Nga Kakano Ka Puawai I Te Reo

Nga Kakano Ka Puawai I Te Reo

Terina Hetaraka

E noho whakahihi ana ahau mo to tu. E kore nga mihi e mutu mo to mou e ki te tu Ayziah!!

Our Kerehana whanau supporting Ayziah at the APPA Auckland speech competition!!! K’s UP!!!! KO KEREHANA TATOU!!!

Ayziah participated last night in the Auckland APPA championships which was held at Remuera Intermediate. The calibre of tamariki that presented their speeches were outstanding and they all represented their own kura and rohe well 🙂 The topics of speeches varied from leadership, cultural perspectives and child poverty.

Congratulations to our tama Ayziah who placed 3rd in the whole of Tamaki Makaurau! Ka rawe bub! Your speech on child poverty was awesome and you lifted to another level. You stood with pride and represented your mum, whanau, friends and kura amazingly well!!! We are all so proud of you son!!!






Thank you so much to our Papa Ngaro for coming into kura and blessing our brand new outdoor facility. We were humbled and honored to have our kaumatua here and we shared this experience with our whole kura. Our kaimahi then followed Koro around our papa takaro and touched all the surfaces making sure our wairua was present. Nga mihi to Ulimasao our Samoan bilingual unit too for their karakia and himene! So proud of our kura and kaimahi 🙂 Now we have an AMAZING outdoor recreation facility that our tamariki have been enjoying and exercising on.


What an AMAZING past few weeks here at kura!!! Transition day, Western Zone basketball, Auckland speeches to Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori!! Our tamariki have been working so hard and being engaged and excelling in all different kaupapa! Here are a couple of whakaahua demonstrating our 3 values respect, responsibility and engagement in all fields of their educational journey here at Kerehana!!!

Pounamu Rameka and Cypres Riki with their outstanding powerpoint presentation about Tikanga Maori. Ka rawe korua!

Roman Wallbank and Ocean Stowers-Iwikau presenting their mahi on Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori! Ka pai korua









Raiden King and Maanea Tiepa delivering an amazing presentation on the importance of Te Reo Maori in Aotearoa and how we as a blingual unit can try to maintain and sustain our culture with speaking Te Reo Maori within our home environments!

Play sports theatre came to our kura last week and our tamariki shared ideas and acted different scenes from set scripts. Here are a couple of pictures of our tamariki in Nga kakano setting a freezeframe shot of Timmy, Dad, Mum and Jack. Our akomanga had heaps of fun and Whaea Julie was such a great tutor and mentor. This engaging workshop has inspired our tamariki to speak up if one of their friends is lonely and needs help/awhi if they are having problems at home or kura. Nga mihi kia Play Sport Theatre 🙂


E noho whakahihi ana ahau mo to tu. E kore nga mihi e mutu mo to mou e ki te tu Ayziah!!

Wow what an amazing Week 7! Congratulations to Ayziah who competed in the West Auckland speech competition. He was amazing and represented our kura so well. Ayziah’s whaikorero was on ‘Child poverty and how it affects our tamariki and our society. His amazing placed 2nd and Ayziah will now be competing at the Auckland speech competition. Ka pai Ayziah!

Ka mau te wehi Ayziah! Kerehana whanau in force supporting our tama in the West Auckland speech competitions held at Glen Eden Intermediate!

Such a proud moment for Ayziah and his mama! Ataahua x

The calibre of competitors at the West Auckland speech competiotions were outstanding! Our tama placed 2nd overall! Ka rawe!



Woop there it is!!! Miss Taylor so proud of her student/tama Ayziah

1st and 2nd place in the Western zone speech competitions! Ka pai to our whanau from Mt Roskill Intermediate too.

We cant wait to support you at the Auckland Champs on Wednesday the 27th of September Ayziah! Nau mai, haere mai whanau! 7:30pm! #Kerehana PROUD!!


Ka pai Ocean me Kyron. Helping give back to the community and our whanau at Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Hoani Waititi Marae.

Such an awesome week here at Kerehana! Tuatahi, we would like to welcome our new tama Cypress Riki. Nau mai haere mai bub. We cant wait for you to learn all about our Tikanga here at Te kura takawaenga o Kerehana and the social, cultural and academic components that encapsulates our kura!

  • This week our tamariki in Nga Kakano have experienced the hard mahi that goes on when preparing kai/hua whenua for a hangi. Our pakirehua kaupapa this term is Te Taiao/Our environment. On Wednesday we worked as a whanau, peeling, cutting, cleaning, counting riwai, kumara and pokena. We had many korero around preparation, purpose and understanding the importance of huawhenua.

Ka pai Cypress, Pounamu, Ty me Noah i o koutou mahi. Nga mihi

Ka pai Monaro and Amos. Learning how to peel and skin a kumara, riwai and pokena



Whaea Pam teaching our tamariki the importance of hauora and the different skills and dynamics of sports. Our focus this term is Large Oval ball skills and the bio-mechanics of our body.

Whaea Pams daughter working with a group of tamariki for 2 minitue bursts of body resistant drills. We had 6 stations working hard for the whole 12 minute rotations.

Team taonga speech finalists. Congratulations to Izaiah, Malania and Mathius for representing our awesome Team and speech finals inanahi! Ka mau te wehi Iziah for winning our kura speeches with an amazing whaikorero on “Child Poverty”.

  • So proud of our two kotiro Malania Aumata and Taylor Tokimua-Tarei who stood at our school speeches! Malania had an amazing speech and spoke about gangs and the social justice issues of being involved in a gang and the effects this has on our Maori society and their whanau and friends. Taylor stood and delivered her whole whaikorero in Te Reo Maori. Her korero was about withholding our three values respect, responsibility and engagement in all aspects of our lives and to show these no matter where you are. I am so proud of both of these kotiro for having the courage to stand in front of our whole kura and korero passinoately on what they believe in. Ka rawe korua. Tino hikaka ahau ia korua 🙂











Nga mihi Whaea Reitu for sharing your knowledge of making Takakau paraoa with our AWESOME TEAM TAONGA!! It was tino reka!! This recipe will be used for our whanau who will be visiting us on Transition day- September 15th. We look forward to seeing our Year 6’s then.

KiwiCan this week we learnt all about Resilience and understanding Emotions. Our tamariki enjoy our Kiwican classes learning life lessons and skills with the amazing and talented Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria. Nga mihi korua




Our energiser in KiwiCan “Freeze frames”

Nga Kakano and Nga hau e wha shared our KiwiCan lesson together this week. This was heaps of fun and our tamariki enjoyed listening and learning other ideas and their whakaaro of other tamariki.

Our tamariki have been learning about Puberty and Health. We have been having many korero around maturity and tapu/noa. Our tamariki enjoy role plays of emotional changes in puberty and identifying the absolute need to respect our own and each others tinana through puberty. If you have any concerns around our health/puberty classes, please dont hesitate to come and have a korero whanau 🙂


Kaua e wareware te omaoma me te kohi moni-Dont forget our FunRun and sponsorship!. We have been been encouraging our tamariki to get at least 10 sponsors no matter what the amount. Kia kaha whanau- Tautoko our tamariki and their Oma Roa 🙂

September 8th we have a $5 mufti,sausage sizzle and ice-block to help fundraise our Bollywood culture group get new unifomrs for the upcoming Kelifest. Lets tautoko our Bollywood group whanau next Friday 🙂

Hakinakina kakahu- P.E uniform is to be brought to kura EVERYDAY! Our tamariki have morning fitness EVERYDAY AND P.E lessons thorughout the week so they must bring their correct P.E uniform and shoes. It is part of our Taumata and our value ‘Responsibility’.

8:40am kura starts with karakia and himene. Please encourage your tamaiti to be at kura by at least 8:30am. This allows them to prepare themselves for the day by setting up their pukapuka, stationary and get changed into their P.E uniform. If for any reason they cant make 8:40, please dont hesitate to text me 021-267-0745. Communication is always key.


Nga mihi whanau, Kia pai o koutou wiki

Whaea Terina:




Nga Kakano were very honoured to have our guests Whaea Honor and Matua David from the Ministry of Education, visit our class to see and experience how we learn Te Reo me ona Tikanga Maori in all our academic curriculum areas.

In the pohiri, our kura sang ‘Rona’ for our waiata tautoko and were told that Whaea Honor was the actual composer of this special waiata.

We were all humbled that we were graced with her presence at our kura. Thank you Whaea Honor for your taonga and we hope to see you both in the near future. Nga mihi nui kia korua 🙂

We would also like to congratulate our teina (Year 7) George Talukder who represented Team Taonga for the Year 7 Mathex Team. We are all so proud of you George. You played hard and fought right to the end!! Team Taonga came 2nd equal overall. Ka pai koutou! Nga mihi Mr Williams for organising such an awesome kaupapa!

Also Congratulations to our Sharnadel Cadore who plays in our Year 8 poitarawhiti netball team. They won their final on Wednesday night at Te Pai courts!

Our kotiro fought really hard, tears were shed, intercepts occured but most importantly our kotiro played with mana, showing our 3 Values at all times! They played with humility, with respect and were very engaged the entire game. They never gave up and won 28-22. Ka rawe koutou!


Hika ma, WOW what an AMAZING wiki tuarua!!

Thank you so much to all the whanau who attended their tamariki student led conferences i te Ratu me Rapare. It was a wonderful turnout and I was very pleased to see so many whanau come and share and enjoy all their tamariki and their mahi. We hope you enjoyed the evening and don’t forget to feel free to ask any patai concerning their educational needs/concerns. Below are some pics of our Student Led Conference evening,

Whaea Stella and Ranui. Nga mihi korua

Last week was ‘Cook Island language week’ where we celebrated and embraced our Cook Island culture and Team Taonga celebrated in style thanks to our amazing and incredible Whaea May. Nga mihi kia koe e hoa!! From Mr & Mrs Cook Island, to workshops learning how to play a drum, to learning how to tie a pariu and learning the Cook Island national anthem. It was a fun filled cultural experience that I know my kids loved!!

Huge shout out to Monaro Te Arii & Sharnadel Cadore who represented Nga Kakano in the Mr & Mrs Cook Island! I’m so proud of both of you for giving it a go. Tino ataahua korua! Ka rawe 🙂 and to finish off a MEAN day…..we had a MEAN hakari!!! Here are few pics to share of our AMAZING Cook Island day!!

Our beautiful helpers from Te Kei o te waka delivering a lei and necklace for our Mr Cook Islands and Mrs Cook Islands to wear. Nga mihi korua

We also had Mrs Singh come and model more examples of Reciprocal teaching in Maths/Pangarau. This was a good lesson using the strategies of prediction, clarifying, visualizing, solving and summarizing.





Nau mai hoki mai ki te Wahanga Tuatoru.

Kua hikaka te hoki mai o nga tamariki ki te ako i to matou kaupapa hou ‘Te Taiao.’ I nga hararei kua taha ake i whakarereke i to matou akomanga, i whakairi hoki i etahi mahi hou hei hangai ki to matou nei kaupapa o tenei wahanga -whakapapa/pepeha, taumata, pakirehua ano hoki.

Anei etahi whakaahua o nga ahuatanga hou, ahuatanga rereke hoki ki to matou akomanga o Nga Kakano.

Our variety of different cultures and languages we share and use in Nga Kakano!

No hea matou display describing and linking our whanau to each other.

Our new roopu for Pakirehua, Tuhituhi, Pangarau me Panui

TAUMATA- The tikanga of our kura and identifying the next goals of achievement socially, culturally and academically.

For term 3 our main goal is to achieve our next taumata, converse in Te Reo Maori by using at least 3 different sentence structures and completing ALL our mahi by their due dates and to a very high and excellent standard.

These are the different kaupapa our tamariki will cover in Wahanga tuatoru:

Pakirehua (Inquiry): Te Taiao (Our environment) and understanding the relationship we have with the environment/nature and how our ancestors survived using the land/Papatuanuku

Tuhituhi (Writing): Tautohetohe (Speeches/debates) and using persuasive writing in a essay

Pangarau (Maths starand): Tauanga (Statistics Wk 1-5 & Fractions/decimals Wk 6-10)

Te Reo Maori: 

  • Learning our past, present and future tenses. Understanding the importance of tohuto and finding examples of these and using them in a conversation and recognising the differences when used and not used.
  • Completing our Wahanga tuatoru assignment on the revitalisation of Te Reo Maori in education

Nga Kakano are looking forward to an awesome term and we hope you can pop in sometime to see their hard efforts culturally, socailly and academically!

Ranui working really hard to complete his pie graph and trasnferring the information of that graph onto a line graph. Ka pai Ranui

Sharnadel and Maanea working on their Nga kai crossword and translating the words from Maori to english. Ka pai korua!

Roopou Porohita working together to solve their statiscal investigation.

Our new Pakirehua learning environment. Our kaupapa this term is Te Taiao!!!


  • Dont forget whanau we have Student Led Conferences on Ratu/ Tuesday and Raapa/Wednesday. This is where our tamariki will be showing you their mahi from Term 1 & 2 and their reports. Please come to our hui. You can email me to confirm a time.
  • It is very important that our tamariki bring their P.E uniform every day! This is part of our Taumata and we do morning fitness from 10.40-11am daily. This is to increase their fitness and basic skills of body movement in a physical activity. Please check and re-check that your tamaiti has this in their school bags. Also their sports shoes is a MUST! Kia kaha whanau. If there is a problem, please let me know ASAP so we can awhi you. We are here to help 🙂

Kia pai to wiki, Waea mai mena patai he raru ranei: 021-267-0745

Nga mihi, Whaea Terina

Kia ora whanau,

As we near to the end of Term 2- Wow what a term it has been!!! Our tamariki have been brainstorming all the amazing kaupapa we have learnt thus far throughout the year and then creating beautiful and very informative posters!- The kaupapa they have studied are: Whakapapa, Pepeha, Axis & lines of symmetry, Explanation writing, Te Reo Maori sentence structures, past-present and future tenses, large ball skills, Geometrical shapes and angles, Jade speaks up-Hika ma-just to name a few kaupapa we have covered.

Nga kakano creating a visual pepeha for our Whakapapa display to complete our Term 2 Inquiry kaupapa.

Our karakia hou mo te timatanga o te ra. Our new karakia Nga Kakano do every morning before our himene.

In groups we recite our karakia and practice everyday making sure our pronounciation and understanding of our karakia is very clear! Our tamariki learn the importance of karakia in Te Ao Maori and its purpose on a daily basis.

Kyron working hard to complete his Wahanga tuarua poster! This poster needed 20 examples of mahi that was completed this term and Kyron completed this to a very high standard. Ka rawe Kyron. Kia kaha mo te roanga o te tau!!!

Noah completing his Wahanga Tuarua poster describing all our kaupapa we have done this term! Ka rawe to pikitia Noah!

George and Noah working collaboratively researching the definitions and explanations of kupu hou. Ka pai korua!

Roopu Ruaumoko strategising and solving problems of Maths and uploading their mahi onto OneNote. Nga Kakano enjoy OneNote. Our tamariki will be using digital portfolios to showcase their awesome mahi thus far at our Student Led Conferences which will be on the 3rd & 4th of August!-Appointment times will be sent out this week. Please make a time and return the panui with your tamaiti on the first week back at kura. Nga mihi whanau



Mahi kainga: Our tamariki have a 2 week assignment due Monday the 24th July. Our kaupapa next term is on ‘Hauora’ and the well-being of ourselves, others and understanding this in the context of Te Ao Maori. Please awhi and assist your tamaiti to have this completed and returned first day back at kura. They will need the internet to research some of their kaupapa. Kia kaha whanau!

Samoan roopu performance at Zeal: Noah and Ocean will be performing at Zeal-WestWave this Wednesday at 5.30pm. Come on down and tautoko our boys and our beautiful Samoan roopu!

‘Old skool’ production: Our AMAZING Supa choir have a brilliant production this Thursday (Rapare) in our kura hall. Gold coin donation! 6:30pm start. Our Ocean, Lewis and Roman will be starring in this production. It would be awesome if you could come and tautoko our tamariki. They have worked really hard for this to be a success.

Taumata hui: This Friday we have an amazing day to celebrate our tamariki achieveing their first or next Taumata. Please come and tautoko this very special day for our tamariki. 2pm start.

Mena he patai, he hiahia tau imera mai:

Kia pai o koutou wiki,

Whaea Terina Hetaraka





Kia ora whanau,

Nga Kakano and Te Urunga travelled to Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau on Monday and were very lucky to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of learning different kaupapa of Matariki. Our tamariki had hands on experience with raranga (weaving), tuhituhi (drawing kowhaiwhai patterns) and Koauau (Maori instruments). It was an amazing day enriched with the knowledge and learnings about Te Ao Maori, Tikanga Maori and Te Reo Maori. Our tamariki all got to take home a taonga each-The boys got to take home a kohatu (rock) where they first had to rub and korero to our taonga to ask if we were allowed to paint on them. This was a very special moment. Also our kotiro made harakeke stars and again they dad to ask the harakeke if they were allowed to cut and weave with it. Tino ataahua tera mea kotiro ma. Tino pai i o koutou mahi!

Here are a few pics of our amazing day. Big mihi to Mr Maharaj and Te Urunga for their awhi and participation. Also a HUGE mihi to Whaea Stella (Ranuis mama) & Matua Steve (Kaylibs papa) who came and supported our tamariki. This was a very very special day for our tamariki to experience and learn more about our Maori culture. Arohanui kia koutou katoa 🙂

Matua explaining to our tamariki the kaupapa of Matariki and the importance this has to Te Ao Maori. Nga mihi papa

Beautiful Maori art exhibition for our tamariki to experience

Whaea Tracey teaching our kotiro how to weave with harakeke

Our puoro workshop

Some of our tama learning different koru patterns in Kowhaiwhai patterns

Our Angel showing us her harakeke whetu so far. Ka pai Angel

Aaliyah and MJ helping each other learning all about harakeke

Our tama learning about the tapu of a kohatu (rock) and asking for its blessing before they start painting on it


    • Pounamu and Kyron working on geometrical strategies

      Our AMAZING kapahaka roopu practising for Kelifest #2017

      Team Taonga learning a new and beautiful Samoan waiata

      Nga Kakano working together to understand and practice reciprocal reading/teaching strategies.

      Ranui & Noah creating a rap in KiwiCan which needed to include our 3 values-Repect, Responsibility & Engagement


    • Kia ora whanau, our tamariki have been very very busy this term. They have been learning many kaupapa including geometrical terminology, maioha, large ball skills and Whakapapa/ Turangawaewae.
    • Above are a few whakaahua of our tamariki being engaged in many kaupapa we have here at our AMAZING KURA- Kapahaka roopu, Team Taonga hui, Reciprocal reading programmes and Kiwican.
    • Panui:
    • Haernga ki Matariki workshop: Monday 24th june- $10 koa.
    • Correct P.E uniform reminder: Please make sure your tamariki have P.E shoes as well as their P.E uniform.
    • Incorrect school uniform/jerseys. We have had a few non-regualtion jerseys creeping into class. These are not acceptable unless our tamariki have a panui from home. We do have kura jackets at our kura office for $65.

    Our tamariki are trying really hard and I encourage our Matua to awhi our tamariki at home by encouraging them to complete their mahi kainga koa. Mahi kainga is given every week on a Monday and must return on Friday completed to the best of their ability.

    Kia pai to ra whakata,

    Nga mihi mahana,

    Whaea Terina Hetaraka

Kia ora e te whanau!

E mihi kau ana tenei kia koutou mo to koutou awhi i a matou tamariki i te whakataetae kauhoe. I tu katoa nga tamariki o Te Roopu Taonga! I puta te werawera, i puta te ihi me te wehi. Kaore he korero tu atu i te koa me te ngakau mahaki. I waimarie hoki matou o Te Roopu Taonga, a, i tuatahi matou! Nga mihi nui!

Wahooooooo! Nga kakano have had such an awesome Wiki Tuarua! Last Monday our whole kura went to Kelston Girls College to participate in our first school swimming sports competition! The atmosphere was “ELECTRIC”, our tamariki were “AWESOME” and everyone had a MEAN KELSTON MEAN DAY!!!

Image result for swimming race clip art

All our tamariki tried their hardest and done well in all 3 grades! A, B & C! There were tamariki who were afraid of swimming in front of others but they still got in the water and swum their little hearts out! I am soooo proud of each and everyone of our tamariki who got in the pool and participated! All our kids WON that day by PARTICIPATING so well done whanau!! You all showed the Kerehana wairua (Kelston spirit) and you made all us kaiako so so proud! Ka rawe koutou!

Image result for swimming words

Kiwi Can: Honesty & Integrity!

Our tamariki have been learning the importance of Honesty and the mana it holds. Last week we learnt the effects of being dis-honest and the different whanau of who this affects. Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria really commit to teaching our tamariki real life scenarios they will face on a daily basis and they help teach our kids how to make positive and right choices. Here a a few pics of our lesson last week of role play and the cause & effect of being honest/dis-honest! Here are a few pics of our kids in action in Kiwican!!

This week, our focus in Literacy/Reading comprehension will be on Whanau & Identity. The kaupapa for Inquiry this term is ‘Whakapapa & Turangawaewae’. Our tamariki will research and learn the importance of history/whakapapa and how this has influenced and shaped them today.

Pangarau: Geometry & Multiplication/Division

Our awesome Maths tumbles are flowing well. In levelled roopu our tamariki a learning a variety of geometrical language features and the different components of Geometry. Angles, symmetry, edges, positional directions a just a few awesome kaupapa this term. Our maths strand is multiplication/division. Our tamariki have weekly homework including Maths. They will be coming home and learning their timestables weekly. By the end of Term 2, they will have learnt their 1-12 timestables off by heart. Please awhi (help) our tamariki with their mahi kainga.

Mahi kainga:Homework

There are still a few that frequently dont bring in their mahi kainga pukapuka back to kura. Homework is ALWAYS due on a FRIDAY! It is issued on a Monday & due back on Ramere (Friday). Every week we have new kupu hou, new spelling words in english, Pangarau (Maths) and Maori activities! Please make sure that this is happening! Nga mihi

Panui (Notices):

  • Year 7’s to return your immunisation forms by Wednesday 17th May
  • Make sure your bringing your P.E Gear on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  
  • A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our Ty Broughton who competed on the weekend at the MMA graple national tournament where he won GOLD!! Well done Ty! Such a HUGE achievement for you and your whanau!

Ka pai koe! Kei te harikoa ahau! 

Have a great week whanau, and lets be the role models for our tamariki by showing our 3 values Respect, Responsibility & Engagement at home, kura and mahi!

Arohanui, Whaea Terina

Image result for kia kaha symbol

Nau mai, hoki mai ki te Wahanga Tuarua!! – Welcome back to Term 2 Whanau!

Its been so nice to see our tamariki back at kura in their correct uniform and with AMAZING attitudes ready to learn for the term ahead!

We all hope you had a lovely holiday with your tamariki! We have been writing and reflecting on what we did in the holidays. Nga Kakano have been using the writing process to create a story using the 5 W’s to describe where they went, who they went with, what they did, when they went and how they got there!

Our new Pangarau kaupapa this term is GEOMETRY and Multiplication & Division. We have new groups now in the names of geometrical shapes: Tapatoru, Tapawha, Porohita & Taimana. This week our tamariki sat a pre-geometrical diagnostic test to determine areas of where the focus needs to be with their learning in Geometry.

We also created new Taumata 2 Goals-Academic, Social and Cultural. These goals need to be achieved within Term 2. Every week we will focus on a specific area and will add stars to our goals and once we have 5 stars added to each of our Taumata goals, then they have achieved their next Taumata- So kia kaha whanau 🙂

Next Monday we have our School swimming sports where our whole kura will be going up to Kelston Girls and swimming against one another in Teams. We are in Team Taonga so we are excited to compete as a kura and as teams! Matua Sean has been teaching our team some new chants to use at the swimming competition so come and join us next Monday (Rahina) from 9.30am-2.30pm. Be great to see yous!

Nga mihi Whaea Terina

Nga Kakano have had an AWESOME week 🙂 Very proud of them!!

Our tamariki have been very respectful towards each other, been very responsible with their P.E gears and hats and engaged in most lesssons!

This week our tamariki had to create a visual poster identifying 8 key words that relate and describe themselves. Here are some of their posters by Pounamu, Ranui & Manuel

We also had the privilege of hosting Team Taonga hui where all classes in Team Taonga (Nga kakano, Te Pou herenga waka, Lumunaii Manuia, Te Kei o te waka) shared their mahi. Our amazing teina Alexus Kelly & Antonne Schuster were our M.C’s and they done a fantastic job! Also Lyric Greenwood and Ranui Williams presented their posters and karakia to our team. 🙂

Thank you to all the whanau who came to our P.L.P evening last week. It was MEAN meeting some of our new whanau and sharing the mahi of their tamariki and their social, cultural and academic goals. Looking forward to all our tamariki achieving these goals set by the end of Term 2.

Kia pai to wiki whanau ma,

Nga mihi maioha,

Whaea Terina 🙂


Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, kei aku rau rangatira ma! Tena koutou katoa!

Wow, what a full on Week 7 & 8 we have had!

Last Friday we enjoyed the amazing ASB polyfest out at the Maunkau Velodrome. Our whole kura went and enjoyed the different cultures, kai, performers and festivities!

It was beautiful to see past students of Kelston Intermediate perform their little hearts out and represent the various cultures and various high schools. The level of intentsity and passion was widely seen on each stage and I am so proud of our past students and how engaged they all were for their entire brackets! Our tamariki in Team Taonga (Rm’s 2,3,6 & 10) had an assignment to complete while at Polyfest.

These were mini documentaries. This involved conducting mini interviews of a ‘performer’, Stall owner & spectator. Our classes were split up into 4 roopu & each of these roopu chose 1 specific stage. My class chose the Maori, Samoan,Niuean & Tongan stages. The interviews they created were AMAZING and really detailed. I’m very proud of the courage our kids displayed whilst conducting these interviews with strangers. ka pai koutou!- These mini documentaries will be available to view from Week 9!

Thank you to those whanau who attended our PLP eveing this week. Each tamaiti set an academic, social & cultural goal that needs to be achieved by the end of Term 2. They also need the support from whanau at home to achieve these so please whanau. Lets awhi our tamariki at home too.

We had 19/29 whanau come and share our kids mahi(work) and awesome portfolios! Our tamariki have worked really hard to showcase their mahi in their portfolios. If you werent able to attend please email me to organise a hui. Together we can achieve the best outcomes culturally, socially & academically to seek their highest potential.

Any patai/questions, please dont hesitate to email, call the office or just come and see me! We ALWAYS have an open door policy so nau mai, haere mai whanau!

Nga mihi mahana

Whaea Terina 🙂



click on the title and please make sure that your child returns their permission slip and pays their $15 for entry fee and bus.

Could you please make sure you pay and bring the permission slip by Wednesday 15th March 2017.

Thank you

Kei te TINO hari koa ahau e kite ia matou whanau e huihui mai nei i te ra mo nga whanau o Kerehana.
Such an AMAZING day last Friday at our Annual Whanau Day. Our tamariki were humbled with the amount of whanau that came into Nga Kakano and shared a day and experienced a touch of what we learn here at Te Kura takawaenga o Kerehana. We thank you ALL for coming and sharing and listening to all our stories, lessons, pepeha, karakia and waiata. Here are a few pics of Nga kakano in action on Whanau Day



Nga Kakano tamariki getting ready to present their whakatauki, followed by their own pepeha and a waiata. They were so nervous but eventually calmed their nerves and stood so proud and proudly said their pepeha with pride and mana. Tino ataahua!!


After our tamariki stood and presented their pepeha, Papa Ngaro stood and replied and gave our tamariki about his whakapapa and explained who his mokopuna are (Kyron, Chelston & Te Ao) and how their Pita whanau hononga back to Kelston Intermediate. It was sooooo beautiful to hear our Papa korero to his mokopuna and how proud he is of their efforts thus far! Ka pai Papa!!

Ranui Williams and his Mama. Ranui is teaching her all about Mathletics

George Talukder showing his brother our GTK activity. Also Antonne is asking mum for answers around Cyber Safety. This is our kaupapa this week.

















Our tamariki had an AWESOME fun filled packed morning. We had the privilege of getting Matua Sefa (KiwiCan) Matua Tyler (Our class T/A) & Matua Sean (Our specialised class T/A) to introduce themselves and share a little bit about themselves to our whanau. It was nice for our whanau to see other elements and bonuses our tamariki get to experience with our amazing staff and opportunities for them to learn and grow into successful young adults!

Normally our tamariki ALWAYS have a kai first but just for one day- we twisted it a bit and let our manuhiri(parents) go first! Was awesome and sooooo YUMMY our kai!!!

A MASSIVE mihi to our student teachers who have been in Team Taongas Mrs Taylor (Te pou herenga waka’s class) and Mrs Tuilaepa (Lumanii Manuia). They were both helping prepare all our kai for our hakari! Thank you korua for your awhi!

Our kai was delicious!!! Tino tino reka nga kai!. We thank you whanau for your kai 🙂 Was very humbling to know that most of our tamariki/parents made the effort to bring a kai so nga mihi mo tera.








Matua Gordon (Our tumuaki) and headgirl Gwendolyne Turner-Paki










Mrs TeAriki, Tyler, Matua Sean and Sefa!!










Congratulations to our 6 tamariki who received Taumata Tahi: Ty Broughton, Aaliyah Paul, Geoge Talukder, Raiden King and Lewis Ashby who received Taumata RUA!! Kia kaha o koutou mahi. Hikina i nga wa katoa whanau 🙂

And to end our AMAZING day off, we annouced our Class Councillor and Deputy and CONGRATULATIONS goes to Malania Aumata- Deputy councillor & Roman Wallbank- Class councillor 2017!! Ka pai korua!! 

Another HUGE Congratulations to all our prefects and councillors named last Friday! We are so lucky to have 2 prefects for Sports, Peer Mediation and Library. We have a strong leadership team this year (10) in total. The calibre of tamariki applying for these head positions this year was next level and we applaud you all for your hard efforts thus far. Kia kaha whanau!!

Once again whanau, Nga mihi mo to koutou mahi me nga kai me nga aroha ki te ra o nga whanau!! Our amazing WHANAU DAY #2017 would not have been so successful without all of your support and I thank you so much for attending, cooking, cleaning at any part of our special day. I thank you very much!!


Kia pai o koutou wiki,

NGA MIHINUI Whaea Terina xx



Nga Kakano have been focussing on ‘What is our Taumata’ and how do we incorporate this kaupapa in everything we do here at Kerehana. Malania created her Wahanga Tuatahi Taumata stars focusing on a Social, Cultural and Academic Goals, with 5 sub goals which are building steps to achieving her overall goal in the middle. Ka pai to mahi Malania 🙂

Here is Ty Broughton with his awesome and realistic Taumata goals for Wahanga tuatahi. Nga Kakano have their own personal Taumata learning journals as well and we focus on Tikanga, Values and the whole ahuatanga of our Taumata in all our different areas of learning. Our tamariki have enjoyed learning different scenarios and understandings of our kaupapa- Respect, Responsibility and Engagement and writing about their own experiences and how these look, feel and sound at kura, within their own whare with their own whanau and also within our own Kerehana community! Ka pai koutou ma! I’m very proud of them all and their efforts this week.

Our tamariki have also been enjoying and becoming familiar with other kaiako within our kura. Matua Sefa & Whaea Amiria are our Kiwi Can leaders, and they have already built great relationships with our tamariki. Our Kiwi Can kaupapa is one of a kind. It is a forum where our tamariki get to learn and voice their own/honest opinions about ‘life’ and how we should treat and respect others and the environment. We love Kiwi Can and are excited for the rest of the year. Here are some pics of our awesome kaupapa we learnt this week!

Positive relationships= Positive Communication

We also have the AMAZING Mrs TeAriki who is our lovely librarian/resource wizz! 🙂 This week we learnt about fiction books and the different genres of a fiction book. Our tamariki were allowed to issue 2 books which must be returned in two weeks. We also spoke about our values and incorporating these around our pukapuka by respecting our taonga, taking responsibility by caring for them and when its time to panui, we be engaged and learn from our readings.



Mahi kainga– Our tamariki have HOMEWORK Every week whanau!- Please encourage and awhi our tamariki to complete and assist their mahi kainga koa. There were a few tamariki who did not complete their mahi kainga, which was disappointing. So kia kaha whanau, encourage your tamaiti to try their hardest! Nga mihi 🙂

Pina kauhoe– Swimming starts next week so we need permission slips and $10 to cover our 4 weeks of swimming lessons at Kelston Girls.

Whanau Day– Yayyyyyy this is such an exciting event and we encourage ALL WHANAU to attend. Next Friday- 9am- Powhiri!! Nau mai, haere mai- Welcome to you all!! Come and see the amazing mahi our tamariki have been learning thus far!!…They are all excited to show case the cultural, social and academic areas of learning here at Te Kura takawaenga o Kerehana

It is a cultural day of fun activities, Taumata presentations, Team hui, waiata, pepeha presentations and to finish off we have a HUGE hakari (shared kai) to show our appreciation to all our whanau xx

So nau mai, haere mai whanau- Next Friday!!

Have a great week, Nga mihi mahana- Whaea Terina Hetaraka 🙂

Katahi te timatanga miharo rawa atu mo tenei tau, he kaha no nga teina hou ara nga Tau 7 ki te whai i nga tikanga o te kura, te whakaputa i te katoa ki roto i nga mahi katoa o to matou akomanga ano hoki.

(Wow! What an amazing start to the year, our Year 7/teina- students have shown that they can follow protocols of our school and also work hard in all subjects that have been given to them.)

Our tamariki have settled in really well and are learning Te Reo Maori very fast so ka pai!

A MASSIVE mihi to Matua Sean and Matua Tyler who are just amazing with our tamariki. They are a part of our kura and our learning support team and they are so passionate about the way our kids learn and achieve socailly, culturally and academically here at Kerehana so thank you korua 🙂

Our tamariki this week have been sharing and having more korero about our values respect, responsibility and engagement and how these feel, look and sound like in different environments. Next week we will be focussing on Responsibility and will be analysing and identifying the variety of ways to demonstrate and write different scenarios of how we use it.

We also created a “Tiriti o Nga Kakano”- A treaty/agreement of our class. It was awesome to see the rules/ture set around how our class should behave, the Tikanga of Nga Kakano.


Here are our AMAZING teina for 2017:

Ty Broughton, Alexus Kelly, Raiden King, Amos Mason-Hiroki, Jerome Midwood, Te Ao Pita-Ritchie, Antonne Schuster, George Talukder, Monaro Tearii, Manuel Te Rewi, Taylor Tokimua-Tarei, Ranui Williams 🙂 ….Also a warm welcome to our tuakana Aaliyah Paul who has come from Northcote Intermediate. Nau mai, haere mai whanau!

Our tuakana have stepped up into their role and have started showing leadership skills to our teina. So kia kaha tuakana ma. Yous can do it 🙂

Team Taonga had our first assembly last week. Our team is made up from 4 different classes, Nga Kakano (2), Te Pou Herenga Waka (3), Lumunaii Manuia (7) & Te Kei o te waka (10). We will be having a team hui once a fortnight on a Weds afternoon (1.50-3pm) so please feel free to come and join us.


Mahi kainga/homework

Very important that your tamaiti completes and returns their mahi kainga on the due date please. My tamariki know that I am very strict on homework and if they have not completed or not made an effort, there will be a consequence (detention, phone call home, picking up rubbish….etc). We will try to avoid all these consequences but if you could please encourage your tamaiti to do their mahi kainga, that would be awesome 🙂

P.E uniform and HATS

Please make sure our tamariki have correct P.E uniform, sports shoes everyday of the week apart from Friday. HATS- it is vital that you come to kura everyday with a potae(hat). The weather and sun is heating up and if you do not have a potae, you will get burnt and you will be asked to sit under the shelter on your break times until you wear a hat. Dark blue/black PLAIN hats are allowed. $12 at the office

Swimming and forms

Our swimming programme starts Feb 28th for 6 weeks. Our tamariki cant go swimming without a permission form so kia kaha whanau. Send those back alongside the health and safety form please. It is $10 for 6 lessons.

So a great start to the year whanau!

Keep it up! Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui

Whaea Terina Hetaraka 🙂




Ko Puketotara te maunga

Ko Waitakere te Awa

Te Kawerau a maki te iwi

Ko Rakataura te tangata

Ko Te Kura takawaenga o Kerehana toku kura

Tihei Mauri ora


Nau mai, hoki mai ki Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana mo te tau hou xx

Welcome to all our new whanau and welcome back to all our tuakana from 2016!

We are all so excited to see so many new whanau turn out for our pohiri on Tuesday. We are so pleased and very very excited to have such a huge whanau join us on our waka of success for our tamariki in 2017!

Our first 5 weeks will be focussing on who we are as Kelstonians “We are Kelston”             Ko Kerehana Matou

Our kaupapa will be focussing on our 3 values

Respect- Whakamanatanga

Responsibility- Rangatiratanga


We will be learning and extending our kura pepeha and learning more about karakia and tauparapara.

Our focus will also be on learning more about our rohe/area of Kelston and its whakapapa

Swimming this term starts in Week 5 so please let me know if any of your tamariki have any difficulties in the water. Just email me on or you can text me on 021-267-0745.

Your tamariki have settled in really well 🙂 I am pleased and excited to see them grow and learn culturally, socially and academically this year.

I will be updating and uploading different curriculum areas of learning and what your tamariki have been learning so please check our page regularly!

Nga mihi mahana, Whaea Terina




Nga Kakano have been working so hard these past two weeks to finish our last term off with a BANG 🙂 making sure we finish our year off well abiding and displaying our 3 values consistently…..Kia kaha Nga Kakano 🙂

We have been focussing on completing all our mahi to our highest potential in all areas of learning in order to fill our portfolios with AMAZING mahi to show our matua and whanau


I encourage our whanau to book an appointment with me ASAP via email or text: to discuss your tamaiti and their progress this year. Our tamariki have been striving all term to make our Student Led Conference a great one. The reports will be handed out at the interviews and your tamaiti will be conducting the entire conference. Nga Kakano have been practising their scripts and whakatauki so it would be orsum to see a 100% turn out, so kia kaha- book in ASAP. I have some slots still available Tuesday between 1 & 8pm so nau mai, haere mai!!

On another note, we had the AMAZING production from ASB theatre called The eel and Sina and they were just ORSUM. So engaging, funny, beautiful acapella singing and full of culture. It was lovely to have our pasifica whanau showcase their amazing talents of performing arts and we thank yous for coming and sharing your world of arts with our Kerehana whanau so nga mihi 🙂 Also a big thank you for allowing our 2 bilingual units a pre-show workshop so on behalf of Nga Kakano and Ulimasao- Faafetai lava 🙂nga-kakano-2016-pics-of-my-kids-1515

Nga Kakano also wrap up the year with Kiwi Can apopo, so thank you so much to Whaea Amiria and Matua Sefa for everything yous have done for our tamariki. For being the best supporters of all our kids kaupapa too. Kiwi Can is a forum of learning manaakitanga, whakawhanaungatanga and aroha within a different context. Our kids love Kiwi Can and the positivity they feel when they leave every session is guranteed so nga mihi korua 🙂image61

Our athletics teams head off to the Auckland champs apopo (Thursday 1st Dec) so good luck to all our whanau competing. We wish yous well and show our three values with PRIDE- The KEREHANA way!!

As we draw close to the end of the year, we have a few reminders of the upcoming events:

Tuesday 6th Dec – 1-8pm Student Led Conferences (parent interviews)

Weds 7th Dec – 3.30-6pm  (please email me to book appointment)

Thursday 8th Dec 5.30-7pm- Celebration dinner for the tuakana (Year 8’s) $12

Friday 9th December- We are Kelston whanau day at Pt.Erin pools -$8

Monday 12th December- Honours assembly 1.30-3pm

Weds 14th December- Whole school prizegiving 1-3pm

Thursday 15th December- 1-3pm Formal graduation- LAST DAY OF KURA 🙂

So nau mai, haere mai whanau!

Our kids have worked so hard in #2016 so come and celebrate their succeses whanau 🙂

You are ALL most certainly welcome to come and watch our tamariki succeed and be rewarded for ALL their hard mahi this year.



Kia ora e te whanau, Te wiki tuaono-Wahanga tuawha!!! HIKA MA! its week 7 already- Only 3 more weeks of kura and our tuakana will be heading into their college/high school lives and our teina ma will be getting ready to be GREAT tuakana for our new teina for #2017!!!

Anei nga mahi o koutou tamariki. Nga mahi waiata hou, karakia hou, panuitia mo te kaupapa o Novel studies me nga panui o te mahi ki te Kelifest 2016.Identifying the different components of a Novel and describing these components in detail and presenting these in a visual context.


Our tamariki have been learning the ‘Lords Prayer- E to matou matua i te rangi’. This is a karakia that all Maoridom know and use every single day for various occassions/events.. I explained to our kids that you can go anywhere in the world for any occassion and you can use this karakia. It is a very special karakia asking our lord/our provider (in Te Ao Maori) to bless and guide us all. Weve also been learning a new waiata Rerenga Wairua. This is coming along nice. Parts will be added next week and we’ll be ready to go for prizegiving 🙂


We’ve been working on our recount writing pieces about Kelifest 2016. Working in pairs-tuakana/teina starting with a brainstorm, then a draft. Once we have established where our recount starts and finishes we are then able to tuhituhi and finish with our edited copy. Once checked by Whaea Terina or Matua Gibby our tamariki were able to publish. This is an area of learning we have focused a lot on this term especially creating HIGH quality pieces of mahi to present to their matua in their portfolios. Tuhituhi has been an area where our kids have expressed and written wonderful pieces of writing, but delivering perfect/non mistake mahi is our main focus this term and this is slowly but surely being achieved by our tamariki.


nga-kakano-2016-pics-of-my-kids-1238 nga-kakano-2016-pics-of-my-kids-1502

Nga Kakano portfolios are full and ready with excellent mahi, to show their matua and our tamariki have worked really hard on these. Please come along to our Student Led Conferences in a couple of weeks to discuss each childs progress this year and receive the end of school report. In these reports, you will see the progression of learning from Term 1 to Term 4 showing how much your tamaiti has socially, culturally and academically excelled here at KI:)

Reminders : We have a wonderful production Sina and the eel visiting our kura on Wednesday morning. Most of our tamariki have paid their $3 but if you havent, please send this with your tamaiti before then.

Over the next 3 weeks, we have Student Led Conferences, Last formal assembly to award Taumata, Year 8 graduation, Whole school prizegiving, End of year trip to Pt.Erin pools so please keep an ear/eye open with panui from your tamariki. We would love to have all our whanau attend these memorable moments for our kids 🙂

Any patai (questions) please email me: or haere mai ki te korero ki ahau . Kua puare nga kuaha i nga wa katoa- open door policy so come in and see us anytime 🙂


Have a great week whanau,

Nga mihiNUI Whaea Terina


Kei aku nui, Kei aku rahi, E rau rangatira ma!!!! Tihei Mauri Ora

PROUD PROUD PROUD is all we can say about our roopu ‘Te Kapa o Onewherowhero’ and their AMAZING performance last Saturday at the Tamaki Kapahaka Regional competition!! Our tamariki in Nga Kakano- David, Jamie, Kyron, Jayden, Chelston, Ocean, Meli, Rosa and Malania were absolutely stunning and I was so proud of them 🙂

All our tamariki stood with such Pride, Mana, Intergrity and displayed such resilience and passion and we as their tutors are soooooo proud of them ALL xx

The diverse cultures that were displayed at our performance was the WINNER on the day and our Kerehana whanau came and supported our Roopu ‘LOUD and PROUD!!!

A huge acknoweledgement to our whanau who helped with kai, transport, kakahu, poi making, dressing our tamariki on that day and everyone else who contributed to our roopu and their First stand on a competitive stage!!!

Our values were shown throughout their whole performance and our kids represented our kura to the utmost respect!!!

To learn and experience another culture is great, but to perform and express such resilience was the winner’……Ka pai whanau!!! We have only just begun!!!! 🙂

Ataahua o Koutou Tu!!!

Kei te tino harikoa ahau e kite ia matou tamariki ki te tu o Kelifest 2016!!

WOW WOW WOW!! Kelifest was AMAZING and it was OUR TAMARIKI that shone!!

Such a fabulous day, showcasing the beauty of all our polynesian cultures, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Island, Bollywood, and Aotearoa with our Kapa haka roopu 🙂

Our tamariki were so beautiful singing and dancing and being proud of their different cultures. Kelifest 2016 was a great success and we would like to thank ALL the contributing kura in our community for all your continuous support- Glen Eden Primary, Kelston Primary, St.Leonards primary, Glendene Primary, Kelston Boys High School and Kelston Girls College 🙂 Our day would not have been so successful without your presence and amazing performances so we thank yous from the bottom of our hearts.

Also a MASSIVE mihi to all our whanau who came and helped prep our tamariki for their performances. Dressing our tamariki, making sure their hair was perfect, making sure their notes were in key, making sure their lip stick was perfect!! All these little things made a BIG difference to our festival so we thank yous all.

Also to Mrs Tariu and Miss Tapene-Maoate!! OMG- Our Super Woman of the day!! These two amazing teachers put so much effort into the day- cooking, organising, planning, feeding, the works- you name it!! Thank you korua!! Your mahi didnt go unnoticed and us kaiako really appreciated it all 🙂 Also to our tamariki who helped in the stalls and hall. Coming early to kura to help set up gazebos, tables, prep kai and Chi-Lam who controlled our sound system so all our performances ran smoothly- Well done koutou! us kaiako aprreciate all your awhi and mahi 🙂


Lastly the BIGGEST mihi to all our Tamariki who took the stage!! We couldnt be more prouder of you all!! You stood with mana, pride showcasing all our 3 values of Kelston Intermediate- Respect, Responsibility & Engagement and this is what we pride ourselves on EVERYDAY!!  So I thank you nga tamariki katoa!! We are KELSTON- KO KEREHANA MATOU!!!





Kei te tino hikaka te whanau mo tenei kaupapa whakahirahira ara te Kelifest hei tenei Ramere.

Yayyyyy- KELIFEST has arrived tis Friday and how excited are our kids in Nga Kakano 🙂

All our tamariki cant wait to perform to showcase all their hard efforts, dedication and commitment within their AMAZING culture groups 🙂

We have our Tongan, Samoan, Cook Island, Bollywood and Kapa haka roopu performing. We also have our Supa choir showing us their beautiful harmonic sounds and diverse range of talents. Super duper excited 🙂

Our tamariki have worked so hard every Friday to practise and perfect their choreography, master their actions and sing their hearts out all in different cultures. I am so proud of all our tamariki who joined a culture group, that isnt their own specific culture but they have embraced and learnt so much about another culture and the different concepts of the language, values and mana.

Also a MASSIVE MIHI to all the whanau who have contributed to Kelifest with kai, condiments, meat, napkins etc….Without all your aroha we wouldnt be able to host our stalls so thank you all so much again 🙂 WE ARE KELSTON- Ko Kerehana Matou!!

Nau mai, haere mai whanau ki Kelifest on Friday whanau!!

We would love to see you, your whanau, nanis, poppas, nieces and nephews!!!

Bring them all, come have a kai and enjoy our AMAZING cultures of the Kelston Community!! You will have a blast and be so proud of your babies xx

Arohanui Whaea Terina 🙂





KIA ORA WHANAU,  Wahooo KELIFEST is NEXT Friday and we are hosting 6 other kura from our community and showcasing the amazing and multi-cultural talent of Kelston!! YAY!! We are all excited, teachers and students and cant wait to share their performances, cooking, talents with our whanau!! It would be so great to see you there next Friday 9am we start…

Also…..Fakalofa lahi atu!! It is Niuean Language Week so we are celebrating our beautiful pacific cousins and their culture this week 🙂

Welcome back to Term 4 and we have some amazing and exciting mahi lined up for our tamariki this term….

Putaiao-Inquiry…CRIME and LAW and ORDER!! This term our kaupapa will be focussing on the law and other departments that investigate/solve crime. From forensics to help agencies, criminal acts to jurys- our Inquiry kaupapa will focus on investigating and solving crime and describing and identifying how we do this.

Pangarau- Maths….Ratios and Proportions….and ALGEBRA…..Yayyy, Nga kakano tamariki have engaged and asked many curious questions about algebra thus far of the term. We have been exploring calculations and creating hypothesis to answer most patai.

Panuitia- Reading….Novel studies 🙂 In our levelled roopu, we are studying Novels and the different parts in a novel and the importance each part has in creating a memorable read. Every student has been given the task of reading, then finding and explaining what a plot, genre, setting, climax, main character and many more features of a novel. We have still carried our reciprocal reading over from Term 3 into Term 4 for the beginning of each panuitia lesson.

Tuhituhi- Writing….Pobble 365…Creative thoughts and using a variety of texts/vocabulary to convey meaningful messages of their understanding of a picture. This writing tool is an amazing way of teaching our kids to use their own imagination as any story they create from looking at one picture, can never be incorrect and this is ‘their story, their whakaaro’ so our kids love tuhituhi and being able to express their own personal spin on a picture and then sharing to the class 🙂

Mahi kainga- Homework….So since we are celebrating our whanau across the pacific ocean Niue Language week, I have set Nga Kakano a research assignment containing exciting tasks around Niue Island also known as ‘The Rock’. It is very important for our tamariki to celebrate all cultures and to acknowledge the different values that all cultures live and breathe so ae, our tamariki have a research assignment due NEXT TUESDAY whanau- 8:40am straight after karakia…Please encourage and awhi our kids. If you do not have the internet at home, you can sign up for free at your local library and your tamaiti can use their computers or even better, find a pukapuka (book) to read and you can work alongside your tamaiti to help complete their mahi 🙂 kia kaha whanau!!

Engari, our tamariki are doing so well! We have so much happening in the next 8 weeks. Important dates to remember:

Friday-    28th October 9-3pm KELIFEST                                                                                       Saturday   29th October 9-4pm Kelston Whanau Day (@ K.B.H.S)                                         Wednesday  2nd Novemeber- Athletics Day                                                                                     Friday & Saturday  11th & 12th November- Tamaki Kapa haka regionals (@ Kia Aroha  College)

*Please come along and tautoko (support) yours and our kids!! They have all worked so hard to perform in our culture groups so nau mai, haere mai- come along and tautoko our kids and our kura….

Kia kaha, Kia maia, Kia manawanui

Hope to see you ALL next Friday at our AMAZING KELIFEST!!!!

Cheeeee hoooooooo 🙂


Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, kei aku whakatiketike, Tihei mauri ora 🙂

Wow, End of Term 3 already!

Well done to our tamariki who have been so engaged this term!!

Literacy- Reading comprehension strategies and writing techniques (Report, descriptive and informative)

Pangarau- Fractions,decimals and percentages

Hakinakina- Assessements of Volleyball and Poitukohu skills

Nga reo- Brand new karakia for kai in Tongan and Samoan

Putaiao- ‘Past, Present and Future’ assignment on an invention and how that invention has changed the world

Taumata- How can we achieve our next Taumata and being really honest with ourselves and reflecting on our effort thus far throughout the year!! Great reflections

Also good luck to our Meli and Rosa who will be competing in the Western Zone Rugby League comp on Weds. Kia kaha korua and our Kerehana roopu!! Represent our kura with pride and passion the Kerehana Way 🙂

Notices: Please let the kura know if your tamaiti will be away for any reason- 818-5544. Nga Kakano attendance over the past 3 weeks has been very very low at 85% or lower. Please whanau, ring in for any reason- kei te pai engari korero mai ki te kura- Nga mihi

Have a great holidays Nga kakano,

Rest up, have a good break, help mum and dad around the whare, do some dishes without asking, clean your room up because you WANT TO and lastly keep safe aku tamariki!!


Arohanui, Whaea Terina


ipad-action-research-project-jaelyn-in-rarotonga-261 ipad-action-research-project-jaelyn-in-rarotonga-241 ipad-action-research-project-jaelyn-in-rarotonga-227 ipad-action-research-project-jaelyn-in-rarotonga-222 ipad-action-research-project-jaelyn-in-rarotonga-230

Malo e lelei,

It is Tongan  Language week this week and Taito, Rosa and Henry have taught us a brand new Tongan karakia, to bless our kai before we eat so nga mihi koutou, we will be using this karakia all week and for the rest of the term….

Our class is very multicultural and we respect and acknowledge the importance of the diversity of our kids and kura and appreciate and value each child and their culture.

Nga Kakano have been enjoying learning about how to create an autobiography and have an assignment due 20th September. The kaupapa is based around an invention from the “Past,Present or Future” and if this creation has changed the world? Please help your tamaiti with their homework koa. it is vital that we awhi our tamariki to succeed not only at kura, but also at home too so Kia kaha whanau 🙂

Our Maths focus has now changed to fractions,decimals and percentages and our kids are enjoying this a lot.

Reading is still focussed on Reciprocal reading and answering comprehension questions and skimming and scanning and highlighting different parts of the story/text.

Nga Kakano also featured in the kura panui from Week 6. Please read our kura panui as their are a few inportant details. Also our class had the lowest percentage for attendance 🙁 This percentage is affected by lateness and unexplained absences. Please ring if your tamaiti is going to be away for any reason?? If you dont ring, this alert is sent to our trunacy services so please whanau COMMUNICATION =  KEY 🙂

Our tamariki have also been given choices for our new TOPS cycle. Please have a korero and a look at the options our amazing kaiako have given and encourage your tamaiti to challenge themeselves and learn something new that would benefit them for their future especially our Year 8s that are going to High school next year.

Also a MASSIVE Congratulations to our Meli Tariu 🙂 She did so amazingly well at our Kura speech competitions last week and won 1st place. She was very shocked but very humbled by her awesome achievement and is now gearing up for the Auckland speech competition THIS WEDNESDAY the 7th of September. So if your free to come along and tautoko Kelston Intermediates Whaikorero representative, Nau mai haere mai ki Glen Eden Primary 7pm.


Otherwise have a great week, Kia kaha, Kia Maia, Kia manawanui 🙂Ipad-Action research project & Jaelyn in Rarotonga 270IMG_1707Ipad-Action research project & Jaelyn in Rarotonga 229Ipad-Action research project & Jaelyn in Rarotonga 248