Dessert Anyone?

Week 7, Term 3

This week we looked at creating a fruit based dessert as part of our “Living World” kaupapa. The focus was around the preparation of fruit, in particular the minimising of enzymic browning.

Making our pastry

Cooking the apples

When demonstrating the making of the pie the students were responsible to creating their own step by step instructions (method) using their listening and observation skills as well as keywords. This strengthened their understanding of subject specific terminology and the importance of recipes having clear, well written, specific, easy to follow instructions.

When covering the top of the pies, we had a go at raranga or lalaga (weaving) which bought out the creative side of many.

Weaving our pie pastry top

Organising our raranga/lalaga (weaving)

Time to eat

The many conversations with the students connected this recipe to similar ones they’d eaten. For example “Could i use this pastry recipe to make a pineapple pie Miss?” (Solomon Rm 1).

So whanau, let them have a go at this recipe at home… they made it in class, or with what ever fruit is available.

Namunamua (yummy)

Nga mihi nui,  

Whaea Reitu Warren