Term 3 Visual Art so far

Hi All,

So this term, all students have been working on producing artwork that is based on the concept of “Our native living world”.

So far, students have been exploring a range of dry media and how to draw using scale and proportion. This is all on display on our paper mural in the artroom.

Amazing Paper Mural

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Thank you all for the support over the years – I have loving working in this community and I will miss being here.  Take care Kelston  – love Ms Newby

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our students have been cutting stencils and we are learning to master spray painting………

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Kelston Primary Year 6 students

Every Wednesday we have a Gate programme running here at Kelston Intermediate School – groups of year 6 students from Kelston Primary and St Leonards Road  Schools come and do tech with us.  Currently, we have Visual Art, Hard Materials, and Cooking.

Here are some photos of the Kelston Primary Visual Art group, they are making masks from a new material called Papier Pulp.  its like a fine papier mache and is easily modeled and sculpted.

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This term we are looking at man-made disasters under our school theme of cause and effect.  Nuclear accidents, oil spills, and toxic waste dumping.  We have also looked at animals and insects that have made adaptations and evolved to survive in a changing environment.

Students are designing a FACE OF THE FUTURE mask – where somewhere in the future humans may have to adapt to a changing planet:  will we become mutated, bionic, alien………??????

We are using a paper mask as a base and adding cardboard and paper pulp to sculpt our faces.


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Finishing touches are being made to our Totem poles – our papier machie pulp has been added and sculpted and painting has started.  we will paint the backgrounds and then add detail with paint pens.

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We have started today with a new sculptural material  – MIX IT – this material is a very fine papier mache.  It is easily mixed and sculpted and can make very detailed artworks.

here are some of the first totem poles showing the students personal symbols in 3d.

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I love it when my students learn a new skill – something they have never done before and take it and really make it their own.  This is Ghalya

Ghalya started to learn Crochet last year in our lunch time class.  She worked on it all holidays, practicing and perfecting her craft.  She watched YouTube demonstrations and started again and again… and made these gorgeous tops for her 2 sisters



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Fashion Design and Construction

This TOPS  programme started recently in the  ART ROOM  includes learning to use our sewing machines and over lockers.  our first lesson included making  straight seams using the overlocker – and all students completed a small cushion.  Here is Monique and Page with a sample

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I had the privilege on the weekend to be asked to judge the Trash to Fashion event at Crestwood retirement village in Titirangi.

It was a fun event with staff and family putting on an entertaining  show for the old folk.

Here is Almar and Monique Favier – both who helped organise and run this show.

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Fashion Design and Construction – is the TOPS running in the Art Room this term.

Students will be learning sewing skills, how to use the plane sewing machines and over lockers.   They will learn basic sewing skills and complex skills for upcyling, repairing clothing.

Students also have the opportunity to create a costume for WALK THE LINE – this is a fashion show run by the Auckland YMCA who will be showcasing young designers at NZ Fashion week.

All students cut, sewed, stuffed and completed a cushion on their first day – here is Monique and Page showing a cushion made last friday.

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WELCOME to Term 1 2017. I Hope you’ve all had a great holiday and are ready to start being creative.  This term we will be investigating Totem Poles.  What cultures throughout history created them and why?  With our We Are Kelston unit – we will make our own replica, telling our own personal story and we will work together with Design tech and the Chop Shop to make 4 spectacular totem poles to represent our teams to be erected in our by our orchard to create a Peace garden..

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The Glen Eden Business Association have acknowledged our students who have done the yarn bombing in Glen Mall.  They have praised our group for their enthusiasm to learn a new skill, their dedication in helping others in the community by teaching them in the library holiday program and their participation in the Yarn Bombing event recently.2016-12-07-17-38-24


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Stunning artwork


This stunning artwork was created by Alafati from our Deaf Unit. Alafati is from Tanzania  and his artwork combines images of his culture, his flag and an animal from his country.  See if you can find those things and the meaning Alafati intended you to see in this image.

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Our students have been part of the YARN BOMBING EVENT in Glen Eden recently.  See our tree just out the front of the Hammer Hardware shop.2016-11-16-11-45-202016-11-16-13-38-22 2016-11-16-14-31-53 2016-11-16-14-32-262016-11-16-14-32-26 2016-11-16-14-31-53

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This week we are learning the correct techniques necessary to use ink pens and watercolour pencils.  The skills learnt here will be used to create an amazing design with a hidden message – to align with our ‘Forensic’ term theme

.2016-11-08-14-01-05 2016-11-08-14-02-32 2016-11-08-14-02-42 2016-11-08-14-02-55 2016-11-08-14-03-42 2016-11-08-14-04-40 2016-11-08-14-04-48 2016-11-08-14-04-57 2016-11-08-14-37-17 2016-11-08-14-46-01-18o

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Kelifest was a great day for all – our Tops Sewing Group sold teddies, hot water bottles, cards, painted shoes, table tennis bats, hair scrunchies……


Here’s a happy customer –


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lookout for these cute teddies for sale at the KELIFEST on friday – made by our sewing group last term.2016-10-14-12-10-55

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Art workshop

Last week a group of students went up to Kelston Girls College to be a part of a workshop provided by  Te Uru Art Gallery.

The workshop was being run in conjunction with their Art Exhibition and Sale.

The students created designs around the migration of  pacific people  to New Zealand, they then carved their designs into a clay tile and created a patterned card for it to be placed on.  See pictures below

2016-10-13-16-02-41 2016-10-13-13-42-33 2016-10-13-13-42-34 2016-10-13-13-49-15 2016-10-13-14-17-56 2016-10-13-14-18-12 2016-10-13-14-18-15 2016-10-13-14-18-22 2016-10-13-14-18-39 2016-10-13-16-01-54 2016-10-13-16-01-59 2016-10-13-16-02-05 2016-10-13-16-02-16 2016-10-13-16-02-21 2016-10-13-16-02-30






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Printing has been in full swing this last week, students have designed, carved and printed their wood blocks.



2016-09-14-09-48-112016-09-08-14-28-06 2016-09-08-14-28-12 2016-09-08-14-28-52 2016-09-08-14-29-06

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Our Bollywood Group performed on Saturday at the Vodafone Events Center in Manukau.  It was an exciting evening, with some amazing performances.

Thanks to Mrs Patel  we got some great new uniforms. Our students represented our school proudly and were awesome on stage.2016-08-27 17.24.16

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Term 3 unit

We are continuing on with Woodblock printing again this term.  Our theme is based on the Celebrations of the world.  Students will research, design, and create their own images, learning the techniques necessary they well transfer their designs onto an A4 woodblock and carve and print.

2016-04-05 21.01.02

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Recently in the art room students made bracelets from a variety of materials tools and equipment.

2016-08-12 12.21.02 2016-08-12 12.23.332016-08-12 12.26.432016-08-12 12.26.46 2016-08-12 12.27.42 2016-08-12 12.28.26 2016-08-12 12.29.38 2016-08-12 12.53.54 2016-08-12 12.55.02 2016-08-12 12.56.192016-08-12 12.23.33 2016-08-12 12.26.43 2016-08-12 12.26.46 2016-08-12 12.27.42 2016-08-12 12.28.26 2016-08-12 12.29.38 2016-08-12 12.53.54 2016-08-12 12.55.02 2016-08-12 12.56.19

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During the holidays our students from the Crochet/Sewing Tops programme in term 2 – spent some time teaching the public to make pompoms and do crochet in the Glen Eden Library as part of their YARN BOMBING EVENT – which will take place later in the year.

They were employed by the Glen Eden Business Manager:  Jennefer Conlon and were paid for their time.  It was a great event with lots of kids coming to learn how to do these traditional NZ crafts.



2016-07-13 10.17.18 2016-07-13 10.17.30 2016-07-13 11.45.13 2016-07-13 11.45.36 2016-07-13 12.27.23 2016-07-14 10.43.38 2016-07-14 12.26.49 2016-07-14 12.27.03

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Year 6 Gate Programme

Our first round of Gate programmes has just finished – have a look at the wonderful interpretations of Matariki made by our Kelston Primary year 5/6 students.  these works have been made with ink and water colour pastels.

2016-06-01 14.31.05 2016-06-01 14.32.08 2016-06-01 14.33.22 2016-06-01 14.35.18 2016-06-01 14.40.44 2016-06-01 14.41.08 2016-06-01 14.41.26 2016-06-01 14.44.06 2016-06-01 14.45.26 2016-06-01 14.48.38 2016-06-01 14.49.01 2016-06-01 14.49.28 2016-06-01 14.49.46 2016-06-01 14.50.14

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Tech/Arts 5B6B

We have started Term 2 with some COLOUR THEORY :  here is Group 5b6b reciting the colour groups in sign language.


click on link:       sMOV_0528


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The last week in the art room was a whirlwind of ink, rolling, printing, re-carving, inking and printing again, coloured paper, t-shirts, evaluation our artwork, assessing and final marks for the term.  Here are some of the students hard at work:

(pictures unable to be loaded at present)


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On Friday Madina and I went to visit the Kelston Community Hub and presented her beautiful artwork she had made for them.  2016-04-08 13.19.22



whilst there we sat in on the meeting of  the Kelston Creative group.  They were discussing lots of new initiatives to make more creative opportunities for the people of Kelston.  Whanau Days, fun events, workshops, murals, beautifying Kelston.  There were lots of ideas and the group were discussing how they could make them happen.

We will listen out for the results of this meeting and hope our school can participate in some of the exciting activities.

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TOPS TERM 1 2016

2016-03-24 10.56.51

FASHION DESIGN is our TOPS for this term.  Unfortunately the Schools Trash to Fashion Show has come to an end due to a change in council funding.  However, we will be studying fashion, garment construction, pattern making and following, altering and up-cycling clothing, and finally wearing our garments in front of an audience.  We also have two public shows we can enter:  Brother Design Stars – this is a sewing competition, and Cult Couture – as part of the Southside Arts Festival – our students can make costumes to compete for some prizes in the school section.

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2016-03-24 11.02.44

We have some great crochet students this year and we will start making items for the end of year market

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Design creation


This week we have been developing our ideas to create interesting designs for our Wood Cut Prints.  We have been analyzing the symbols of a variety of different cultures.  Where, why and how they were created, and what information they are communicating.   Then we developed our own symbols with our own personal meanings.


Take a look at these different cultural symbols and see if you can guess what there meanings are:


Pacific Island Symbols




Contemporary Symbols





Ancient Native American Symbols

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In the Visual Arts we encourage students to develop their creative ideas. Using the inquiry and critical thinking processes they will develop an understanding of visual language through a study of artist’s works. Students will have the opportunity to use a wide variety of tools, equipment and media to create unique and original artworks.

This year we will be doing a combination of 2D printing and 3D clay works of art.

This term we will be studying the beautiful wood block prints of Michel Tuffery.   Learning the techniques necessary for printmaking and the appropriate use of tools and specialized equipment.  Under the school theme of:  We Are Kelston we will design and develop symbols with personal meaning and create beautiful prints.


2 michel tuffery 1 michel tuffery 2016-01-05 10.13.13 2016-01-05 10.19.26



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