Library Time!

Kia Ora Whanau!

Students from Lumana’i Manuia have been visiting the school library every Wednesday mornings. They have been learning about the different parts of the library, the Dewey system and where to find information on certain topics. Our inquiry topic this term is ‘We are Kelston’. The students have been given the opportunity to choose a topic of their choice to research that links to Kelston, Waitakere City or Auckland. This may include landmarks in Auckland, famous Kelstonians, or even currents events that is affecting the people of Auckland, such as the rising housing prices in Auckland.

The students have chosen their big question and have written subsidiary questions (smaller questions) to help them answer their big question. They then made a list of ways they can find relevant information, e.g. interviewing an expert, newspaper articles, watching the news, YouTube etc. They are expected to use a range of sources.

The students are now in the process of finding information using key words from their questions or graphic organisers. The students will be finding information during their library time and will become more familiar with the Dewey system and the different parts of the library.

Thank you to Mrs Teariki, our school librarian for helping us and teaching us about the library.

Here are our students in action in the library: