Start of Term 2.

Talofa Lava, Malo elelei,

Welcome back to term 2 , week 1 has been a very busy week. We have revamped our structure of goals. This term we are creating a “VISION BOARD”, a vision board is a cupboard with pictures of what the students want to achieve this term. Example, one student might want to achieve a Taumata two, he will then put a picture of the colored band on his cupboard.

Also, we are also in the process of changing over to Onenote. Students are aware of what they need to do, we have been working really hard on this. Inquiry, this term is all about ” How to build a sustainable dwelling in the 21 century”. This is a huge topic, and it will require some homework on the students behalf.

And finally, SPEECHES are this term. Tamatoa have already begun to put their speeches together.

I will also put up photo’s of what has been happening in class.