Te Kapa o Onewherowhero- AMAZING and so PROUD!!!


Kei aku nui, Kei aku rahi, E rau rangatira ma!!!! Tihei Mauri Ora

PROUD PROUD PROUD is all we can say about our roopu ‘Te Kapa o Onewherowhero’ and their AMAZING performance last Saturday at the Tamaki Kapahaka Regional competition!! Our tamariki in Nga Kakano- David, Jamie, Kyron, Jayden, Chelston, Ocean, Meli, Rosa and Malania were absolutely stunning and I was so proud of them 🙂

All our tamariki stood with such Pride, Mana, Intergrity and displayed such resilience and passion and we as their tutors are soooooo proud of them ALL xx

The diverse cultures that were displayed at our performance was the WINNER on the day and our Kerehana whanau came and supported our Roopu ‘LOUD and PROUD!!!

A huge acknoweledgement to our whanau who helped with kai, transport, kakahu, poi making, dressing our tamariki on that day and everyone else who contributed to our roopu and their First stand on a competitive stage!!!

Our values were shown throughout their whole performance and our kids represented our kura to the utmost respect!!!

To learn and experience another culture is great, but to perform and express such resilience was the winner’……Ka pai whanau!!! We have only just begun!!!! 🙂