Sharing our Tongan Knowledge!

Proud to wear their traditional Tongan wear for mufti. You were amazing this week – Vaikona, Siope and Mele.

Tongan Language Week

This week we have been teaching some Tongan phrases, songs and dance movements to the students here at Kelston.  Our small group of tutors include Vaikona, Mele and Siope and the students in Te Kei o Te waka have been enjoying learning our Tongan culture and language.  Tonga is our our homeland where we have learnt our beautiful language and traditions.

The 2017 theme is “Fakakoloa Aotearoa aki ae nofo ae famili. Enriching Aotearoa with our family values.”


‘Malo e lelei- Hello!

Fefe hake- How are you?

Sai pe malo- I am fine thank you.

Ko hai ho’o hingoa- What’s your name?

Ko hoku hingoa ko- “My name is ………

Ofa- Love

Tohi tapu- Bible


Thanks by: Vaikona Finau, Melefale Houma, Siope Vake

Siope, Mele and Vaikona organised sharing some of their favourite Tongan dishes with Te Kei o Te Waka for Tongan Language Week.

Taro a favourite of the Tongan dishes.

Making morning interval time a time to share our Tongan Language.

Taking lessons outside the classroom to students having their lunch. Lets eat and learn at the same time!

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