Te whakataetae manu korero mo Ayziah!!! Ka pai son!!!

E noho whakahihi ana ahau mo to tu. E kore nga mihi e mutu mo to mou e ki te tu Ayziah!!

Our Kerehana whanau supporting Ayziah at the APPA Auckland speech competition!!! K’s UP!!!! KO KEREHANA TATOU!!!

Ayziah participated last night in the Auckland APPA championships which was held at Remuera Intermediate. The calibre of tamariki that presented their speeches were outstanding and they all represented their own kura and rohe well 🙂 The topics of speeches varied from leadership, cultural perspectives and child poverty.

Congratulations to our tama Ayziah who placed 3rd in the whole of Tamaki Makaurau! Ka rawe bub! Your speech on child poverty was awesome and you lifted to another level. You stood with pride and represented your mum, whanau, friends and kura amazingly well!!! We are all so proud of you son!!!






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Karakia o te Papa Takaro! Nga mihi Koro Ngaro Pita!

Thank you so much to our Papa Ngaro for coming into kura and blessing our brand new outdoor facility. We were humbled and honored to have our kaumatua here and we shared this experience with our whole kura. Our kaimahi then followed Koro around our papa takaro and touched all the surfaces making sure our wairua was present. Nga mihi to Ulimasao our Samoan bilingual unit too for their karakia and himene! So proud of our kura and kaimahi 🙂 Now we have an AMAZING outdoor recreation facility that our tamariki have been enjoying and exercising on.

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What an AMAZING past few weeks here at kura!!! Transition day, Western Zone basketball, Auckland speeches to Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori!! Our tamariki have been working so hard and being engaged and excelling in all different kaupapa! Here are a couple of whakaahua demonstrating our 3 values respect, responsibility and engagement in all fields of their educational journey here at Kerehana!!!

Pounamu Rameka and Cypres Riki with their outstanding powerpoint presentation about Tikanga Maori. Ka rawe korua!

Roman Wallbank and Ocean Stowers-Iwikau presenting their mahi on Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori! Ka pai korua









Raiden King and Maanea Tiepa delivering an amazing presentation on the importance of Te Reo Maori in Aotearoa and how we as a blingual unit can try to maintain and sustain our culture with speaking Te Reo Maori within our home environments!

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Transition Day at Kelston Intermediate School was fantastic

Contributing school students had a brilliant taste of what it would be like when they enroll at KIS next year. They enjoyed the activities and were able to connect with their school mates who are already here in Y7 or Y8. Students loved Kahoots Quiz, Performing Arts, ICT tasks, Cooking, Art and Hard Materials activities. They participated in organised games during interval and lunch. We are confident that a lot of Y6 students will join KIS.

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Hauora in Tamatoa

Hauora – (well being) students had to think about a symbol of strength that they could identify with, they then took the four areas of Hauora and cut out pictures from the newspaper that represented these areas. 

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Fun Run!

Last week our students took part in the Fun Run as part of our school fundraiser. What an awesome experience. Our students showed endurance and a positive attitude while running around the Kelston block.

Thank you to all our whanau and friends who have supported our tamariki with their sponsorships. A REMINDER THAT ALL MONEY IS DUE THIS WEDNESDAY 26th SEPTEMBER, AS WELL AS THE SPONSORSHIP BOOKS.


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Planning…and the Primary Schools

This week we worked on bringing all our learning from the term together to plan a meal of choice.  The classes were asked to design a balanced and nutritious lunch meal based on the recipes and ideas they’d explored this term.

The most popular recipe that the students used as the base recipe was bread…..which we modified in class to turn into pizza. In saying this their create juices were flowing with statements like….

“If i take the sugar out of the pie crust can i add a savoury filling?….will it still work?”

”Can i add crushed pineapple instead of apple?”

“Can we swap some apples out for pears?”

“Can i add fruit into the batter……and then add more fruit on top?”

“Can we add another layer of bread dough on top of our pizza?”

I’m excited to see all the amazing dishes that will come out of the planning of week nine.

In addition we have had a great time hosting our primary schools this term.  This cycle we have had St Leonards Road Primary in Food Technology. Wow, what a great bunch of students.  So keen to learn and so keen to cook.

They have baked pinwheels, both savoury and sweet, chocolate muffins and this week they had the opportunity to modify and adapt the basic muffin recipe and create a muffin of their choice.  Again what amazing creative minds our rangatahi have….Apple and Chocolate….. Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate Chip and more. I also got the Year 6’s to give me some constructive feedback on Transition Day.  This is what they said.

St Leonards Road Primary Student voice on Transition Day

Lots to take in and some great student voice to help grow and develop Transition Day to make it more amazing.

Well done,

Whaea Reitu Warren

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Mauria Te Pono – Week 9

Kia Orana and aloha, welcome to the end of Term 3, time has just flown by.  The last week has been extremely busy with Mauria Te Pono completing assignments and ensuring work is up to date.  Last week students worked on Inquiry brochures and incorporating knowledge that they had gained at the Cascade Kauri trip, where students were able to see first hand, how Maori survived in the Forest.

Students have just over a term until the end of the year and there will be alot of things happening in the upcoming weeks.  Please ensure that you are informed about what is planned.

Upcoming Events:

Please return all proceeds from the Fun Run as soon as possible.

Term 4:

Team Kotahitanga Fundraiser


Team Kotahitanga trip to the Viaduct

We Are Kelston Day

Congratulations:  Team Kotahitanga are working hard at fitness and in general.  Please ensure that you bring your PE gear and that you are wearing full school uniform, everyday.  Keep it up, remain focussed, Responsible, Respectful and Engaged !







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Week 9 – nearly there

Kia ora – As we commence our second to last week of term 3 there are some very important things to reiterate to whanau.


Firstly,next week Ayziah Wilson from Te Pou herenga Waka will be representing our school at the Auckland speech competition after coming second at the Western Zone speech comp a couple weeks ago. We would like to take a group of students from Te Pou Herenga Waka to support Ayziah on the night. A panui will be sent home this week to whanau requesting permission for certain students to join us.


Secondly, Term 4 students will need to start bringing in their hats. If you have no longer got a school appropriate hat to wear you can purchase them from the front office. Plain black and navy blue hats are also school regulation.

Image result for plain black hat Image result for plain navy blue hat


Lastly, in class our inquiry projects will be due by the end of this week. Please encourage your children to have these complete by the end of the week. Nga mihi

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Learning the School Pepeha through games!

Kia ora Koutou,

Today Jared and Mama Wallace were learning the school pepeha with Whaea May through different games and challenges.

Game 1: Quick pronunciation game with points if with a correct pronunication and a point for effort.  Well done to Jared who won this game!

Game 2: Placing the correct words in the Pepeha and pronouncing the word correctly.  Again Jared won this game too!

At the end of the session both felt a bit more confident to say the Pepeha as Jared is keen to work to getting his first Taumata Tahi.

Kia kaha Jared!

Mrs Wallace and Jared learning the school pepeha through games.


Our school pepeha can be challenging but we can learn it through games.

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Sharing our Values with our Neighbouring Primary Schools

Transition Day was a day to share with the Primary schools our School Values Respect, Responsibility and Engaged, Whakamanatia, Rangatiratanga, Whakanga.

The year 7 students were fabulous being leaders and showing the primary students all the awesome opportunities here at Kelston Intermediate.

We look forward to seeing them in 2018.

Turou Oro mai, Nau Mai Heare Mai!

Transition Day Literacy Activity Sharing our School Values of Respect, Responsibility and Engaged!

Respect, Responsibility and Engaged cartoon drawings from our neighbouring Primary students on Transition Day

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Cook Islands Language Competition – Te Reo Kuki Airani

Jasmine Ah-mai and Lakisha Tuitupou the 2017 Reo Kuki Airani Speech winners.

Kia orana Koutou Katoatoa i te aroa maata o tatou Atua,

Last week the Cook Islands speech competitions were held here at our school.  The year 8 winner was Jasmine Ah-mai who presented her speech on “Te Mou maria anga i taku peu Kuki Airani”, Embracing My Cook Island Culture.  The year 6 winner was Lakisha Tuitupou from Papatoetoe West School and her speech topic was “The destruction of our World”.

We would like to thank our judges on the day Ms Abbygail Haurua, Papa William Tutu, Mr Kemo Teariki and a big meitaki atupaka to Mrs Teariki and Mrs Laing for there support.

Kia maroiroi i te autara i te reo Kuki Airani!

Meitaki atupaka,

Tamati Vaine

Te Reo Kuki Airani contestants and Judges 2017

Lakisha Tupou Year 6 Winner from Papatoetoe West Primary school and our Judge Ms Abbygail Haurua.

Jasmine Ah-mai the Year 8 winner and Judge Papa William Tutu.

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Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

Kia ora koutou Nga Whanau o Te Kei O Te Waka,

Last week our kaiako for Te Reo Maori were Mathius, Shakyna, Ardrianna, Mark and Arizona.

We learnt some basic greetings, Ahua – Shapes, Panga Tuhituhi – stationery and Fruits – Hua.

The challenge is to speak Te Reo Maori in our every day lives and not only for one week but consistently throughout the year.

Nga Mihi ki nga kaiako o te reo!

Mathius teaching the Maori fruit words – Hua

Ardrianna teaching Panga Tuhituhi

Shakyna teaching Ahua – Shapes

Te akonei a nga tamariki o Te Kei o Te Waka Te Inoi a Te Atua


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Paraoa (Bread)

Week 8 in Food Technology

This week we explored the concept of bread as a staple food and the role it plays in diets around the world.  We also focused on fermentation in the making of Paraoa (bread) and the food chemistry involved.

We considered the difference between traditional methods (eg Rewana) and more conventional ways of making bread.

Kneading the dough to develop the gluten

Adding a selection of toppings

We had a go at kneading and discussed gluten and the importance of gluten in creating bread.  The bread dough we created we then used to make a pizza base and some personalised and super delicious pizzas.  

Junior, Glen and Steve’s (Rm 1) final product. Well done boys…your pizza looked awesome.

Whaea Reitu Warren.

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Congratulations Jasmine!

This week our school hosted the APPA Cook Islands Speech Competition. Congratulations to our very own Jasmine Ah Mai who was our Year 8 winner. Jasmine’s speech was about the importance of embracing the Cook Islands culture, “Te mou maria anga I taku peu Maori Kuki Airani”. Thank you to Whaea May for supporting Jasmine.

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hard materials


William and Beni congratulate Brian on his basketball hoop.

David Vowells, hard materials       technology teacher

Technology is intervention by design. As our contribution to learning about the living world, in Hard Materials we have decided to help our local bird population and are busy making bird nesting boxes. The term has gone quickly, but we’re nearly finished. We are hoping to put some up around the school and increase the number of birds in our environment.


In our TOPs course this term we are making pottery. Each student is planning on making a breakfast set of a mug, plate, bowl and possibly egg cup and spoon! The work above by Hiruni and Favour, Room 9, is waiting for the first firing, called the bisc firing because the clay goes hard like a biscuit…..

This beautiful mug in front, by Hiruni, , has been fired once and is being decorated before it is fired again. Favouirs mug on the left is waiting tyo be bisc fired.







mugs drying out before they are bisc fired

                                      In term 2 we made fidget spinners




       Crystals coffee table

                             Samim and Erene’s desk tidies



                              Tree house designs by Sharnadel, Kethleen and Ocean




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Whakaari- Play Sports Theatre!!

Play sports theatre came to our kura last week and our tamariki shared ideas and acted different scenes from set scripts. Here are a couple of pictures of our tamariki in Nga kakano setting a freezeframe shot of Timmy, Dad, Mum and Jack. Our akomanga had heaps of fun and Whaea Julie was such a great tutor and mentor. This engaging workshop has inspired our tamariki to speak up if one of their friends is lonely and needs help/awhi if they are having problems at home or kura. Nga mihi kia Play Sport Theatre 🙂


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Te whakataetae manu korero mo Ayziah! Ka rawe son!

E noho whakahihi ana ahau mo to tu. E kore nga mihi e mutu mo to mou e ki te tu Ayziah!!

Wow what an amazing Week 7! Congratulations to Ayziah who competed in the West Auckland speech competition. He was amazing and represented our kura so well. Ayziah’s whaikorero was on ‘Child poverty and how it affects our tamariki and our society. His amazing placed 2nd and Ayziah will now be competing at the Auckland speech competition. Ka pai Ayziah!

Ka mau te wehi Ayziah! Kerehana whanau in force supporting our tama in the West Auckland speech competitions held at Glen Eden Intermediate!

Such a proud moment for Ayziah and his mama! Ataahua x

The calibre of competitors at the West Auckland speech competiotions were outstanding! Our tama placed 2nd overall! Ka rawe!



Woop there it is!!! Miss Taylor so proud of her student/tama Ayziah

1st and 2nd place in the Western zone speech competitions! Ka pai to our whanau from Mt Roskill Intermediate too.

We cant wait to support you at the Auckland Champs on Wednesday the 27th of September Ayziah! Nau mai, haere mai whanau! 7:30pm! #Kerehana PROUD!!


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Dessert Anyone?

Week 7, Term 3

This week we looked at creating a fruit based dessert as part of our “Living World” kaupapa. The focus was around the preparation of fruit, in particular the minimising of enzymic browning.

Making our pastry

Cooking the apples

When demonstrating the making of the pie the students were responsible to creating their own step by step instructions (method) using their listening and observation skills as well as keywords. This strengthened their understanding of subject specific terminology and the importance of recipes having clear, well written, specific, easy to follow instructions.

When covering the top of the pies, we had a go at raranga or lalaga (weaving) which bought out the creative side of many.

Weaving our pie pastry top

Organising our raranga/lalaga (weaving)

Time to eat

The many conversations with the students connected this recipe to similar ones they’d eaten. For example “Could i use this pastry recipe to make a pineapple pie Miss?” (Solomon Rm 1).

So whanau, let them have a go at this recipe at home…..as they made it in class, or with what ever fruit is available.

Namunamua (yummy)

Nga mihi nui,  

Whaea Reitu Warren




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Cascade Kauri Trip

The Mighty Kauri tree …


On Tuesday, Team Kotahitanga travelled by bus into the Cascades where we learnt about the Forest and how Maori survived in pre-european times.  It was difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of the iwi and we discussed how different and hard it would have been without the basic necessities, shops, ipads and things we take forgranted.

We learnt about the native trees, how to make a small fire for cooking and how Maori used nature for survival and leisure: eating, sleeping, personal hygiene and making music.  Matua Riki shared his abundance of knowledge with us and our students were able to give a taonga back to the staff, by sharing waiata and words of acknowledgement.  What an amazing experience !!!



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Great skills Mrs Warren

Team Taonga teachers learnt the skill of screen printing with Whaea May and all managed to also create their own personal cultural design that can be developed into a screen in the future.  The ‘VAIONA’ family screen from Whaea May’s whanau was used to screen print ‘pareu or lavalava’ for the teachers.  Everyone worked together as a group and there was a lot of laughter and enjoyment!  This is how the women in the Cook Islands work together in the ‘Vaine-tini’, ladies groups to make things happen in the village, church and prepare for weddings and birthdays.

Learning from each other has been so valuable.

Tu meke Vaine-Tini Team Taonga!

Team Taonga is Team Awesome – Tumeke Vaini-Tini Taonga!

Whaea Terina and her creation!



Miss Tuilepa loving the colours of green and blue!

Working in a group makes it enjoyable and fun!

Learning as a family well done Mrs Teariki and her tamariki!

Miss Taylor you are so creative!

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Tamatoa sleepover

Tamatoa sleepover was awesome!! – A special thank you to the parents for releasing your child to attend this event. 

We started to set up in Tamatoa.

We then moved to the staff room. 

Whiteboard session with Mrs Gates, Mr Tasi, Matua Sean & Matua Lino on the Saturday Morning, thank you Mrs Gates for bringing us coffee & food.

 Ready to go for a run at 7 am. 

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Sharing our Tongan Knowledge!

Proud to wear their traditional Tongan wear for mufti. You were amazing this week – Vaikona, Siope and Mele.

Tongan Language Week

This week we have been teaching some Tongan phrases, songs and dance movements to the students here at Kelston.  Our small group of tutors include Vaikona, Mele and Siope and the students in Te Kei o Te waka have been enjoying learning our Tongan culture and language.  Tonga is our our homeland where we have learnt our beautiful language and traditions.

The 2017 theme is “Fakakoloa Aotearoa aki ae nofo ae famili. Enriching Aotearoa with our family values.”


‘Malo e lelei- Hello!

Fefe hake- How are you?

Sai pe malo- I am fine thank you.

Ko hai ho’o hingoa- What’s your name?

Ko hoku hingoa ko- “My name is ………

Ofa- Love

Tohi tapu- Bible


Thanks by: Vaikona Finau, Melefale Houma, Siope Vake

Siope, Mele and Vaikona organised sharing some of their favourite Tongan dishes with Te Kei o Te Waka for Tongan Language Week.

Taro a favourite of the Tongan dishes.

Making morning interval time a time to share our Tongan Language.

Taking lessons outside the classroom to students having their lunch. Lets eat and learn at the same time!

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Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Nga Hau e Wha Mrs Ashika Devi. She is currently a second-year student at Massey University. Mrs Devi will be in our classroom from Week 7 to Week 10 and also the first week of Term 4. This week we’ve started on our scientific study on plants – root system, parts of a plant, process of photosynthesis. Students are hard at work with their inquiry tasks on OneNote. Ask your child what they have achieved at each of the five inquiry questions.

Please continue to support our students with the ‘Fun Run’. All booklets must be returned to Mrs Gates by next week Thursday.

Have a safe week everyone!

Mrs Gates and Mrs Connings


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Cascade Kauri today was brilliant

Team Kotahitanga students visited Cascade Kauri today as part of their inquiry learning. It was a brilliant trip. Matua Riki and Jason showed students how Maori used the forest for various reasons. We examined a number of native trees and what they are used for. Matua Riki generated fire the way it was done long ago. Students were really amazed with this. They were also surprised to see massive Kauri and Totara trees. We had a long distance walk to explore the forest.

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A day of drama!

Talofa lava!

Who likes a bit of drama in their lives?  Students in Lumana’i Manuia do!

Today Everyday Theatre came to run a drama programme for our tamariki to talk about issues around family relationships, family violence, neglect and abuse. A fictional family was used where the students drew from their own experiences to help our fictional family.

We were involved in a range of drama activities including freeze frames, hot seating and thought buttons.  What an awesome day it was!


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A day of drama!

Talofa lava!

Who likes a bit of drama in their lives?  Students in Lumana’i Manuia do!

Today Everyday Theatre came to run a drama programme for our tamariki to talk about issues around family relationships, family violence, neglect and abuse. A fictional family was used where the students drew from their own experiences to help our fictional family.

We were involved in a range of drama activities including freeze frames, hot seating and thought buttons.  What an awesome day it was!



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Modifying our Fried Rice

Modifying the Recipe


Welcome to Term 3 week 6 in Food Technology.


This week we have worked with our original Fried Rice recipe, creating modified versions to meet the likes and dislikes of the members of our groups as well as any dietary, cultural and religious requirements each member may have have. By doing this the students are gaining a better understanding about the diverse and rich makeup of our kura and how we can cater to each others needs when preparing a meal to share.

The meals were varied, interesting and reflective of the individuals in the groups. All the groups assured me that the new recipe was a huge improvement on the basic recipe they’d prepared the week before. We touched on the importance of nutrition again, minimising the addition of  fat and salt in our new recipes and are also making connections between the learning in Food Technology and gaining evidence to support them to reach their next taumata.

Here are some pictures of life in Food Tech.

Please encourage your tamariki to share these skills they’re learning at school with you in the home.  Involve them in the meal preparation, as they enjoy cooking and many of them are ‘budding’ chefs. Nga mihi nui,

Whaea Reitu Warren


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Mauria Te Pono, Week 6

Mauria Te Pono welcomes you to their classroom page, Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora and welcome !  Our speeches are finally done and dusted and we are now working on Explanatory Writing.  Students are also carrying out Statistical Investigations and we are revising terms such as the mode, median, range and outliers.  Whaea Roshni has been coming into our class to teach us how to use the Reciprocal Teaching process in Math.  We will be moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages and their relevance to our everyday lives.

We are looking into the social and scientific implications of the forest and have a trip planned on Tuesday 5 September, to Cascade Kauri.  We will be walking through the forest and will learn about the living creatures, habitats and how cultures pay respect to our natural surroundings.

We can not exist without air and water, we are destroying both. Stop fracking now.




  • Well done to our speech finalists for our class: Margaret, Fatimah, Velria and Sam.  Velria and Fatimah also spoke in Hindi at our school finals, well done !
  • Good work Team Kotahitanga, you are working hard as a team and it is good to see the effort made by our team members !

Upcoming Events:

  • Please ensure that all money is paid for our trip to Cascade Kauri on Tuesday.
  • Keep up the great work for our School fundraiser ‘Fun Run’
  • School will close at 1pm this Wednesday, please ensure that your child has made arrangements to get home safely
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He wiki tino nui kua hipa. Whaikorero, Hangi me Hakinakina.

Ka pai Ocean me Kyron. Helping give back to the community and our whanau at Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Hoani Waititi Marae.

Such an awesome week here at Kerehana! Tuatahi, we would like to welcome our new tama Cypress Riki. Nau mai haere mai bub. We cant wait for you to learn all about our Tikanga here at Te kura takawaenga o Kerehana and the social, cultural and academic components that encapsulates our kura!

  • This week our tamariki in Nga Kakano have experienced the hard mahi that goes on when preparing kai/hua whenua for a hangi. Our pakirehua kaupapa this term is Te Taiao/Our environment. On Wednesday we worked as a whanau, peeling, cutting, cleaning, counting riwai, kumara and pokena. We had many korero around preparation, purpose and understanding the importance of huawhenua.

Ka pai Cypress, Pounamu, Ty me Noah i o koutou mahi. Nga mihi

Ka pai Monaro and Amos. Learning how to peel and skin a kumara, riwai and pokena



Whaea Pam teaching our tamariki the importance of hauora and the different skills and dynamics of sports. Our focus this term is Large Oval ball skills and the bio-mechanics of our body.

Whaea Pams daughter working with a group of tamariki for 2 minitue bursts of body resistant drills. We had 6 stations working hard for the whole 12 minute rotations.

Team taonga speech finalists. Congratulations to Izaiah, Malania and Mathius for representing our awesome Team and speech finals inanahi! Ka mau te wehi Iziah for winning our kura speeches with an amazing whaikorero on “Child Poverty”.

  • So proud of our two kotiro Malania Aumata and Taylor Tokimua-Tarei who stood at our school speeches! Malania had an amazing speech and spoke about gangs and the social justice issues of being involved in a gang and the effects this has on our Maori society and their whanau and friends. Taylor stood and delivered her whole whaikorero in Te Reo Maori. Her korero was about withholding our three values respect, responsibility and engagement in all aspects of our lives and to show these no matter where you are. I am so proud of both of these kotiro for having the courage to stand in front of our whole kura and korero passinoately on what they believe in. Ka rawe korua. Tino hikaka ahau ia korua 🙂











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