Planning…and the Primary Schools

This week we worked on bringing all our learning from the term together to plan a meal of choice.  The classes were asked to design a balanced and nutritious lunch meal based on the recipes and ideas they’d explored this term.

The most popular recipe that the students used as the base recipe was bread…..which we modified in class to turn into pizza. In saying this their create juices were flowing with statements like….

“If i take the sugar out of the pie crust can i add a savoury filling?….will it still work?”

”Can i add crushed pineapple instead of apple?”

“Can we swap some apples out for pears?”

“Can i add fruit into the batter……and then add more fruit on top?”

“Can we add another layer of bread dough on top of our pizza?”

I’m excited to see all the amazing dishes that will come out of the planning of week nine.

In addition we have had a great time hosting our primary schools this term.  This cycle we have had St Leonards Road Primary in Food Technology. Wow, what a great bunch of students.  So keen to learn and so keen to cook.

They have baked pinwheels, both savoury and sweet, chocolate muffins and this week they had the opportunity to modify and adapt the basic muffin recipe and create a muffin of their choice.  Again what amazing creative minds our rangatahi have….Apple and Chocolate….. Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate Chip and more. I also got the Year 6’s to give me some constructive feedback on Transition Day.  This is what they said.

St Leonards Road Primary Student voice on Transition Day

Lots to take in and some great student voice to help grow and develop Transition Day to make it more amazing.

Well done,

Whaea Reitu Warren