Fun Learning

Reciprocal Teaching

Using thinking skills to help our students learn and experience sharing information that they have learnt and experienced through prior knowledge.

The students have been working really well independently, and in groups with each other, planning, questioning, researching and creating a way to show their learning.

They were able to learn about the Scientific Method and how important it is to use in their experiment that they are research to show what is gravity and how it exist here on earth.

Experiment one20160517_124416[1]was learning how to blow up a balloon without touching it and using a straw



Bill teaching Anton how to catch and pass a rugby ball


Tyla practising how to pass the ball to her partner while Mali their teacher is working with Anton.




Leighton teaching Saajid how to intercept the ball.

Samoan Language Week.

Faatauala and Jonathan taught our class head,shoulders, knees and toes in Samoan. It was awesome and fun.

Talofa lava tamaiti

talofa lava susuga faiaoga.

ulu, tau’au, tuli vae, tamaivae, head, shoulders, knees and toes

mata, taliga, gutu ma isu, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.