Kia ora, talofa and kiaorana anau

Fun Run Money

Parents/ caregivers:

Can you please make sure your child brings their fun run fundraising money tomorrow. It was due in last Friday. Getting in the money fast might give your child a chance at a prize.

Homework for this week:

Start planning your 3 minute speech

Qs: What do I want to talk about? What interesting thing can I do to make it different?  Capture everyone’s attention with a terrific introduction.  What 3 points make  my topic an important one? Why? Give at least three reasons to support what you claim. End your speech by going over the points you made in the beginning. End with a great conclusion. Maybe something people wont expect.  NB  You cant use props or sound effects. You need to make small cuecards.

Refer to Tuesday’s notes about a good speech

Think about a Physical Science Inquiry you would  love to do.  Remember you will have to set up experiments to prove what you claim.

Possible studies:Do Gas stations cause soil pollution? Does adding salt to pasta make it cook faster? Do ants prefer sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Check out the following website for more research topics: