With only a few days left of school, it is time to acknowledge our Year 8 students.  Thank you for being such an awesome class, for setting good examples for our Year 7 students to follow and for encouraging them.  To Moana, Rozie, Sam,  Shahid, Nooria, Ghalya, Pienaar, Emmanuel, Margaret, our vice councillor, Neilisi and our class councillor, TJ – we wish you all the best and we will miss you !!!

To our Year 7 students, step up and lead the way for our new teina, next year.  Thank you also for your great works and I was impressed by how many of you who have stepped up and are wanting to be leaders within our school.  Well done !!!

To our whanau and students, have a great holiday and keep safe.  Thank you so much for all of your help this year and for being a part of Mauria Te Pono, and our wonderful Team, Team Kotahitanga.  Thank you to our Team K teachers, Mr Maharaj, Mr Williams, Mr Vowells and Mrs Bagnall.  We wish you all the best for the upcoming year.  Best wishes, arohatinonui, alofa’aga, Mauria Te Pono and Leisha Tuaoi.



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Week 4 In Mauria…

The last couple of weeks have been super busy with our annual cultural event, Kelifest and other organised events.  It was awesome to see how engaged our students were and the pride that they showed their peers and whanau was inspiring.

We are currently looking at the effectiveness of advertisements and how logos, words and images can persuade a consumer.   We are learning about financial literacy in Enterprise studies and are designing our own projects.


Image may contain: 7 people, people standing, shoes and indoor





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Term 4 in Mauria

Kia Ora, welcome to a very busy term with lots of events happening.  We eagerly look forward to seeing all of the hard work our staff and students have put into our annual cultural event, Kelifest.  This event will take place this Friday in our school hall and we look forward to seeing you and hope whanau can come on down and support us.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the Ah Fook aiga (Rozie’s family).  Thank you very much for all that you have contributed to not only the Samoan group, but also Mauria Te Pono.  We appreciate all that you have done for us and acknowledge the hard work and support that you give not only your own children, but also the students who have been lucky enough to work with you.  We will miss you and wish you all the best for the future.  Manuia lou malaga, alofaaga xoxo




Rory was the first member of Mauria Te Pono to receive Taumata Toru.  Well done Rory, you are a hardworking member of our class, Ka Pai !

Moana and Rory were members of the Girls A Basketball team who came 2nd at the Western Zone tournament, well done !


Please wear full school uniform and PE gear everyday

Hats are compulsory this term

November 10 – Team Kotahitanga Trip Bake Sale

November 15 – Team Kotahitanga Trip to the Viaduct

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Mauria Te Pono – Week 9

Kia Orana and aloha, welcome to the end of Term 3, time has just flown by.  The last week has been extremely busy with Mauria Te Pono completing assignments and ensuring work is up to date.  Last week students worked on Inquiry brochures and incorporating knowledge that they had gained at the Cascade Kauri trip, where students were able to see first hand, how Maori survived in the Forest.

Students have just over a term until the end of the year and there will be alot of things happening in the upcoming weeks.  Please ensure that you are informed about what is planned.

Upcoming Events:

Please return all proceeds from the Fun Run as soon as possible.

Term 4:

Team Kotahitanga Fundraiser


Team Kotahitanga trip to the Viaduct

We Are Kelston Day

Congratulations:  Team Kotahitanga are working hard at fitness and in general.  Please ensure that you bring your PE gear and that you are wearing full school uniform, everyday.  Keep it up, remain focussed, Responsible, Respectful and Engaged !







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Cascade Kauri Trip

The Mighty Kauri tree …


On Tuesday, Team Kotahitanga travelled by bus into the Cascades where we learnt about the Forest and how Maori survived in pre-european times.  It was difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of the iwi and we discussed how different and hard it would have been without the basic necessities, shops, ipads and things we take forgranted.

We learnt about the native trees, how to make a small fire for cooking and how Maori used nature for survival and leisure: eating, sleeping, personal hygiene and making music.  Matua Riki shared his abundance of knowledge with us and our students were able to give a taonga back to the staff, by sharing waiata and words of acknowledgement.  What an amazing experience !!!



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Mauria Te Pono, Week 6

Mauria Te Pono welcomes you to their classroom page, Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora and welcome !  Our speeches are finally done and dusted and we are now working on Explanatory Writing.  Students are also carrying out Statistical Investigations and we are revising terms such as the mode, median, range and outliers.  Whaea Roshni has been coming into our class to teach us how to use the Reciprocal Teaching process in Math.  We will be moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages and their relevance to our everyday lives.

We are looking into the social and scientific implications of the forest and have a trip planned on Tuesday 5 September, to Cascade Kauri.  We will be walking through the forest and will learn about the living creatures, habitats and how cultures pay respect to our natural surroundings.

We can not exist without air and water, we are destroying both. Stop fracking now.




  • Well done to our speech finalists for our class: Margaret, Fatimah, Velria and Sam.  Velria and Fatimah also spoke in Hindi at our school finals, well done !
  • Good work Team Kotahitanga, you are working hard as a team and it is good to see the effort made by our team members !

Upcoming Events:

  • Please ensure that all money is paid for our trip to Cascade Kauri on Tuesday.
  • Keep up the great work for our School fundraiser ‘Fun Run’
  • School will close at 1pm this Wednesday, please ensure that your child has made arrangements to get home safely
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And Just Like That…It is Week 6

Kia ora, Talofa and just like that, it is Week 6.  This term has flown by with some excellent learning occuring in Mauria Te Pono.  Speeches went so well and topics such as Illegal Fishing, Racism and Peer Pressure, were covered throughout our speeches. As the classroom teacher, I was so, so proud to see not only the effort made by the students, but I was also so proud to see students who are normally shy, share in the class, stand and be counted, putting their heart in to the speeches that they presented. The progress that our class has made was absolutely fantastic, Tu meke and well done Mauria !

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 5 September – all fees and permission slips should now be returned, for our Kauri Cascades trip in to the forest


Rory and Margaret who represented our class and Team K’s Syndicate Mathex teams – AMAZING !

Well done to the two students receiving their Taumata today. I was very proud to award Lynette and Mieia their Taumata Rua !!! Yay, yippee, well done. Work hard to achieve your next Taumata, students !!!

Keep up the uniform standards team, you are fabulous.


Have a safe weekend 🙂

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Mauria Te Pono – Week 4

We have completed our speeches and they are sounding great.  We have been discussing how to use tone, volume, and pronunciation with confidence, when we are speaking.  We have been using tuakana/teina to help each other, providing positive and critical feedback to help us improve.  We are looking forward to presenting our speeches next week.


Please pay $10 for our Cascade Kauri Trip with Team Kotahitanga and return your permission slip, this week


Are attendance results are improving, well done, keep it up !

Our team is working steadily in fitness – remain engaged, respectful and responsible !






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Critical Thinking

Kia ora,

We are currently discussing issues that enable us to think critically.  We are beginning to write more persuasive arguements with evidence to back our predictions, thoughts and ideas…

Here are some of our ideas and questions:

??? Why should we have homework???

??? Why do people join gangs ???

??? What is it like to come to another country ??

For homework we need to find evidence and consolidate our understandings so that we have topics that we are interested in.  We are also writing speeches.

Congratulations:  YAY, we have our name on the board for coming 2nd for ATTENDANCE.  Keep it up Mauria !

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MAURIA TE PONO – Week 1, Term 3

It has been a great start, to what is shaping up to be an extremely busy term.  We have started well with responsible, engaging and respectful behaviour displayed by many of our students.

Important Tips to have a successful term:

  1. Be engaged, respecful and responsible at ALL times
  2. Set high expectations for yourself and stay focussed
  3. Get involved and take the opportunities presented to you
  4. Be organised and plan your tasks/timelines


Reading: Reciprocal Reading: Collaborative Learning/Personal Reading
Writing: Explanatory Writing.  Persuasive Writing.
Oral Language: Formal Speeches: English and various Cultural Languages, Te Reo Maori, Mandarin
Visual Language: Presentations, Flow Charts
Maths: Number: Fractions/Decimals/Percentages

Statistics: Statistical Investigations
Inquiry: The Living World: The Forest: inhabitants of the forest, Native trees, how Maori survived in the forest – medicinal, Rongoa, the effects of deforestation
Health: Pubertal Change
ICT: One Note/Online Portfolios
PE: Large Ball Skills/FitnessTerm 3 Zone Days: Rugby League, Basketball

Have a great term and show RESILIENCE IN ALL THAT YOU DO !!!


  • Student Led Conferences will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please bring your appointment time back to me as soon as possible.  THANK YOU, MRS TUAOI 🙂
  • The Tongan Group Fundraiser, $5 day, will be held on Friday 11 August, 2017.
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Mauria Te Pono – Term 2

Talofa, Kia orana and greetings….

In Mauria Te Pono we have been studying the following topics:

Math: students discussed how angles are used in everyday situations and why we need to have a solid knowledge of them.  We have also been learning multiplication strategies and how to multiply using decimals in some of our small learning groups.

Writing:  We have been using language to persuade the reader and some students wrote persuasive texts about ‘Why the haka should remain as part of New Zealand’s identity during sports matches’ and ‘why students should wear a school uniform’.

Inquiry: Students used ICT to present their findings around the importance of Water.  These were very interesting and our students put a great deal of hard work and planning in to their tasks.  Well done to our inquiring students !

Jade Speaks: We have set up a positive environment where we can support each other and discuss issues around keeping ourselves safe.  It is great to see that our students can work together and help one another when needed.

Upcoming Events – Get along and support your classmates at the SUPA Motown concert this Thursday 6 July, at 6.30 pm in the school hall.  Almost half of our class will be singing, dancing and acting, so get along and support whanau !

Congratulations – Team Kotahitanga are doing a great job at fitness and are making a great TEAM effort, keep it up everybody !



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Open your mind …

Open your mind and heed the words that are given to you….We are learning about hooks and emotive language in Persuasive writing, noting how the power of words can be used to influence the views and opinions of the reader.  We have observed the words, Open your mind and to us, this means to see other viewpoints and to listen to those around us, teaching us to have a respect for different perspectives.  Some of the opinions we have read about, have helped us to strengthen our own views and have enabled us to critically analyse various situations.

In Math, we have been working with decimals and Geometrical shapes.  Thank you very much to Mr Williams who has been sharing Math strategies with our class, through our teacher.  We have been constructing Geometrical shapes – these look great in our classroom.

Congratulations: Taumata Tahi: Alice & Lynette.  Taumata Rua: Shahid, Velria, Rosalina.  We are very proud of you all !

Upcoming Events: $5 day fundraiser – Team Taonga.  Money must be paid on Thursday 8th 🙂

MATARIKI CELEBRATION: At 5pm our school Kapa Haka Group will be performing at the Kelston Hub this Friday.  Please come along and support this cultural event and our school Roopu…

Here are some of our amazing Mauria Te Pono students performing at the lovely Mrs Tariu’s farewell, with the Samoan Group.  They were quite spectacular !


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Mauria Te Pono

It has been a very busy time in Mauria Te Pono.  We have been learning about the importance and cultural significance of Water in our lives.  We have used the reciprocal reading process to summarise information about Water and the weather.

This term we have had the Revolution tour visit us, providing us with messages around bullying and how to deal with it.  The main focus is how to keep ourselves safe and what to do if these types of situations arise – don’t be afraid to let someone know if you need help.

Last week we farewelled our team leader, Mrs Tariu.  She had an amazing cultural farewell and students from Mauria Te Pono and throughout the school, were able to say their goodbyes.  We will miss Mrs Tariu and wish her all the very best for the future.


Team K – Kotahitanga on winning the fitness cup in Week 3

Mauria Te Pono who won the most Engaged class in Week 3 for Mandarin ! Yay !


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Week 2, Term 2…

Term 2 has started well with alot of critical thinking and discussions occuring in our classroom.  Our students are settling in well to work and are becoming more responsible for their own goals and are working hard towards achieving them.

This week we had a great time at our Annual Swimming sports carnival, held at Kelston Girls’ College – what a fabulous day of chanting, swimming, competing whilst still enjoying the atmosphere and team unity.

Reminders –

Please label all items of clothing

Bring a signed note if you require a uniform pass

Complete all set homework tasks to the best of your ability




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Welcome Back, Week 1, Term

Kiaorana, Malo i lelei and welcome back to term 2, I hope you all had a great break and that you are ready to get back into school and learning.  Over the holidays, the school has been under construction, there is now a lot more space that we will be able to use once projects within the school have been completed.

This term we will work within the following learning areas:

Maths: Geometry, numeracy:multiplication and division

Inquiry Learning: The World Around Us: Material World – investigations/questioning around Water

English: Reciprocal reading, persuasive writing, Oral language: The Morning Programme

It is going to be a very busy term !


Swimming sports will be held on Monday 8 May, 2017.  Please bring your required MEDICATION, togs, a plastic bag, goggles, atleast 2 towels, a healthy lunch (we will not be able to purchase food anywhere), water, a cushion to sit on as there is no available seating and an OUTSTANDING ATTITUDE.  100 % EFFORT IN ALL THAT WE DO !!!

Homework:  Revision of pepeha, completion of projects/inquiry.  Learn the basic facts and read for atleast 30 minutes if you have completed all of your work.


Moana was one of 6 amazing girls from our school who trialled for the Waitakere netball representative teams.  Wow, what an achievement, well done on your selection into a West Auckland representative team.

Well done to MAURIA TE PONO – Rm 8, who won $500 with their Garden design entry for our school Garden competition.  What a great team effort, we have lots of plans on how we would like to use the prize, one idea being that we would donate something to the school to share what we have been given.



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Week 10 !

We are now in Week 10, it has been a very busy term to date.  We have been working on our Inquiry for next term around our life source, Water and are currently completing work for assessment.

We are super proud of our taumata recipients this week.  Congratulations to the following students:

Taumata Tahi: Steven & Rosalina

Taumata Rua: Ghalya, Rory, Fatimah & Lebron

We farewell Mrs Napa next week.  We wish you all the very best in your future endeavours, we will miss you.  Thank you for the values that you have taught us: responsibility, respect, engagement, humility and to follow our passions.  Take care and don’t forget to visit !

Thank you must also go to Miss Sunisa.  Thank you for all of your work with our Tongan group.  You have shared your talents with us and have taught us to value who we are and where we come from.

We also thank Mrs Vunisa for the treats that you brought in for the students, we really appreciate it.  Thank you.


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Week 9, Term 4


I totally can’t believe that it is now week 9 !  This term has been awesome.  Our trip to the Polyfest festival was amazing and we were able to learn more about cultural values and the things that we value within our own cultures.  Thank you so much to Mrs Connings, Mrs Vunisa and Mrs Connings 2, for assisting us with the trip.  We couldn’t have done it without your help !

We are currently studying measurement in Math.  A huge thank you must go to Mrs Laing, who has been coming in to help us with the inquiry process.  We are now starting to write higher order questions around our topic, Water, as a result.


Rosalina and Emmanuel were selected as our ‘Te Tangata o Te Wiki” winners for weeks 7 and 8.  They were both described as ‘honest, helpful, kind, caring and positive role models’ within our class and the school.  Excellent work, ka pai, you two !!!

Moana made the 8A netball team, great !

Simione, Mieia, Uriah and James, were acknowledged at the Duffy assembly for having a positive attitude towards their work, cool !

Congratulations team KOTAHITANGA, we have won the fitness cup twice this term !


Our Heart Flow concert, promoting information around health and rheumatic fever will be held in our school hall from 1pm on Thursday 13 April – come along and support this event whanau !

Bring your hats and PE gear EVERYDAY !

Immunisation forms are now overdue

Week 2, term 2 – SWIMMING SPORTS !

School photos are on Monday 2 April – SMILE ! 🙂Term 1, Week 9

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Week 4 In Mauria …

This week has been a very interesting and busy one, with students working very hard in preparation for Whanau day, on Friday 3 March. We are looking forward to showing whanau our work and all of the learning that we are doing in our classroom.

A real highlight this week has been the implementation of our ‘Morning Programme’. Here is a picture of Nooria teaching us, HOW To… write and say numbers in Pakistani. Both Nooria and Ghalya were confident speakers and kept us interested the whole time.  Fantastic work !



Well done to all of our students who stepped up and applied to be Mauria Te Pono’s class councillor for 2017. We all voted for the leaders we wanted as our councillors and we are very proud of all of the applicants and also our councillor, Tony Junior (TJ) and Neilisi, vice councillor. Awesome work !


Please remember to return all swimming permission forms and fees ($10).  Bring togs, towel and goggles

Plan ahead for your homework assignment so you are not rushing in the last week

PLEASE label all gear, bring a hat and PE gear daily…

$5 day on Wednesday 1 March

Return your Whanau Day invitations, stating which dish you would like to contribute for shared kai 🙂

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Week 3 in Mauria…

Taloha Ni, Bonjour and welcome to week three. This week we have been working hard as a team and are learning to work collaboratively in teams to achieve a common goal.  We played ‘hoopla’ against Mr Williams’s class and he taught us some strategies, in his words, ‘it’s how you strategise that will make you win on the day”.  What a great challenge, unfortunately we didn’t come away with the win, however, our team spirit and effort was high and our class displayed excellent sportsmanship, as always.  You’re awesome Mauria !!!

In Math we have been working on word problems and learning and revising number strategies.  We have also displayed our understanding of the words, respect, responsibility and engagement, through art work and literacy.


  • Well done to Rory and Steven who won our ‘excellence in attitude’ awards at our team Kotahitanga assembly, awesome job !
  • To all of our students who trialled for softball and tag teams – I applaud your efforts !
  • To our class councillor applicants, you did so well, ALL of you !
  • Moana, Rozie and Margaret who made the girls tag team, fabulous !


  • PLEASE ensure all money and swimming forms are returned ASAP !  We start swimming in Week 5, our time slot will be from 9am-11am on Thursday mornings, so bring your TOGS, a towel and goggles…
  • Label all gear and uniform
  • Wear leather shoes to school when you have TECH
  • Ko Au – Introducing ME homework assignments, due on Monday 6 March
  • Check the roster for ‘The Morning Programme’ to check which day you are speaking
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Week 2 In Mauria…

Malo e lelei, Bula Vinaka and welcome to week 2 in Mauria Te Pono, Room 8.  It has been a busy week as we have been completing our Tivaevae values mats, displaying how we show the values of respect, responsibility and engagement.  Our class are also learning about the implications of The Treaty of Waitangi-Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  The critical thinking around our “We are Kelston” inquiry unit has been invaluable for our students.


Well done to Steven who was voted as our very first, Te Tangata O Te Wiki/Person of the week.  It was noted that he is ALWAYS on task, is reliable, honest, responsible and always has a kind word for others. This is an amazing achievement, especially as Steven is a Year 7 student, new to our class.  TINO PAI !


Be prepared to present to the class if you are wanting to stand for our class councillor position.  Be confident and give of your best!

Bring hats and PE gear EVERYDAY…Please bring a note if you have incorrect gear

Please return all swimming notices and $10 for swimming lessons by Friday 17/2

Band auditions Friday 10/2

Girls and Boys Tag trial next week, date to be advised

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Welcome To Mauria Te Pono

Kia ora, Talofa, Aloha and a very warm welcome to Mauria Te Pono, Room 8, 2017.  My name is Leisha Tuaoi and I am the classroom teacher in MTP.  Welcome back to our Year 8 students, it is great to see you all ready to learn.  I would also like to welcome our new Year 7 students, I look forward to learning more about who you are and where you come from.

Today we discussed the routines in our classroom and in the school, participated in team building games and shared our thoughts and aims for the school year.  We are all looking forward to a great year ahead !


  • Bring full PE gear to school
  • HATS need to be brought to school EVERYDAY !
  • Label all stationery and uniform items

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding your child’s education – or 818-5544.

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Mauria Te Pono, Week 7

Kia ora and Talofa, we are almost at the end of the term and what a busy one it has been !  We are working steadily in our class and have recently learnt about laws, how they are made and why they are required.  It is also great to have Matua Sean back at school.

Kelston Intermediate staff recently presented action learning research projects for professional development.  I would like to thank all of the students in Mauria Te Pono, Paula, Neilisi, Sophie, Wilfried and the basketball crew, for starring in my research video.  Your help was much appreciated.  I loved your honesty, reflections and confidence during the recording stages.  This is a resource that we can look back on with pride in years to come.

There are only 3 weeks to go, so get out there and always do your best !!!


  • Brooklyn and Connor were amongst the highest achievers, gaining top academic results for the Kelston Boys  High School tests.  Fantastic, ka pai, both of you !
  • Te Tangata O Te Wiki- Tevina for having a great attitude in class and always doing her best.  Well done !





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Week 5, Term 4

The term is at the halfway mark with lots of work in progress.  Our leaders assignments are looking great and I can’t wait to read about the role models you selected and the reasons as to why you chose them.


Our girls team won the relay at athletics YIPEE, thank you to Matua Sean and Mr Williams who trained us

We ALL tried our best at the athletics and worked as a team “1 in all in”, well done to all

Taj for ‘tangata o te wiki’, students voted for Taj for being a great role model and for high levels of academic engagement.  Great !


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Week 4, Term 4


Talohi Ni and we are now in week 4, unbelievable !  Time is ticking by and it is great to see our students giving of their best.  Today our class played in the Interclass Basketball competition and although we didn’t come away with the win, I was so impressed to see that we gained full points for participation, attitude, uniform and participation.  Way to go Mauria Te Pono !

We are now reflecting on our cultural festival, Kelifest.  It was such an amazing day ! Many of our students commented on how much they enjoyed being part of a whanau and that they would love another opportunity to perform on a cultural stage again, in the near future.  This is awesome to hear.  As we are nearing the end 0f the year, make sure you do your best.  Be responsible, be engaged and always show respect.  Lastly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND STRIVE TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU !


Well done to our ‘Te Tangata O Te Wiki Recipients’ for week 3.  Brodie and Nooria were nominated for their positive and encouraging attitudes.  Both of these students make friends easily and always offer to help others.  Well done !


Friday 4 November – ATHLETICS… Bring a water bottle, full PE gear (including your school hat), sunscreen and YOUR BEST ATTITUDE!

Leadership assignments due next Thursday.

Learn your basic facts and read EVERY night.





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Welcome To Term 4

Fakalofa lahi atu and welcome to Term 4. It has been a busy start to the term. We are preparing for what is going to be an amazing KELIFEST. It is so great to see our students mentioned in their various groups, for standing up as leaders.

Goal setting has been at the top of the agenda in Mauria Te Pono and we are striving to achieve our next levels. Students are working hard in class and we have discussed that we need to make the most of our term, especially for those Year 8 students who will be moving on to High School next year.

We have been gathering information about Forensic Science and have learnt some interesting facts about what DNA is, how it is gathered and where it is located. In Math, we are completing our current topic and are looking forward to learning about number patterns in Algebra. We have also started our Poetic Writing Unit and are writing about family members, teachers and friends.

Last term was amazing, let’s keep up the effort and continue to work together as a team. Always do your best !!!



Taumata Tahi: Zechariah, Makisi, Shahid, Pienaar, Brooklyn, TJ, Emmanuel

Taumata Rua: Jatanpreet and Moana

Taumata Toru: Naseeba- Displays high levels of commitment in the sewing room

Brodie- Shows outstanding perseverance and effort as a volunteer at Crystal mountain

People of the term (Term 3) as voted by Room 8:

Shamata- Always kind and helpful and for trying his best at all times. He is always polite and always strives to reach his potential.

Paula- Displays leadership in and out of the classroom. Students stated that he is a friend that they can always rely on. He is trustworthy, polite and tries his best in all that he does.


Week 2- Highest attendance percentage…KEEP IT UP !



Donations of kai (food) for our Kelifest would be much appreciated and all students should have received a letter home regarding this.

Correct uniforms and hats. Please name all belongings.

Practise your items for Kelifest at home. Dress rehearsal is this Friday.

Homework – Leaders assignment, learning of basic facts, reading at home.



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Week 8, Term 3…

Wow, I can’t believe we are in week 9, not long to go and you will all be taking a well deserved break.  This week we are completing our reports and are now editing and publishing our work.  Our Math focus is fractions, decimals and percentages and we each have a booklet that we need to take care of for assessment as they will be inserted into our portfolios.

We have been working so hard this term and are also publishing our Inquiry assignments around crime in NZ.  Our future learning focus for next term focusses on Law and Order and forensic science.  Here are a couple of focus questions we wrote:

Define what DNA is and how much is passed on from one parent to their children.

Explain how video footage is used in a court of law and what the rights of the perpetrator are.

We also learnt that DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid and that it is contained in every living cell of every living thing !


  • Well done to our Duffy award recipients: Paula for excellent leadership and Brooklyn for excellence in literacy
  • AWESOME work Mauria Te Pono: we have been the most improved class at KiwiCan this term and also won the attendance cup last week ! YIPEE keep it up !


  • PLEASE ensure all items and personal belongings are labelled with your name and room number
  • Kelifest is fast approaching
  • Athletics day next term
  • Homework: complete your Math booklet for assessment, personal reading every night, learn your basic facts daily …



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Week 7, Term 3…


We had an amazing Powhiri last week, to welcome our Samoan speech finalists.  It was also Tongan language week so students from our school, spoke in Tongan, this was really awesome to hear.

Statistical investigations have been an interesting focal point and we researched statistics around crime in NZ, made predictions and then summarised our results.  We are now learning about the importance of fractions, decimals and percentages in our everyday lives.

In literacy, our focus has been to record facts for our report writing.  Reciprocal reading and paired reading, are key areas that we have been working hard in.


*Te Tangata o te wiki- Person of the week: Neilisi and Connor were nominated by their peers for displaying a ‘can do’ attitude, always helping others and being great role models.  Excellent work, Neilisi and Connor !

*Taj and Sophie for their participation at the Kung Fu presentations.  Well done!

*Moana for excellence at netball, wow !

*These people for working hard and achieving their Taumata levels:

Taumata Tahi: Pienaar, Makisi, Rozie.

Taumata Rua: Jatan, Nooria.


Reminders: School ends at 12.30 on Monday 12 September

Homework:  Statistics worksheet, personal reading and basic facts.






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Week 6, term 3…

Week 6 has come to an end with lots of productive work being completed and new units starting.

Mauria Te Pono are currently completing Statistical Investigations and are starting written reports.  We are in the planning stages of our Inquiry project, based around NZ crime with some very good, high order questions, being created.  We have also been participating in musical appreciation and our very talented, Matua Sean has been teaching us how to use our voices and express our talents.  Thanks Matua !



  • Sophie, our person of the week who always does her best, is helpful, kind and well organised.  You rock !
  • Makisi who was the person of the week in week 5 for being an outstanding role model.  You have gained so much confidence in your abilities, keep it up!

Coming Up:

  • Monday 5 September, hand your Taumata applications to Mrs T
  • Funday is fast approaching
  • 28 October, KELIFEST!

Have a great weekend kiddlies 🙂

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Week 5, 2016

Wow, it is already Week 5 !  What a great term we are having !  This week we have been publishing writing, based on our march against child abuse.  We have also been investigating crime in NZ and planning our inquiry assignments.

mauria kiwican

“Mauria Te Pono, we love going to Kiwi Can”.


* Moana (our next Kayla Cullen) and the Year 7 netball team who won their netball final: You were so zippy, up and down that court!  It was great to see the teachers there, cheering and yahooing in the rain!  Great support everyone…

* Paula and Brooklyn who were voted our ‘people of the week’, by the Room 8 students.  Paula for displaying excellent leadership skills and for always encouraging, supporting and having empathy towards the students.  Brooklyn who consistently displays patience, kindness and shares his gifts in writing with Mauria Te Pono.  You two really are awesome !

Paula and Iesili whose league team came 3rd place at the Western Zone League tournament !  Fabulous !

* TJ and Neilisi who were selected to be our transition day leaders.  Excellent !


Year 8 girls, go straight to Kelston Girls High School on Friday morning.

Year 8 boys to meet on the astroturf by 9.00 am.  Meet in the Kiwi can room if raining.

Please continue to work hard on your Olympics assignments.  You can send these to me via email:  Don’t forget to send me your images of the leaders you selected :).


Continue to do your best !

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Maths Week

This week is Maths week and today we were lucky enough to participate in an engaging and fun lesson, taught by Mrs Laing.  We had to use our prediction skills to guess which coloured skittle lolly was the most common, in the bag.  We discussed and learnt about different types of graphs and we even got to the eat the skittles afterwards – thank you Mrs Laing for donating the lollies to us !

This Friday we will be attending the Kelston Intermediate Mathex competition.  Congratulations to TJ and Taj, who will be representing Team Taonga.  Also, well done to Taj, who was selected as “Te Tangata o Te wiki- Person of the week”.  Students said that you were very helpful and supportive in and out of class last week.  Awesome work !

At the moment, we are writing and reflecting on the march that we participated in on Friday.  We are still buzzing from this experience.  Students have been discussing and analysing the events that took place and the positive impact our march had on the participants and our wider community.

Reminders – your child should be reading every night.  Ask them to discuss the plot or events that occurred in the story.

Basic facts – please learn these daily

Olympics assignment – students have tasks and questions to complete.  They can use the computer to publish their work if they wish.

Gear and uniform – please ensure all gear is labelled with your name and classroom

skittles lessonIMG_4454 IMG_4455


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Welcome To Term 3



Kia ora, Talofa, Aloha, greetings and a very warm welcome to Mauria Te Pono, term 3, 2016! I would like to introduce myself, my name is Leisha Tuaoi and I am very excited about teaching your child for the remainder of 2016.

Our teaching team this term, consists of myself, Matua Sean and Mrs Bagnall. We are dedicated to providing our students with support, encouragement and the best opportunities to improve their learning.

I would like to congratulate our “students of the week, Te tangata o te Wiki”. Moana and Shamata were nominated by Room 8 students for being respectful, responsible and engaged. Iesili was also the student of the week as he has made an excellent start to the term and always strives to be the best he can be. These students always display amazing attitudes and are helpful and supportive towards their peers. Malo and well done!

Congratulations to Margaret and Taj who participated in the Team Taonga speech finals. Well done to Paula (Room 8 councillor) and Taj (vice councillor), who were selected to be our class leaders, in a very close student and staff vote.

Today, I was very proud to learn what it means to be a Kelistonian, during our march to stand against child abuse. It was so great to see how our student leaders united and encouraged our school family.  They inspired us all to stand together and say that abuse is not ok! Kia kaha, whanau !!!

Term 3 Topics:

Maths: Statistics, Fractions, Percentages and Decimals, Number.

Inquiry: How can we change the world to make it a better place? Crime in NZ.

Reading: Reciprocal, guided and shared – journals and articles.

Writing – Recounts, information reports.

Homework – The 2016 Olympic games Assignment, values – setting goals and working hard to achieve them !. Personal Reading and basic facts (daily).

Health: Keeping Ourselves Safe.

If you would like to discuss any matters around your child and their education, please feel free to send me an email,, or leave a message at the front office 8185544.

2016-08-12 14.01.55 (2)

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All students are involved in their inquiry and working hard towards answering some of their questions. As a class we need to start looking at asking higher order questions. Questions that are not closed and require a fair amount of research as you can’t just type in your question into google and get an answer.


It is also really important not to think that just because you have found something on the internet it does not necessarily mean it to be fact. You will need to check other websites to verify the information is correct.


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Science inquiry

20160601_142548_resized (1)

This is one groups ideas for their inquiry, and as a class we still need to work on generating higher order questions.  So talk to your children about what they are doing and what there questions are.

Listen to your child’s speech and encourage them to use cue cards, practice, practice, practice. Class speeches are at the end of week 7.

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Fun Run

Two days to go until our school fun run. I hope everyone has encouraged their children to train and get some sponsors to help fundraise for our Astro turf. Students have been training hard during fitness for this event. good luck everyone and here’s hoping we can reach our target of $600.

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Fun Run

Hopefully your child has spoken to you and shown you the fun run newsletter and sponsorship form. As next Friday 20th of May is our fun run. This is to raise money for the astro – turf which is currently being laid on our netball courts.

Our class goal is to raise a class total of around $700  which is approximately each student finding sponsors of  an end total of $35. We know this is not always possible so any sponsorships will be great to help with our fundraiser. Money is to be bought in after the fun run is completed.

Help your student think of ideas for a persuasive speech.

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Term 2 has started

Term  2 already!  Great to see everyone  back after a fabulous  sunshiney break . Now it is straight back into the business of learning.

This term we are working on persuasive writing, advertising and speeches.



Our science focus  this term is Physical world “How Do Scientific Investigations Help Every Day Life”.   Maths is multiplication, division and geometry.

The P.E focus this term is large ball skills.


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Nearly the end of term

Hasn’t time flown, nearly the end of term.  Tomorrow is our last swimming session which has been fantastic. Students have made great progress and it is a shame it has come to an end as swimming is so important with all the drownings that have happened so far this year.

Swimming Fees  of $14.00 are due now

Shakespear Drama which was last Friday is also due now  $5.00

School technology fees of $80  if you are having difficulty with any of this could you please come in and discuss this with the office to make arrangements.

Term 2 starts back on May the 2nd so will see everyone back then.


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Polyfest was a blast


check out one groups interviewing Skills.


Please remember to bring your $5 for Shakespare production on Friday  and the remainder of your swimming money by Friday next week.



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Swimming Was awesome

What a great start to our swimming programme. Students focused and learning new skills and having fun. What an opportunity for our students to have and gain skills.

Don’t forget Friday is Polyfest and we will not be back at school until 5.30 PM. This should be an awesome day, make sure you come prepared.

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Whanau Day

Wow what a day!

It was great to see all the parents, brothers, sisters and caregivers here on Friday. Another great powhiri to welcome all our whanau to Kelston Intermediate.  We hope that you enjoyed your time with your children and our class and saw a snippet of some of the things that we do to  engage and enhance student learning.

Some well deserving students received taumata bands, well done to Moana.   Some students  were so close  to getting one they just  have a couple of things to improve on, like attending fitness or having the correct uniform or completing homework.

Don’t forget Polyfest and Swimming happening next week.


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Whanau Day on Friday

What a busy week, ERO have been visiting our school and visiting classrooms to see what Kelston Intermediate is all about. They were blown away by our powhiri and spoke positively about our students and staff saying how wonderfully welcoming everyone was.

Room 8 students have been busy preparing for whanau day and we are hoping to see as many parents and whanau here for this wonderful day , as we have so much of our learning to share with you. Come and experience Kelston Intermediate for yourself and share some kai and good times with you child and whanau.

We look forward to seeing you here this Friday the 4th of March.


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Wow week 3 !

Wow week 3 already!  Time fly’s when your having fun. Room 8 are really getting to know each other well and becoming good friends.

We are currently working on our Pepeha’s and these need to be practiced so we know them off by heart.  Today we had fun using Kahoots to practice our maths. From this we learnt that we need to learn more mathematical vocabulary.  Soon we will be able to use Mathletics and students will also be able to access this from home if you have internet service.

Please encourage your children to finish unfinished work at home.

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