3. Jade’s mum buys a pack of 8 kiwi fruit for $1.92. Individual kiwi fruit cost 30 cents each. How much cheaper is each kiwi fruit by buying in a pack?
  4. What is the difference between the product of 19 and 3.6, and the sum of 2.87 and 3.5?
  5. Mr Daw gives each child in his class 18 stickers during January. If there are 29 children in Mr Daw’s class, and Mr Daw had a pack of 1000 stickers to start with, how many stickers has Mr Daw left at the end of January?
  6. Katie buys two magazines for $1.29 each and spends $8.95 on a CD. If she had $12.50 to start with, how much does she have left?
  7. Pencils cost 72 cents for a pack of 12. In one year, the school has to buy 1440 pencils. How much do they cost altogether?
  8. Mr Daw shows limited willpower and eats 17 biscuits every day in 2009, except for Christmas Day when he eats 28. How many biscuits will Mr Daw have eaten by the end of the year?
  9. Being healthy, Mrs Wollington buys a 2.5 litre bottle of olive oil. She uses 567ml in one week, then 0.65 litres the next week. How much does she have left in the bottle by the end of the second week?







  • Bailey has to solve 125 Math problems. She solved 46 problems yesterday and 53 problems today. How many problems yet to solve?


  1. Emily bought 42 tomatoes and out of them 27 was rotten. Find the number of good ones.
  2. Cooper had $126 in his savings. He has $78 after spending for a video game. Find the amount left in his savings.
  4. In a garden, there are twenty-two guavas, eleven pine apples and fourteen bananas. Find the total number of fruits in the garden.
  6. Edward Schools arranges for a camp. There are 39 girls and 43 boys in the camp. Find the total number of students in the camp.
  8. Andrew counted the number of visitors in his shop. There are 134 males 123 females. Find the total number of visitors in the shop.






  • What is this question about?
  •  Type of operations might we need to use?
  • What might the answer look like?


  • What words are we unfamiliar with?
  • Highlight / underline important words.
  • What operation would be used?
  • Visualizing
  • Can we draw a picture, diagram, table, or other representation to help solve the problem?
  • Solving
  • Students individually develop a solution using a problem solving strategy of their choice.
  • Show all working – Re-read the problem and check for reasonableness of their answers. (Reversibility)Summarizing
  • Explain the problem solving strategy you used.
  • What is the best strategy?
  • Reflect on group’s participation – What worked well? What could be improved?
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Loving school and being Engaged!

Ofa Tangipa doing a great job as a school Peer Mediator.

David Fusitu’a from the Warriors helping our Rugby League Open Boys team with training.

Wakaama Boys learning the correct paddling technique!

Wakaama Girls enjoying learning how to paddle before hitting the water.

Te Kei o Te Waka winning a special prize for the best class who supported the Tongan Group..

Rugby League girls enjoying their training with new Coach Hanu!

Kia ora Koutou,

It has been a busy week with speeches to be written, inquiry on the living world and our chosen plant or animal to be investigated, fractions and percentages in mathematics, puberty lessons and also the extra curricular activities around our school.

When you’re engaged and participating in what our school has to offer you love being here.  The TOPS programme is in to it’s third week and for the Wakaama – Oe Vaka TOPS learning the basics of the paddling first and the safety procedures before even going near the water.

Homework in Te Kei o Te Waka has been encouraged and students like Siope Vake has been consistent in emailing his written work to Mrs Tamati for clarity and support.

Finding inspirational quotes to include in our speeches have been a positive experience with some of the students sharing their favourites with the class.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World!”

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up!”

“Don’t count the days.  Make the days count!”

Last week Te Kei O Te Waka was learning to understand that “The more you give the more you receive!”.  Each student managed to help support Tongan Group fundraiser and we received a bowl of goodies for that.

Top students so far Term 3 – Week 1 Halamalu, Week 2 Monique and for Week 3 was Mya.  Well done to these students who are engaged and working towards their next Taumata level.

If your child has a device they would like to bring to school we have a BYOD policy here at school.  This will help them with their learning and student profiles.

There are a few more parents who have not yet had their Student Led Conference please call 0211376760 to make an appointment.

Meitaki atupaka,

Mrs May Tamati



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Food Technology

Term Three –


Weeks 3 and 4 in Food Technology


“Building on What We Know”


This term we have been learning about recipes and the functions of the ingredients in them.  Now we are ready to start using that information to start building new recipes, which is what technology is all about.


The classes have been learning about how to make a Roux Sauce. A Roux Sauce is also known as a white sauce and is a great source of protein for muscle growth and calcium for bone strength. We have used this sauce to make Macaroni Cheese and now we are modifying the recipe to make it more nutritious and balanced.  I have seen reduced fat milk and Edam cheese being used and lots of different low cost vegetables being added to the meals.  Well done everyone.

Please encourage your tamariki to cook at home so they can use these skills they’re learning and so you can have a break from cooking.


Nga mihi nui,


Whaea Reitu Warren

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Science Investigation

Kia ora whanau!

This week our students conducted a practical science investigation to explore the factors that affect the growth of  moulds, e.g. humidity, nutrients in the food and light.

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Week 3 Term 3

Talofa families,

Our students this week have completed their first part of their inquiry tasks. Their results posted in their OneNote page.

Many thanks to the parents and caregivers who attended the Student Led Conferences in Week 2, Term 3. Great feedback from our students and families.

Welcome to Miss White who will be the teacher in Nga Hau e Wha on Fridays. Mrs Connings continues to teach our students on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mrs Gates in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

BYOD contracts were handed out this week for students wanting to bring in devices. All mobile phones must be kept at the school office. If you would like your child to bring a IT device ( laptop, tablet, ipad to assist with learning) the BYOD Kelston Intermediate contract must be filled in by a parent or caregiver and brought to school to Mrs Laing.  Mrs Laing will load the necessary wifi onto your child’s device. As a class, we decided our devices will be kept locked during break times in a locked cupboard. The classroom is locked during the breaks.

Homework is now available on OneNote from Nga Hau e Wha’s content library.

We look forward to supporting the Tongan fundraiser this coming Friday.

Tofa Soifua

Have a great week everyone!

Mrs Gates







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Students taking on Leadership roles

Kia orana Turou Oro Mai,

Last week we had a great Reo Kuki Airani week with Team Taonga, and our students in Te Kei o Te Waka stepped up to lead the different workshops.  Mathius, Ben and Afa taught the Cook Islands Drumming ‘Rutu Pau’ and Halamalu helped with teaching the ‘Ura’ Cook Islands Dance.  The most important aspect of the day was to experience learning the language of the Cook Islands and Arizona and Shakyna taught the students the Cook Island alphabet and Nadia and Monique taught the Cook Island National Anthem.  To end the day we had a Mr and Miss Cook Islands pageant competition and we thank Michael and Monique for taking on the challenge to represent Te Kei o Te Waka.  Like all things Cook Islands we finished off with a big kaikai or kaimanga with a shared lunch with all of the Team Taonga classes and teachers.

The beginning of week three has been busy with the beginning of our Puberty Talks and preparing our speeches that will be delivered near towards week 6.  Looking back at the work the students have done over the year the students reflected on how they could improve their online student profiles.  Students are asked to try and aim for their academic goals and achieve a higher level in all their subjects.  This weeks words so far to help with good work habits has been ‘Lets be organised!’ and ‘Lets be committed!’.

There are still parents who are contacting Mrs Tamati for their child’s student led conferences and that is fine.  Please call 0211376760 for an after school appointment.

Kia kaha, kia maroiroi,

Whanau Te Kei o Te Waka

Mathius, Afa and Ben teaching the Cook Islands Drumming to Team Taonga tamariki during the Te Reo Kuki Airani week.

Arizona and Shakyna teaching the Cook Islands alphabet to Team Taonga.

Halamalu teaching Cook Islands Dance – ‘Ura or Koni’

Nadia and Monique teaching the Cook Islands Anthem.

Ofa learning how to tie a pareu with Seian and Raina as the tutors.

Monique was amazing representing Te Kei o Te Waka in the Kerehana Mr and Miss Cook Islands pageant 2017.

Michael Davies was our Te Kei o Te Waka Warrior in the Mr and Miss Cook Islands pageant.

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Critical Thinking

Kia ora,

We are currently discussing issues that enable us to think critically.  We are beginning to write more persuasive arguements with evidence to back our predictions, thoughts and ideas…

Here are some of our ideas and questions:

??? Why should we have homework???

??? Why do people join gangs ???

??? What is it like to come to another country ??

For homework we need to find evidence and consolidate our understandings so that we have topics that we are interested in.  We are also writing speeches.

Congratulations:  YAY, we have our name on the board for coming 2nd for ATTENDANCE.  Keep it up Mauria !

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Appreciation and Thanks

Kelston Intermediate really appreciates the effort Mrs Brown has put into supporting students with learning needs. She has been assisting the Samoan, Bollywood and SUPA groups at our kura. Students enjoyed the company of Colleen Brown and felt comfortable asking her something that they were struggling with. Team Kotahitanga students, whanau and teachers farewelled her in style on Friday the 4th of August.  They sang her favourite songs and spoke about her contribution to our kura. Enjoy your maternity leave and all the best for the future.

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Websites students could use

Websites that would be useful

http://www.teachertools.co.nz                                                 http://www.mathletics.co.nz

www.nzmaths.co.nz                                                                    www.primaryresources.co.uk

http://www.mathsbuddy.co.nz                                               http://nzmaths.co.nz/student-sites

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  • Let your child read to you for 30 minutes every day. Ask Why, When, What, Who, Where and how type questions. Ask their opinions about the story. Let them make predictions, clarify meanings, ask questions, and write a summary.
  • Our topic this term is “Environment – Maori and the Forest”. Talk to your child about pollution, native plants, plant medicine, how did early settlers store food.
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Wiki Tuarua- Wahanga Tuatoru

Hika ma, WOW what an AMAZING wiki tuarua!!

Thank you so much to all the whanau who attended their tamariki student led conferences i te Ratu me Rapare. It was a wonderful turnout and I was very pleased to see so many whanau come and share and enjoy all their tamariki and their mahi. We hope you enjoyed the evening and don’t forget to feel free to ask any patai concerning their educational needs/concerns. Below are some pics of our Student Led Conference evening,

Whaea Stella and Ranui. Nga mihi korua

Last week was ‘Cook Island language week’ where we celebrated and embraced our Cook Island culture and Team Taonga celebrated in style thanks to our amazing and incredible Whaea May. Nga mihi kia koe e hoa!! From Mr & Mrs Cook Island, to workshops learning how to play a drum, to learning how to tie a pariu and learning the Cook Island national anthem. It was a fun filled cultural experience that I know my kids loved!!

Huge shout out to Monaro Te Arii & Sharnadel Cadore who represented Nga Kakano in the Mr & Mrs Cook Island! I’m so proud of both of you for giving it a go. Tino ataahua korua! Ka rawe 🙂 and to finish off a MEAN day…..we had a MEAN hakari!!! Here are few pics to share of our AMAZING Cook Island day!!

Our beautiful helpers from Te Kei o te waka delivering a lei and necklace for our Mr Cook Islands and Mrs Cook Islands to wear. Nga mihi korua

We also had Mrs Singh come and model more examples of Reciprocal teaching in Maths/Pangarau. This was a good lesson using the strategies of prediction, clarifying, visualizing, solving and summarizing.





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Term 3

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.     

Marc Brown.

Our theme through out this year has been “Brotherhood” –  It is the coming together of all cultures in unison to achieve a common purpose.

Tamatoa linked together as a show of brotherhood. When boys learn to work together, respect each other, engage each other in a respectful manner, they grow together – Nathan, W . 

This term for our inquiry we are learning about the “Living world”. In weeks 1 -2 we have been learning about life cycles looking at plants & trees, and what their purpose is in the world.  FACT: Did you know that trees are masters of self -defence and communicators. Scientist have found that when attacked by insects, trees can flood their leaves with chemicals called phenolics.

 How many animals / insects  can you spot!!

Reading: for reading we are continuing with reciprocal reading & reciprocal teaching. Our readings will be on the living world – covering a range of topics.

Maths: Tamatoa  have already started to learn about the different vocabulary in statistics. It has been fun creating tally charts, gathering data and then translating this data into a graph. We have also been learning about the mean, mode & median. 

A huge thank you to all the parents who took time out to come in to our parent interviews. I’m sure it was an insightful time for you and your child. Please remember to keep yourself up to date with our up and coming events through our news letter and website.

Tasi – Tamatoa.



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Food Technology Term Three

Food Technology – Te Mahi Kai


Welcome to term three in Food Technology.  This term we have started with the basics of seeing what we know about measurement and food hygiene in the kitchen.  The outcome is that we have some awesome cooks in the school.  Students that obviously create some challenging, tasty and interesting meals at home, as we had some very successful dishes.  


Equally so, we have some students who need lots of awhi and support to improve their cooking skills alongside developing creative meals using the technology process.

Like the rest of the school we are focusing on “The Living World” this term.  

In Food Technology this will mean looking more into the value of produce (fruit and vegetables) in our diet as well as how we can access these when they are becoming increasingly expensive to buy.

Please encourage your tamariki to help out in the kitchen to practice the skills they are learning in class.

Nga mihi nui,

Reitu Warren

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Reciprocal Teaching

Kia ora whanau!

As part of our Inquiry Based Literacy programme, we have been working on Reciprocal Teaching. This approach refers to an activity in which students become the teacher in small group reading sessions. Students learn the four reading strategies of predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising.

The text they read this week was called ‘Food moulds – Are moulds dangerous?’, which is linked to our Living World topic. They will learn about how moulds grow and how this affects humans. They will also be growing their own moulds in class!

Below are photos of students working in their cooperative learning groups.

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Term 3 Week 2


Special dedication to Mrs Brown

Thank you Mrs Brown for your hard work, teaching us the good things for our future and helping the students in our class to become better readers and writers.We really thank you for putting a lot of blood and sweat into your time teaching us students.We pray that God will guide you through out your journey and that you may receive a lot of blessings.We will cherish you and your greate work and help forever and ever and have a great journey.  From OJ

Good luck for your future, we will miss you and we will take to heart what you have taught us in Ulimasao and Team Kotahitanga. It was an honour having you as a member at K.I.S and a pleasure as well.Take care, we love you in many ways. Good luck with you,your family, and a new son. Once again, Thank you so much. By Julia

Thank Mrs Brown



Talofa lava, malo le soifua maua and Welcome to week 2 of term 3. This term is going to be an awesome and exciting term with lots of learning and activities happening. Class Ulimasao has been full on, straight in there, busy and ready for new challenges every day, especially getting their e-portfolio ready for Student Led Conference this week. Our focus for this term is ‘Maori and the Forest’.


This term is great fun we tried something different and new which is awesome! We have done Persuasive writing last term and again this term, writing and learning our speeches in English and Samoan. We are also doing explanation writing discovering ‘Maori and the Forest’:

WALT: Explore and investigate the native animals, birds, trees and plants;  the Maori ritual before cutting down a tree;



Ulimasao has been using reciprocal reading Strategies to help us understand what we are reading about and to build our confidence to share in our group discussions and to present our readings to the whole class which we love to do. Our readings are based around “Maori and the Forest” to help us enhance our future learning wall.










Physical education (P.E)

Large ball skills are our focus this term. These skills will be covered in volleyball, netball, soccer, touch and rugby league. Later on, in the term we will be focusing on athletics.



Our Future learning topic for this term is “Living World”. Our focus questions is; “OUR NATURAL RESOURCEs ARE AT RISK?” What can we do about Them? We started to learn about “Maori and the Forest”. Learning more about the issues, causes and effects to our native animals, birds, trees and plants and how we can help our community to have an awareness on these issues.???



This term for Maths we are learning about Statistics and Probability. For Numeracy, we are learning about fractions, decimals and percentages and these are used in our everyday life.



Hapit of minds!

Learn from yesterday,

live for today,

hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.



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