End of term is here!!

Welcome to the last week of term 1! What a hectic term it has been, we have completed some very productive work and we have also progressed significantly in learning about WHO WE ARE!! So although the school holidays are near, your child still has work to complete!

Cultural presentations have moved to Term 2 – this is due to lack of resources and time to complete student presentations! if you are unaware of your childs cultural goal, please refer back to their PLP form given our at our PLP evening!

There are many ways to keep your childs cognitive thinking ticking over throughout the holidays – day trip to the library to read up on more information about their cultural goal, conducting interviews with family members to tap into family history or language, online researching about where they come from and lots and lots of mathletics!!

It is very important for us to keep challenging your kids – so if you have any questions regarding their learning please feel free to email me on steveyt@kelstonint.school.nz