MAURIA TE PONO – Week 1, Term 3

It has been a great start, to what is shaping up to be an extremely busy term.  We have started well with responsible, engaging and respectful behaviour displayed by many of our students.

Important Tips to have a successful term:

  1. Be engaged, respecful and responsible at ALL times
  2. Set high expectations for yourself and stay focussed
  3. Get involved and take the opportunities presented to you
  4. Be organised and plan your tasks/timelines


Reading: Reciprocal Reading: Collaborative Learning/Personal Reading
Writing: Explanatory Writing.  Persuasive Writing.
Oral Language: Formal Speeches: English and various Cultural Languages, Te Reo Maori, Mandarin
Visual Language: Presentations, Flow Charts
Maths: Number: Fractions/Decimals/Percentages

Statistics: Statistical Investigations
Inquiry: The Living World: The Forest: inhabitants of the forest, Native trees, how Maori survived in the forest – medicinal, Rongoa, the effects of deforestation
Health: Pubertal Change
ICT: One Note/Online Portfolios
PE: Large Ball Skills/FitnessTerm 3 Zone Days: Rugby League, Basketball

Have a great term and show RESILIENCE IN ALL THAT YOU DO !!!


  • Student Led Conferences will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please bring your appointment time back to me as soon as possible.  THANK YOU, MRS TUAOI 🙂
  • The Tongan Group Fundraiser, $5 day, will be held on Friday 11 August, 2017.