Mauria Te Pono, Week 6

Mauria Te Pono welcomes you to their classroom page, Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora and welcome !  Our speeches are finally done and dusted and we are now working on Explanatory Writing.  Students are also carrying out Statistical Investigations and we are revising terms such as the mode, median, range and outliers.  Whaea Roshni has been coming into our class to teach us how to use the Reciprocal Teaching process in Math.  We will be moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages and their relevance to our everyday lives.

We are looking into the social and scientific implications of the forest and have a trip planned on Tuesday 5 September, to Cascade Kauri.  We will be walking through the forest and will learn about the living creatures, habitats and how cultures pay respect to our natural surroundings.

We can not exist without air and water, we are destroying both. Stop fracking now.




  • Well done to our speech finalists for our class: Margaret, Fatimah, Velria and Sam.  Velria and Fatimah also spoke in Hindi at our school finals, well done !
  • Good work Team Kotahitanga, you are working hard as a team and it is good to see the effort made by our team members !

Upcoming Events:

  • Please ensure that all money is paid for our trip to Cascade Kauri on Tuesday.
  • Keep up the great work for our School fundraiser ‘Fun Run’
  • School will close at 1pm this Wednesday, please ensure that your child has made arrangements to get home safely