Law and Order

Talofa lava matua ma aiga!

Welcome to Term 4. For the last 2 weeks, students in Lumana’i Manuia have been learning about Law and Order in NZ.

’Societies need laws and rules to function properly’

Students should understand:

  • How government works
  • How laws are made
  • How elections are organised

This week we have learning about our own cultures, covering aspects such as protocols in our culture, traditions and values. We will then make links to Law and Order in the countries that our families come from.

Whanau, you are welcome to come in and share your knowledge about your culture with our children.

Remember, Kelifest is this Friday from 9am – 3pm. Our students will be performing cultural performances they have learning throughout the year. Cultural food stalls will be available on the day. Please come and support our tamariki!!