Students taking on Leadership roles

Kia orana Turou Oro Mai,

Last week we had a great Reo Kuki Airani week with Team Taonga, and our students in Te Kei o Te Waka stepped up to lead the different workshops.  Mathius, Ben and Afa taught the Cook Islands Drumming ‘Rutu Pau’ and Halamalu helped with teaching the ‘Ura’ Cook Islands Dance.  The most important aspect of the day was to experience learning the language of the Cook Islands and Arizona and Shakyna taught the students the Cook Island alphabet and Nadia and Monique taught the Cook Island National Anthem.  To end the day we had a Mr and Miss Cook Islands pageant competition and we thank Michael and Monique for taking on the challenge to represent Te Kei o Te Waka.  Like all things Cook Islands we finished off with a big kaikai or kaimanga with a shared lunch with all of the Team Taonga classes and teachers.

The beginning of week three has been busy with the beginning of our Puberty Talks and preparing our speeches that will be delivered near towards week 6.  Looking back at the work the students have done over the year the students reflected on how they could improve their online student profiles.  Students are asked to try and aim for their academic goals and achieve a higher level in all their subjects.  This weeks words so far to help with good work habits has been ‘Lets be organised!’ and ‘Lets be committed!’.

There are still parents who are contacting Mrs Tamati for their child’s student led conferences and that is fine.  Please call 0211376760 for an after school appointment.

Kia kaha, kia maroiroi,

Whanau Te Kei o Te Waka

Mathius, Afa and Ben teaching the Cook Islands Drumming to Team Taonga tamariki during the Te Reo Kuki Airani week.

Arizona and Shakyna teaching the Cook Islands alphabet to Team Taonga.

Halamalu teaching Cook Islands Dance – ‘Ura or Koni’

Nadia and Monique teaching the Cook Islands Anthem.

Ofa learning how to tie a pareu with Seian and Raina as the tutors.

Monique was amazing representing Te Kei o Te Waka in the Kerehana Mr and Miss Cook Islands pageant 2017.

Michael Davies was our Te Kei o Te Waka Warrior in the Mr and Miss Cook Islands pageant.