Paraoa….to Pizza

This week we explored the different ways paraoa (bread) is made and the functions of the ingredients. We discussed the leavener (yeast) and how fermentation gives bread it’s unique spongy texture. We also learned about the role of kneading and how it develops gluten in the dough to help the texture of the bread.

We also connected our learning to Te Ao Maori looking into the Rewana starter, used to create the unique sour dough traditionally made prior to the introduction to commercial yeast. I made some and the kids were amazed at how it had fermented without adding yeast but by creating the perfect environment for wild yeast to thrive.

The kids really engaged in the kneading, enjoying the stretching of the dough and checking regularly to see if it had developed its elastic texture.

Last of all, they loved turning their dough into a pizza base, topping it with a selection of ingredients and baking it for their lunch.

There’s nothing like freshly baked bread, so encourage your kids to get into the kitchen and make the whanau some.

Whaea Reitu Warren
Food Technology