Tasi Tasi

“Of a truth, men are mystically united: a mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one.”  – Thomas Carlyle.

This is happening right now in Tamatoa ;

Tamatoa planing for our future learning wall next term.

Tamatoa doing a “trust” activity in Kiwi Can. We had fun.

Mandarin class.

Tamatoa – helped plant 1500 trees down at the Whau river, it was awesome….

This is happening right now in Tamatoa

Brayden is teaching a song in Maori.

“United we stand, divided we fall” – unknown. 

Tamatoa win best attendance award – excellent


“I am smiling because you are my brother. I am laughing because there is nothing you can do about it!” – Unknown

“When we build positive relationships we establish great learning environments” Nathan, W.  This is Tamatoa, we are a brotherhood, we are KELSTON HARD!!!

The name TAMATOA in essence means to never give up. Research shows that girls develop/mature faster than boys, however – try telling TAMATOA that. With the right attitude we can be the best.

So, lets look at it….we are in week 7- term 2….

Well, let me tell you – Our inquiry topic has been about GLOBAL WARMING. We have been looking at the CAUSE and EFFECTS of natural disasters specifically, events that have happened in NZ.

Tamatoa have been working on a disaster timeline which they will need to present to the class. We have had a variety of topics that the students have been very keen to investigate. Pictures of the end result will be up shortly.

To make links into our Inquiry topic our writing focus has been to explain how GLOBAL WARMING effects our world and environment. I can assure you, we have had some interesting debates/discussions on the Why & How. 

Geometry has also been a very interesting subject.

To start Geometry we do an activity called “Shapes”. The leader will call out a Geometry shape and the students need to make that shape, if not they are out. For example the leader might say octagon, the students then need to get into a group of 8 people. Nathan, w – to help boys engage in their learning, they also need to be moving & not sitting for more than 30 minutes. 

A special mention to Linkin the Head Boy. He is the first person in Tamatoa to receive a Taumata Wha. The first of many more .

Up & coming events: next week on the 20th of June Tuesday, team Aroha will be down at the Whau river helping to plant 1000 trees. We will be there from 9 am – 2 pm.

“Brothers don’t necessarily have to say anything to each other they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Cause & Effect:

This term our inquiry topic is global warming. In Tamatoa we are looking at causes and effects. What causes global warming? how does it affect our earth? we are focused on land, air and water.

It is important for the young men of Tamatoa to set achievable goals.  These goals help bring focus & a target to aim for. We have been working on vision boards in class.

Tamatoa are very good at singing!! We should become a choir?

Nathan, W. Signing helps support young men learn.  

So far, Tamatoa have learnt songs in these languages Samoan, Tongan, a song in Thai, Urdu (Afghanistan), Tuvalu, Fiji and the Philippines.  Research says singing helps boys to engage with their learning.

Fawad Teaching Tamatoa a song in Urdu (Pakistan).


“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Talofa this term as a class our theme in Tamatoa is “Brotherhood”. Brotherhood is about respect,responsibility & being engaged. It’s about identity, culture & understanding that we are Kelistonions.

This term our main focus will be on science. Our inquiry topic for science is “Global warming”. We will be looking at these areas; Air– pollution, oxygen & omission. Land-erosion, natural disasters. Water– pollution, water cycle & filtration.

In maths we are going to look at Geometry , learning about – 3D shapes, angles, directions, rotation & reflection, 3D model of the solar system, Matariki, making of the stars , nets of the planets.

Please make sure that you keep up to date with your child’s progress on OneNote. They will have specific tasks to complete & also home work.


“You may call for peace as loudly as you wish, but where there is no brotherhood there can in the end be no peace. ” – Max lerner. 

This is Kelston, this is Tamatoa. At the beginning of term 1 we learn’t about the words respect, engaged & responsibility. We have looked at these words and made connections on how they relate to us at home, in our community & at school.

The implications, of a brotherhood has quickly become evident in Tamatoa. As the quote suggests, if young men from all walks of life cannot bond together for a common purpose, how can there be an agreement. “WE ARE KELSTON”, we stand for a purpose.

A huge thank you to all parents who supported their child at our PLP students conferences last week on Tuesday. I enjoyed meeting you, talking to you about your child’s progress.

So many exciting things have been happening in Tamatoa. Please remember to check with your child about their homework. We have an assignment on ANZAC which is due in on the 13th of April.

Here are some pictures to show you what has been going down.

Introducing Matua Junior. Matua Junior is a student teacher from AUT who is doing a teaching practicum in Tamatoa.


So far, we have learnt a Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Thai, Maori, Afghanistan & Tuvaluan song. Here is Kenneth teaching a song from the Philippines.




Week 7, WOW!!…. We are in testing week at Kelston. Students have been doing Gloss testing & other test to help the teacher understand where their learning needs are. It has been a very interesting time.

Here is a run down of what Tamatoa have been learning in class.

In maths we have been learning number strategies. These include the times tables & also math word problems that students have had to solve using as specific strategy. Students have used strategies such as subtracting from numbers to make 10’s and then either multiply or use addition. Another strategy is to half numbers and then to add these numbers to another number by using multiplication. We have been learning many strategies as such. We have also looked at place value & decimals.

In reading & writing we have been learning about (reciprocal reading) and our Genre for writing has been “recount” . We have also looked at writing a letter to the teacher telling the teacher “All about me”. The results have been fantastic. To view your child’s progress please go on to your child’s onenote page.

 On another note: home work has been set for your child on onenote, please check to see if your child is keeping up to date. 

Here are some pictures to leave you with. 

Team Aroha won the fitness trophy this week – Yes

“All about me” In one of our lessons we did a project where students had to find out what their name meant & then to describe themselves using 8 words.



Introducing our class councilors:

Kusma : Class councilor ,Christopher: Dpt class councilor & Kenneth (head peer mediator).


A huge congratulations to these students who earned Taumata bands.

Nathan, Ezekiel & Samim have began their journey. Well done boys, excellent work.

Lastly, thank you to those parents who came out to support our family fun day. It was awesome having you there. Here are some photos to show you how “Funtastic” this day was….



click on the title and please make sure that your child returns their permission slip and pays their $15 for entry fee and bus.

Could you please make sure you pay and bring the permission slip by Wednesday 15th March 2017.

Thank you

 Come hang out with kelston Intermediate this Friday the 3rd of March . Our “FAMILY FUN DAY” is going to be the bomb. It is an all day event.

In Tamatoa we have been learning about the words respect, engaged & responsibility. We have also looked at how these words can be shown in our communities & at home. I can assure you, it has been a very challenging discussion. 

Vision boards: We need vision!! – Tamatoa have sat through some intense teaching on why it is important to set goals. The results have been fantastic… check out Kenneth’s vision board. 

That’s it for now, see you at our family fun day……..

Tamatoa was sad to hear the news of the passing away of Sione Lauaki. Last year we had Senita Lauaki in our class his younger brother.  To pay our respect to Sione & the family we had a moment of silence.


Rest in love uso!! From us to you.

Men at work: build, build, build, take a look at what is taking shape.


We are making good progress in our learning environment.

All about me: students were given a task where they had to find the meaning to their name & then to describe themselves with 8 words. Some used the words, strong, confident & friendly. Wow.

Tamatoa also won cleanest class award. Good stuff boys, you are awesome.

In Tamatoa we have been looking at respect, engaged & responsibility. These are our school values. We unpacked these in class and looked at three areas, looks like, feels like & sounds like. For each of the values we talked about how we could apply them at home, school & the community.

Other areas we have been learning are maths & writing. In maths we have been learning number strategies. Students have been looking at word problems and applying strategies such as splitting numbers and making tens. It has been fun. In writing we have been learning about the writing process. The students have produced some excellent writing examples.

Just a reminder: swimming starts next week. All money & consent forms are due. Please contact the front office is you need more information.

Also next week is our family fun day. This has been a talking point in Tamatoa since the beginning of term 1. I know our students are excited about this.

On that note take care & stay safe. Fa Soifua.


A huge congratulations to Tamatoa for winning 2nd place ; best attendance. This is a good result considering it is week 3.

In Tamatoa we have been working very hard on building positive relationships. Our aim is to establish great friendships where respect, engaged & responsibility is out worked in everything we do.

We have been learning a lot about our school values & setting goals.

Check out these photos.

To set the tone for a great working environment, Tamatoa did a brainstorm to establish class rules. The class rules seen in this picture are student voice. It encourages our students to WALK THE WALK & TALK THE TALK.


Tamatoa learning in groups. (Matua Lino on the right). Matua Lino is a support teacher in Tamatoa. “He is the bomb.”


Christopher, Linkin, Kenneth & Mr Tasi walking up Mt Eden. We spent time together during the holidays talking about what leadership means & what it would look like this year 2017. It was a cool day. Christopher reckons he saw a horse, but it turned out to be a dog.

On that note : We have family day in week 5. This is a great opportunity for family & friends to check out what your child has been learning in class.

We also have swimming coming up in week 5. Please check to see if your child has filled out all the appropriate swimming forms. It is compulsory for all students to participate as this is a part of our school P.E & Health curriculum.

Soifa Soifua.


Talofa & Hi,

” Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

The message behind the name Tamatoa is to “Never give up”.

In Tamatoa we have been focused on “We are Kelston” ; learning about the school values – respect, engage & responsibility. 

It is important that our students understand and unpack these words as they are apart of what we do at Kelston.



Talofa Family,

Tamatoa has had a great start to the week. It has been awesome meeting our new Y7s.

In class we have been working on the topic “We are kelston”. Together , student & Teacher, we have been talking about what we value in our school and our class.

Here are some photos ;

This is our Tamatoa Kaupapa – Class room rules created by our students. A finalised copy will be put up on the wall for all our students to see.

Tamatoa learning our school Pepeha.

Please be sure to keep your self informed with our weekly notices that our students bring home. On that note; Fa soifua.


It’s that time of year again, Yay!!! – the start of the school year. Hope you had a great break over the holiday period. School will start this Wednesday at 8:45 am. Year 7’s will meet on the turf and our Y8’s to meet in the hall.

See you then .

WOW!! 2016, has now come to an end. To all our year 8’s in Taamatoa, all the best. Just remember, the essence of Tamatoa – means to “Never, give up”.

To all my year 7’s – your time to shine, next year.

On that note; Merry, Christmas. Have a safe holiday’s & we will see you next year in 2017.

Here are some photo’s of Tamatoa over the year.

Talofa, Malo e lelei, Whaka lofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Namaste, Swasdi.


Firstly, I would like to congratulate all our year 8 boy’s for the fantastic year you have had in Tamatoa. The name Tamatoa in essence, means to “Never give up”.  Without a doubt, I have seen these young men mature in the way they conduct themselves & their attitudes.

On another note, to our Year 7’s, next year is your year to shine.

Tamatoa won the best attendance award this week, “Awesome”


Just a few reminders: Parent interviews are happening next week on the 6th & 7th of December, that is the Tuesday and Wednesday. School will finish at 1 pm on a Tuesday & normal time on Wednesday. A notice has already been sent home to remind parents.

Here are some photo’s of Tamatoa over the year. Fa’soifua.




Tamatoa – the meaning behind the name Tamatoa is  to “ Never give up”,  as the famous Winston Churchill quoted; “never, never, never give up”.


Note from Mr (Tasi): This year I attend a conference called – How to engage boy’s in education. (Nathan, W).  I learn’t a lot of stuff.  Here are some of the things I learn’t and have been applying in my class room. 1. To engage boys; there are several things you can do as a teacher. Physical education, research say’s with boys physical education helps develop the brain in young men (Nathan, W). Every morning, Tamatoa go for a run around our turf. We also do physical activities as warm up games in class connected to the learning, example to start our maths we will do an fun activity that gets our boys moving, having fun but – challenging the critical thinking. 2. Laughing & singing. You wouldn’t think, but these things are very much apart of helping young boy’s learn.


Tamatoa – doing singing and dancing for our language curriculum. I am looking forward to seeing good results as I continue to implement these things.

On that note: Please look out for the news letter as there a some very important notices, and Tamatoa have an assignment on Forensic Science. This is due in on the 25th of November. Please ask you child in regards to this.



Talofa, a huge congratulations to all those who performed in our Keli-fest!! – Tamatoa had students participate in almost every group, Malo Lava – boys.

There is a huge push in Tamatoa for students to achieve Taumata bands, at the moment we are working on setting Taumata goals. Also, a huge congratulations to Wilfried, who has been asked to trial for the Auckland Basketball reps. He has been doing well & will have another trial this Wednesday. Good LUCK , Wilfried!!



Talofa, as week 8 comes to a close we have a lot to be thankful for in Tamatoa!

  1. This week Tamatoa won the cleanest class award.
  2. We congratulate ; Wilfried, Linkin, Morris, Endamann, Joahua & Kruizado for representing our school in the Basketball zone competitions this week.
  3. We congratulate ; Joshua P & Dallas for earning a Taumata Rua band, Awesome.
  4. We celebrate for coming second equal for best attendance aware

On that note: Tamatoa, have an assignment due next week in week 9. Have a great weekend.


20160823_084709 20160823_094258

Our projects on the host nation of the Olympics : This includes statistics/facts/numbers.


A timeline on a famous person who has impacted the world: Great way to include facts/statistics/ numbers.


Tamatoa Taumata wall : Every morning we are reminded of what it means to be a Kelston student – respect, responsibility, engaged.  More to come!!

Talofa lava,

With term 3 underway, Tamatoa have been very busy.

Inquiry: Our theme this term is ” How can we change our world, past/present/future.

We have begun to look at writing a biography on famous New Zealanders from the past who have made lasting impacts into the future.

We have also been busy following the Olympics in Rio – Brazil, it has been a talking point in our class on what team from which country has won gold so far. The “KIWI’S” are a hot topic. Here are some other stuff happening in Tamatoa,

20160808_101522  20160808_101532

Constable Carl ; talking to Tamatoa about how to keep safe in and around the community, we had a very interesting question time.

20160809_092915  20160809_092915

In Tamatoa, we also have a student teacher Matua Tyler, who is currently in his second year of completing a teaching degree. The students love him. Here’s Matua Tyler, teaching a group.

That is it for now, but please keep in touch through our news letters which are sent out every week. Also, there is homework for Tamatoa to complete, the students have written down in their diaries what needs to be done, so parents, please check with your child.



This week our Inquiry products are due, students have already been informed to communicate to parents in regards to this. We have been focused on our Inquiry Question which is “How do we build a sustainable living in the 21st century”. I can guarantee you, we have had some deep and meaningful conversations around this, example, we have talked about why people are living in their cars?, We have talked about how does the 21st century living standard suit Maori & Pacific people. It has been most interesting to hear the thoughts of the students.

Please stay keep up to date with the latest news through the Kelston Website, or our school news letter.

Talofa Lava,

Week 5 is here, this week is Samoan language week. This week in Tamatoa we will be practicing some basic Samoan words.

Now that we are on OneNote, students have been using this to complete their homework. It has been fantastic seeing students collaborating online. It also means that I can make comments on their work or mark work while they are Online, Awesome.

Please make note: Homework for this week will be in the content library, it includes geometry, speeches and inquiry.

Have a fantastic week.

Talofa Lava, Malo elelei,

Welcome back to term 2 , week 1 has been a very busy week. We have revamped our structure of goals. This term we are creating a “VISION BOARD”, a vision board is a cupboard with pictures of what the students want to achieve this term. Example, one student might want to achieve a Taumata two, he will then put a picture of the colored band on his cupboard.

Also, we are also in the process of changing over to Onenote. Students are aware of what they need to do, we have been working really hard on this. Inquiry, this term is all about ” How to build a sustainable dwelling in the 21 century”. This is a huge topic, and it will require some homework on the students behalf.

And finally, SPEECHES are this term. Tamatoa have already begun to put their speeches together.

I will also put up photo’s of what has been happening in class.





We are in the last week of school, here are some reminders,

Start of next term Monday 2 of May. please make sure you schedule this date into your calender’s.

Fees that are due, Shake Spear $5, Tech fee’s $30 and swimming fee’s are now due, $14. 

Please make sure you keep up to date with our dates, through our news letters and the website.



My Name is Mr Tasi, I am the new teacher in Room 6, which is now called Tama Toa. The heart of Tama Toa is “To never give up”, no matter we go through in life.

The first 6 weeks have been very interesting, full of fun, full of challenges, but most of all full of energy.

Here are a few of our important events coming up this week, Monday 14th of March,  team Kotahitanga have swimming at the Ben Greenwood pools, Kelston Girls. All permission slips and consent forms should have been returned. Friday 18th of March,  we are visiting the Poly fest, Manukau. This is going to be an awesome event. All permission slips and money should have been returned by now.  Please feel free to inquiry through our website for more information.