Te Kei o Te Waka and our Whanau!

This week’s post has been written by our class councillor Arizona Johnson hope you enjoy what she has to share with you all.

“Last week Friday 3rd March we had Whanau Day. Whanau Day is a very special day because that is the day where all our whanau can come to school so we show them all the work we have been learning in class. We also had the first Taumata presentations for this year and this is where we show our achievements by receiving a Taumata band for using our three school values that are Respect, Responsibility and Engagement.  At the school assembly we had the prefects and class councilors receive their badges.  We thank all the parents and whanau who brought food to share with all of Team Taonga and spend the day with us.”

Written by Arizona Johnson.

See our pictures of our Te Kei o Te Waka Whanau and our Year 7 students using the school devices to sit their assessment tests this week.