Statistical investigations!

In Te Pou Herenga Waka, we are spending quite some time on statistical investigations. To the left you will see an image of part of our maths wall with examples of some of the awesome work we are doing in class.

The first step to creating a statistical investigation was posing a question – we thought about what we would like to know and asked questions about that topic. The next step was creating a method to collect the data, this was fun because we got to create our own questionnaires, opinion polls and surveys. After that we had to display collected data in an appropriate format, our preferred format turned out to be a range of bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs. Lastly we made statements about the implications or possible actions based on the results of our investigation.

This week we will look at how we can evaluate the effectiveness of different forms of displaying data and make conclusions on the basis of our statistical investigations.