Boy zone!!

Tamatoa was sad to hear the news of the passing away of Sione Lauaki. Last year we had Senita Lauaki in our class his younger brother.  To pay our respect to Sione & the family we had a moment of silence.


Rest in love uso!! From us to you.

Men at work: build, build, build, take a look at what is taking shape.


We are making good progress in our learning environment.

All about me: students were given a task where they had to find the meaning to their name & then to describe themselves with 8 words. Some used the words, strong, confident & friendly. Wow.

Tamatoa also won cleanest class award. Good stuff boys, you are awesome.

In Tamatoa we have been looking at respect, engaged & responsibility. These are our school values. We unpacked these in class and looked at three areas, looks like, feels like & sounds like. For each of the values we talked about how we could apply them at home, school & the community.

Other areas we have been learning are maths & writing. In maths we have been learning number strategies. Students have been looking at word problems and applying strategies such as splitting numbers and making tens. It has been fun. In writing we have been learning about the writing process. The students have produced some excellent writing examples.

Just a reminder: swimming starts next week. All money & consent forms are due. Please contact the front office is you need more information.

Also next week is our family fun day. This has been a talking point in Tamatoa since the beginning of term 1. I know our students are excited about this.

On that note take care & stay safe. Fa Soifua.