hard materials


William and Beni congratulate Brian on his basketball hoop.

David Vowells, hard materials       technology teacher

Technology is intervention by design. As our contribution to learning about the living world, in Hard Materials we have decided to help our local bird population and are busy making bird nesting boxes. The term has gone quickly, but we’re nearly finished. We are hoping to put some up around the school and increase the number of birds in our environment.


In our TOPs course this term we are making pottery. Each student is planning on making a breakfast set of a mug, plate, bowl and possibly egg cup and spoon! The work above by Hiruni and Favour, Room 9, is waiting for the first firing, called the bisc firing because the clay goes hard like a biscuit…..

This beautiful mug in front, by Hiruni, , has been fired once and is being decorated before it is fired again. Favouirs mug on the left is waiting tyo be bisc fired.







mugs drying out before they are bisc fired

                                      In term 2 we made fidget spinners




       Crystals coffee table

                             Samim and Erene’s desk tidies



                              Tree house designs by Sharnadel, Kethleen and Ocean




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Whakaari- Play Sports Theatre!!

Play sports theatre came to our kura last week and our tamariki shared ideas and acted different scenes from set scripts. Here are a couple of pictures of our tamariki in Nga kakano setting a freezeframe shot of Timmy, Dad, Mum and Jack. Our akomanga had heaps of fun and Whaea Julie was such a great tutor and mentor. This engaging workshop has inspired our tamariki to speak up if one of their friends is lonely and needs help/awhi if they are having problems at home or kura. Nga mihi kia Play Sport Theatre 🙂


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Te whakataetae manu korero mo Ayziah! Ka rawe son!

E noho whakahihi ana ahau mo to tu. E kore nga mihi e mutu mo to mou e ki te tu Ayziah!!

Wow what an amazing Week 7! Congratulations to Ayziah who competed in the West Auckland speech competition. He was amazing and represented our kura so well. Ayziah’s whaikorero was on ‘Child poverty and how it affects our tamariki and our society. His amazing placed 2nd and Ayziah will now be competing at the Auckland speech competition. Ka pai Ayziah!

Ka mau te wehi Ayziah! Kerehana whanau in force supporting our tama in the West Auckland speech competitions held at Glen Eden Intermediate!

Such a proud moment for Ayziah and his mama! Ataahua x

The calibre of competitors at the West Auckland speech competiotions were outstanding! Our tama placed 2nd overall! Ka rawe!



Woop there it is!!! Miss Taylor so proud of her student/tama Ayziah

1st and 2nd place in the Western zone speech competitions! Ka pai to our whanau from Mt Roskill Intermediate too.

We cant wait to support you at the Auckland Champs on Wednesday the 27th of September Ayziah! Nau mai, haere mai whanau! 7:30pm! #Kerehana PROUD!!


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Dessert Anyone?

Week 7, Term 3

This week we looked at creating a fruit based dessert as part of our “Living World” kaupapa. The focus was around the preparation of fruit, in particular the minimising of enzymic browning.

Making our pastry

Cooking the apples

When demonstrating the making of the pie the students were responsible to creating their own step by step instructions (method) using their listening and observation skills as well as keywords. This strengthened their understanding of subject specific terminology and the importance of recipes having clear, well written, specific, easy to follow instructions.

When covering the top of the pies, we had a go at raranga or lalaga (weaving) which bought out the creative side of many.

Weaving our pie pastry top

Organising our raranga/lalaga (weaving)

Time to eat

The many conversations with the students connected this recipe to similar ones they’d eaten. For example “Could i use this pastry recipe to make a pineapple pie Miss?” (Solomon Rm 1).

So whanau, let them have a go at this recipe at home…..as they made it in class, or with what ever fruit is available.

Namunamua (yummy)

Nga mihi nui,  

Whaea Reitu Warren




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Cascade Kauri Trip

The Mighty Kauri tree …


On Tuesday, Team Kotahitanga travelled by bus into the Cascades where we learnt about the Forest and how Maori survived in pre-european times.  It was difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of the iwi and we discussed how different and hard it would have been without the basic necessities, shops, ipads and things we take forgranted.

We learnt about the native trees, how to make a small fire for cooking and how Maori used nature for survival and leisure: eating, sleeping, personal hygiene and making music.  Matua Riki shared his abundance of knowledge with us and our students were able to give a taonga back to the staff, by sharing waiata and words of acknowledgement.  What an amazing experience !!!



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