Taumata Achievements!

Congratulations to Stacey Saussey for achieving taumata tahi this week – Stacey was able to articulate why she deserves taumata tahi through an interview she had with Miss Taylor. Stacey talked about her journey to becoming a more respectful, responsible and engaged pupil of Kelston Intermediate. She was able to identify her family heritage on her fathers side and how she is able to acknowledge the diverse cultures within our school. Kei runga noa atu koe Stacey!!!

Stacey photo

Congratulations to Aries Greening for taking another step closer to the highest taumata level at Kelston intermediate. Today Aries was interviewed by Miss Taylor to achieve taumata rua. Aries was able to talk about her journey to learn more about her cultural heritage. She is active in learning the Tongan language and is willing to request help when needed. An area that Aries and Miss Taylor think she needs improvement in is her ability to work collaboratively with others, participating and contributing in groups. This is something Aries will continue to work on. Ka pai Aries – He mareikura koe.