Our Last Term of 2017!

Fakalofalahi atu Whanau of Te Kei o Te Waka,

This week has been busy settling into the swing of Term 4.  One of major goals for Term 4 is to really tackle mathematics as this subject does not seem to be a favourite for a few of our students in our class.

Algebra has been our main focus and students have been trying to find the rules for number patterns and sequences.  One of our groups have used skipping ropes to work out problems so that they are more clear on how algebra is used in everyday situations.

We have started our Dragons Den Business Plans in groups and this will be an exciting assignment as all students will aim to make a profit and share their own creative business ideas.

Now that the weather is fine it has been great to start our Athletics training with the first of our lessons concentrating on the 100m and 200m short distances.  Not everyone enjoys running but if you make it fun with short challenges everyone seems to be keen to have a go.

Doing extra homework to help be up to date will also be a priority as this is the last term to really improve.  Our taumata levels will be another aim and we are working hard achieving our next levels.

It is the long weekend so enjoy another day at home with family and also work on own homework tasks.

A special mention to our fabulous students Mya, Monique and Nadia and their parents for helping raise some money for our class ipad repairs thank you all so much.


Whaea May