hard materials


William and Beni congratulate Brian on his basketball hoop.

David Vowells, hard materials       technology teacher

Technology is intervention by design. As our contribution to learning about the living world, in Hard Materials we have decided to help our local bird population and are busy making bird nesting boxes. The term has gone quickly, but we’re nearly finished. We are hoping to put some up around the school and increase the number of birds in our environment.


In our TOPs course this term we are making pottery. Each student is planning on making a breakfast set of a mug, plate, bowl and possibly egg cup and spoon! The work above by Hiruni and Favour, Room 9, is waiting for the first firing, called the bisc firing because the clay goes hard like a biscuit…..

This beautiful mug in front, by Hiruni, , has been fired once and is being decorated before it is fired again. Favouirs mug on the left is waiting tyo be bisc fired.







mugs drying out before they are bisc fired

                                      In term 2 we made fidget spinners




       Crystals coffee table

                             Samim and Erene’s desk tidies



                              Tree house designs by Sharnadel, Kethleen and Ocean




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Term 3

This term students will be exploring how knowledge is passed to future generations. As a result we will be constructing time capsules which we will pack with items that reflect the students time, culture and values. Please discuss some possible ideas with your family in the coming weeks.


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Creative Year 6 Students

Well done to the year 6 students from St Leonards who made these creative USB drives as part of the Wednesday afternoon extension programme.

IMG_6336 IMG_6337 IMG_6341 IMG_6343 IMG_6345

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Where practical and design meet.

Week 5 and students are putting their design ideas to the test. Aero and hydrodynamics, electric circuits and balance are all being tested as our boats take shape.


IMG_0109 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0117

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Week 2 Research & Design

This week students are research boating related questions that are personally meaningful for them. Once our academic, cultural and social investigations are completed we will unleash our creative side while we draw our own design.

IMG_0105  IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0108  IMG_0103 IMG_0102

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Last week of term

This is our last week of term so students are busy finishing off their projects. They have been developed for their class or team so feel free to come in and check out their creation.

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Construction in Wk 8

This week students are hard at work building their solutions to classroom play and engaging environments. Giant Jenga, Gutter boards, Achievement Shields are all underway to make our school a fun place to learn.

20160323_140509   20160323_140624 20160323_140653

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Week 6 Construction time

This week are we are in the construction side of things. Students are exploring what steps are needed to build their project and with assistance from Mr Boyd are making a great start.


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About Hard Materials


The work students undertake in this technology involves research, technical and design drawings, working with materials including wood, paint, clay, plastics, electronics, and metals.

They also learn to use a wide variety of machinery while focusing on safety first!

Students are encouraged to work independently and cooperatively in an exciting, robust discovery learning environment.



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Welcome to Wk3

This week in the Chop Shop we are focusing on quality questioning. While looking at our focus “Engaging Environments” we have been using a higher order question matrix, looking at cultural, social and academic connections, and exploring trustworthy information sources.

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Welcome 2016

Hello and welcome to the Chop Shop for 2016. My name is Mr Boyd and I have the privilege of teaching in the Hard Materials/Chop Shop. First I would like to acknowledge the creative students who constructed amazing projects for family, the school and our local community.


IMG_0030 IMG_0034 IMG_0451 IMG_2905 IMG_3008 20151112_154418



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