At Kelston Intermediate our community plays a significant role in the promotion of our school values, Respect, Responsibility and Engagement, through making connections that help our students actively take responsibility for their learning.

We have Student led Conferences three times a year where our families, students and teachers come together to discuss current learning levels, how much progress has been made and how much more progress needs to be made, we expect our students to make accelerated progress over our two year course and these meetings help ensure everybody is fully aware of where our students are academically, socially and culturally. Appropriate goals are also set during these times to focus learning in an area that an individual student needs specific development in.

We have Whanau days where we share our learning programmes with our whanau and community by welcoming them into our school for the day and inviting them into our classrooms to participate in programmes and share in the type of learning opportunities that we provide at Kelston intermediate. Our Whanau days are well attended and are greatly anticipated by our students, they love having their whanau at school for the day.

Our Whanau reference group meets twice a term to talk about the development of our school and to ensure whanau voice is evident in our schools operations. To be a part of this group all you have to do is show up! The dates for these meeting times are published in our Kelstonian (Weekly Newsletter) and run for an hour, we try to be productive in our conversations and specific as to what outcomes we would like for our students.

Kelston intermediate is the intermediate for the Kelston Community. We aspire to be the first choice Intermediate for the Community of Kelston. We have changed a considerable amount over the last few years and we actively promote community networks by….

·         Participating in local arts festivals

·         Visiting our local community hub,

·         Attending combined board meetings to meet with neighbouring boards of trustees

·         Inviting local community agencies into our school to assist with our learning

          programmes AND many more.

We have an open door policy at Kelston Intermediate, we are happy to make time to talk to you about any issues, when it comes to our students and their progress we will do what it takes to give every student the opportunity to reach their potential.



​”Coming together is the beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success. “

Henry Ford