Final Day of Term 3

Kia ora, Kia orana, Asalam alakum to you all before we head out for the holidays.

Thank you so much Te Kei o te Waka for the most inspirational term ever as a teacher at Kelston Intermediate School. All of you have contributed to our success as a class this term.  You only have to look at our highlights (so many I hope I didn’t leave anyone out each week) to realise why I am raving about you this term.

I have had  to write this post prior to this afternoon’s assembly which is so exciting for me as your proud teacher.  Today the following children get Taumata bands. AWESOME!!

TAHI: Dorcas, Mason, Alfie

RUA: Narniyia, Rudy, Abil, Afa, Hala H

TORU: Hala M, Mathius, Tiara

The Talent Quest results will be announced at assembly and no matter what the outcome, we thought you were all superstars!

Hala, Mathius, Grace, Hala M, Afa, Dorcas

And lastly to all of you who worked so fast to get your work completed, I was so amazed with what you produced on SWAY. Show your parents your past present and future assignments. None of them will know this program you will be their teachers. LOL!

Now you all have a great holiday. I will be back at school in the second week if any of the TOPS Recipe group want to come in so phone me.

Be Safe – Mrs Conning

And the last word for the term is from that famous singer AFA : GO TO CHURCH!