Seeing beauty as it happens – your the creator

Greet and meet students, Talk about the rules, expectations, Behaviour Management Strategies

WALT: understand why and where do we come from, what patterns identify me and how can I transfer it to my lino piece, to my wooden key ring to use.

Introduction Rules and Regulations

Safety rules touching of tools, footwear and clothing

Brainstorm of cultural patterns from aborigines

Aztec Mexican patterns to help our students learn skills for carving


Future learning needs: Symbols from aborigines patterns/ aztec and middle eastern patterns and Pacifica patterns

Set goals for each student

Sketching of symbols for own cultural background to support topic

WALT: Outline our designs for carving/ Making a stencils

SC: To make our designs more defined

Recap on safety

No entry without teacher permission

Do not touch tools/ and machines without permission

All long hair tied back

Cover shoes only

All must sweep tables and floors before bell rings.

WALT: Make a stencil for our carving designs

SC: Outline and define the chosen designs

Its been really great for the last 2 weeks, we look forward to seeing the end results for your students