Te Kei o te Waka

Te Kei o te Waka

May Tamati - Teacher

Mathius Winitana-Lole is presenting his Inquiry Presentation.

Hola Whanau o Te Kei o Te Waka,

This week we are sharing our Inquiry Presentations using the microsoft classroom tool SWAY.  Today was the first of the presentations with our Deputy Head Boy Mathius Winitana-Lole taking on the challenge to be the first to present.  Our focus for this term was to look at the Causes and Effects of Disasters and the impact of these on our lives.

We have made a great effort with learning the Mandarin Language and our class managed to win the best class for last week.  Today we learnt how to say numbers from 0-99.  Our Mandarin teacher Miss Wong is learning other languages and she has managed to translate one of the Cook Island readers ‘Toku Mama’ into the Mandarin language.

Our challenge to achieve our Academic Goals continue as the students progress and aim to complete set tasks by next week.

Hei konei ra,

May Tamati


Year 8 boys Kerehana Toa Netball Team doing their cheers at the West Auckland Netball Tournament

Te Kei o Te Waka girls receiving their Duffy books and we thank Warehouse Stationery St Lukes for their sponsorship of these books.

(Te Pou Herenga Waka were the winners of last weeks Mix Netball game and Nga Hau e Wha won the chant!)

Kia ora Whanau o Te Kei O Te Waka this week has been a busy week with a focus on working towards our Academic Goals for Term 2.

Last week Wednesday we had the pleasure of having our Principal Matua Phil Gordon visit our classroom for observations and see what we do and how we learn in our class.  Some students shared their portfolios and sway creations and others shared some of their book work.

This Tuesday our class helped to plant some trees at Archibald reserve and that was a valuable experience for both our students and teachers as we worked along side the St Leonards Primary school to plant six hundred trees.

There is a buzz at the moment with both boys and girls playing netball at this school and some students in Te Kei o Te Waka represented our school at this weeks West Auckland Championships.  Well done to Shakyna who played in the Year 7 girls team and was also the captain.  Aryan played well on the day in the Year 7 boys team playing in the positions of WA and GD.  In the Year 8 boys team was Mark at the WD and GK positions and Afa at the GS and WA positions.

On Fridays we continue to organise the school netball competition and the winners for last weeks games was Te Pou Herenga Waka.  The chant was won by Nga Hau e Wha and we look forward this weeks game.

Our Onenote folders have been updated and parents can view with this with your child at home as they continue to add evidence to their portfolio folders and class notes.

Our Team Taonga teachers were learning how to bake an apple pie with our new Food Technology teacher Whaea Raitu.  It was a fantastic challenge and like the students we had to write the method ourselves, listen to instructions and measure ingredients accurately.  What a great experience that was and afterwards the applie pie and ice cream tasted delicious!

Thank you to the parents who make sure that your child is at school everyday it is so important that your child attends school on a regular basis for their learning.

Just a friendly reminder that we start school at 8.40am so students please make an effort to be on time for the first bell.

Kia maroimaroi, Kia kaha te Whanau o Te Kei O Te Waka.

Nga Mihi,

Mrs May Tamati



Afa and his 3Dimensional Identity Cube

Jared and our new class mascot TK Emoji

Siope and his Identity Cube

Hajeerah and Monique during a Buddy Reading session on the Reading Couch.

Nerisa and Mele during Buddy Reading time.

Nga Kahurangi and Mauria Te Pono first game for Kelston Mix Netball Competition 2017

Sharing our Cultural knowledge with each other. Here Siope is sharing his Tongan knowledge with Rizita.

Hola and welcome to our news from Te Kei o Te Waka class.  We have had a full on week inside and outside of the classroom.  Our class leaders have been organising a Mix Netball competition run on Fridays and well done to Nga Kahurangi who won their game against Mauria te Pono.  But the winning was not the important aspect of the game but more the participation and also the opportunity to build Team Spirit.

Te Kei o Te Waka leaders have learnt that organising an event is quite challenging but worthwhile.  There are emails that need to be sent out to communicate with teachers and class councillors, a draw to be set up and ready to be changed if necessary, minutes of meetings to be written and viewed upon from previous discussions, organising the equipment for the game and most importantly making sure that all players and teams know when they going to play as well as know the rules and expectations and be ready with a Class Chant.  For all this to happen the students had to call on their Mathematics, Literacy, Communication, Physical Education, Inquiry skills to organise the event.

In Geometry we are continuing on with constructing 3 Dimenstional shapes as well as as using the cubes as Identity Cubes to place our own cultural messages and cultural designs on them.  Other students have used their 3D cubes as SOCIAL, CULTURAL, and ACADEMIC goals to show evidence to help achieve their next Taumata Level.  A few have placed some of the JADE SPEAKS vocabulary on the their 3D cubes and also included reminder phrases that they have learnt in the sessions taught.

Kiwican has a major positive influence for our class Te Kei o Te Waka as the learning and activities help support what is covered in class and part of the school values.  Learning to be “…Responsible for our learning and staying motivated.” was the WALT for last week.  We thank Matua Sefa and Ms Amelia for their knowledge as the Kiwican teachers.  Being responsible and motiviated is one of the major skills the students have been working on as they have to been given the opportunity to utilise a 10 minute time slot daily where they can work on a task of their choice to help with their ACADEMIC goal.

The Buddy tutoring programme is going well and students are cooperating well to help each other read.  There are a lot of alternative places they can sit in the classroom that are comfortable and at different levels with the use of cushions, the reading and thinking couch, by the back door step, under tables, on a tall stool or just being at a desk.

This week we celebrated the birthday of Vaikona on Monday and Jared on Tuesday.

We have a new mascot in our class and it is called TK Emoji who will attend all our netball games and also it will be looked after by Jared and the rest of the class.

A reminder to parents if you would like to see the progress of your child or just to have a chat you are most welcome to come in on Tuesday’s from 12pm through to 3pm to speak with Mrs Tamati or alternatively drop a text to the below number.

Hei konei ra,

May Tamati


Afa is finding some words that start with th to help Jared with his reading.

Matua Sean is helping Jared with his Social, Academic and Cultural Goals.

Shakyna is helping Jared with his reading.

Greetings All,

Thank goodness for the Queens Birthday weekend where we can have a rest with our families and be ready for Week 6 of Term 2.  Today the students were challenged and concentrated on answering the following question but with true and deep thought on their own successes so far this year.  WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED SO FAR THIS YEAR FOCUSING ON OUR SOCIAL, ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL GOALS?

Some examples of the students responses are shared this week with the clear understanding that some students are stepping up and achieving their different goals to help get their next Taumata Level as well as their learning and WHERE TO NEXT GOALS!

As part of Whaea May’s inquiry for this year to help support students to be responsible for their own learning a few changes have been made in the daily programme to help support this kaupapa and concept.  The students have been given the opportunity in the first 10 minutes of the day to choose an activity that they would like to do to help with their learning.  This is a work in progress and students have started to make changes to improve good work habits for academic success.

Being a whanau Te Kei o Te Waka rely on supporting each other with our learning.  Buddy Reading Tutors have started today to help with our ‘Priority Learners’.  This not only helps the students who need support but also the Tutor Buddy who is aiming to be responsible as part of their next Taumata.

Congratulations to Aryan Chand and Raina Singh who have started their Taumata Journey-Malaga and received their Taumata Tahi last week.  If anyone sees Aryan around the school ask him to say his Pepeha he is amazing and confident.

Focus this week is to LISTEN carefully so that we can be more SUCCESSFUL to achieve our goals.  The importance of REFLECTION on our daily acheivements.

Our leaders have been organising a school Mix Netball Competition and we hope that it will start this week depending on the weather.

Meitaki atupaka,

May Tamati




Afa one of our faiaoga – tutors for Samoan Language week reading a Samoan Reader to a small group of friends.

Nerisa also reading a Samoan reader to a group of friends.

We welcome Sharlene Haskell to Te Kei o Te Waka!

Talofa lava fanau this week in Te Kei o Te Waka we are celebrating Samoan Language week and this year’s theme is “Ma’au i lou ofaga.  Maua’a lou fa’asinomaga.” “Keep your Identity alive to thrive!”  We are very fortunate to have some students who are fluent in the Samoan Language and they have been our Faiaoga-Teachers of the language.  Thank you to Afa, Arizona, Mathius, Nerisa and Mark for your knowledge of the language.  Activities such as learning basic greetings and sentences to have a conversion and also reading a Samoan story to a small group.

We have a new student in our class this week and we welcome Sharlene Bourne to our whanau room of Te Kei o Te Waka.

A creative writing challenge is due in this Thursday 2nd June and some students have taken on board the challenge to write an imaginary story as part of a competition being organised by Mrs Teariki.

Tomorrow the Rugby Teams will be competing at the West Auckland Tournament and representing our class will be Nerisa.

Tofa suifua,

May Tamati


Kia ora koutou this week has started on a high with our class achieving two school awards one for the Best Attendance and the other the Cleanest Class Award.  These two awards are very important to our school values as they both reflect Respect, Responsibility and Engagement in our daily school life.

We welcome a new student to our class Jarred and he has already started to feel happy and comfortable in our class.

For maths the Oe’ group have been using cubes to help with multiplication and division.

Our PE classes have been a good challenge learning the basic skills of Netball and Basketball and the throwing and catching techniques have improved over the past week.

Our new Term Two goals are on the way as the students aim for their next Taumata level.  The year 8 students have started to organise a school Mix Netball Competition which will be held on Friday lunch time and our class councillors and leaders will be organising this.

Slowly but surely our work is being added onto the Onenote programme and students are helping others in class to work collaboratively to put all their Profiles and students work in the Te Kei o Te Waka class notebook.

A reminder if there are any parents who would like at any time want to discuss your childs progress and achievements please call May Tamati on the below number.

Ka Kite,

May Tamati



We have started our week with the Jade Speaks Up programme as part of our health studies and keeping ourselves safe.  In brief the programme is a chance for all to look at the choices we make about how we act in a more peaceful way and how we can keep ourselves safe.  A permission slip has been given to your child if you do not wish for them to participate in the reseach project questionnaire towards the end of the programme.

Here are some of the poems the students have written so far about the Jade Speaks Up:

P resentation is always excellent and on point

E nvironment making the Physical World a better place

A ttitude is positive

C aring for others and making good choices

E ndurance to overcome a tough time (by Mathius Lole)


P ain will go away and make you have peace and quiet

E motions can get over you so let it go under

A ccept life when it  gives you lemons

C ome to the nearest community to find help

E ven though you seem you’re alone but you’re not (Monique Favier)


T hink about what you say before you say it

R un as fast as you can when someone approaches you

U se your self defence actions to fight back

S trength can help you verbally and physically

T rust the people around you (Nadia Marwan)


T elling someone secretly you trust them

R ing or call someone nearby if you are in trouble

U se your self defence

S afely walk back home

T ry and avoid talking to strangers (Mark Siliko)


S tay strong and run for help

A ask for help

F ind people that you trust

E vacuate from danger (Melefale  Houma)

Kia ora Koutou,

Term 2 has kicked started with the new topics of study with the different curriculum areas underway.  Topics of study include Geometry, Multiplication and Division, The World Around Us, Keeping Safe, Music Arts, Explanation Writing, Reciprocal Reading, Natural Disasters and all linked with the students Inquiry questions and research.

As a beginning of a new term expectations to improve levels in all areas is a key focus as well as excellent work habits and having high level of completed set assignments and tasks.  For this to be achieved students have set their new goals for Term 2 and are planning their pathway to achieve them.

We are placing our Profiles online on Onenote and this will be an ongoing process before the midyear Student Led Conferences.

Just a reminder if parents would like to discuss the progress of their child please call the school or drop a text to the below number.

Ka kite,

May Tamati


Te Kei o Te Waka has had many successes this term and we are finishing off with two students achieving their Taumata Tahi.  We congratulate Shakyna Tawhiao and Tiare Pittman for receiving their Taumata Tahi this week.

In class we have been working hard to think of questions that are level three questions that are open questions that ask deep inquiry thinking.  Some of our students have struggled with this challenge but we are are making improvements of using words that more explicit and shows critical thinking.

As a class we were able to share our own cultural language to make comparisons with understanding of words for example translating the English words into our our language for example the word communicate to ‘korero’, critical to ‘faigata’, organise to ‘teutue’.

For maths students have been using different strategies to work out word problems in their own levels and sharing these with their levelled groups.  Some are becoming more confident to share their strategies with their group.

Next week on Tuesday we will be going on our Team Taonga Trip to Jellicoe Pools please make sure your child has a large bottle of water and lunch with suitable swimming gear for the day.

Today was the final Cook Islands cultural session with Ms Napa and she had one of her past students visit her to let her know that she was “His favourite teacher of all time!”  We wish Ms Napa all the blessings on her new endeavours and new journey.

Meitaki atupaka,

Whaea May Tamati





Talofa All Whanau,

A big thank you to those parents who managed to come to the PLP sessions for your child.

The academic, social and cultural goals were discussed and with a closer look at where you can help with your child at home.

If you still have not managed to come to school for the PLP sessions please drop a text or call May Tamati on 0211376760.  Times during the day can be organised as well if this is more convenient for you especially on Tuesday’s from 12pm through to 1pm where the teacher is free to discuss your childs future learning needs.

Homework for maths is on your child’s Onenote access and there are measurement maths challenges that can be completed in their own time at home.

For inquiry students have been working on their Culture Inquiry question and the Polyfest presentation.  Here you can see that our students enjoyed the Polyfest trip and it was a worthwhile day with an amazing time watching a diverse range of cultures.

If you are wanting to purchase a class photo the forms have been given out or you can alternatively pay for one oneline.

Happy Birthday to Siope who turned 11 last week and thanks to his mother for bringing in a cake for his special day.



Whaea May Tamati



Polyfest 2017 will be buzzing with excitement and pride as student from 62 schools participate in this years festival.  Te Kei o Te Waka have been preparing their inquiry for the Polyfest trip as they work in small groups to interview people, critic different performances, view and appreciate the diverse range of cultures at the festival.  The final task is to put together a short documentary to share with others at school.

The Mandarin classes have been fun and engaging and students have enjoyed learning another language.

As part of an important process of learning assessments have been completed in time for next weeks Personal Learning Plan sessions.  Just a reminder please fill out the permission slip to for next week Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.

Ka Kite,

May Tamati


This week’s post has been written by our class councillor Arizona Johnson hope you enjoy what she has to share with you all.

“Last week Friday 3rd March we had Whanau Day. Whanau Day is a very special day because that is the day where all our whanau can come to school so we show them all the work we have been learning in class. We also had the first Taumata presentations for this year and this is where we show our achievements by receiving a Taumata band for using our three school values that are Respect, Responsibility and Engagement.  At the school assembly we had the prefects and class councilors receive their badges.  We thank all the parents and whanau who brought food to share with all of Team Taonga and spend the day with us.”

Written by Arizona Johnson.

See our pictures of our Te Kei o Te Waka Whanau and our Year 7 students using the school devices to sit their assessment tests this week.




click on the title and please make sure that your child returns their permission slip and pays their $15 for entry fee and bus.

Could you please make sure you pay and bring the permission slip by Wednesday 15th March 2017.

Thank you

Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa, Malolelei, Fakalofalahiatu, Bulavinaka and Greetings to all family and friends of Te Kei o Te Waka.

This week has been a busy and productive week in class and with all the school events that include the swimming lessons, Team Taonga fundraising day and preparation for Whanau day.

Congratulations on our fundraising event yesterday for Team Taonga the $5 mufti, sausage sizzle and ice cream sandwich was a success and now we have some finances for our Team Taonga trip for this term and we will let you know of that special trip later in the term.

The students have been getting ready for whanau day to have work and presentations to share with you all.  We hope that someone from the family maybe able to attend whanau day tomorrow.

Our students have been working on gaining confidence and speaking in front of an audience and congratulations to all those students who had the courage to share their work with the rest of Team Taonga.  A big ka pai to Aryan and Lingue who managed to say their pepeha in from of Team Taonga.

A reminder we are online and students can access their Office 365 with their login and at the moment there are files on Onenote that can help your child with their Taumata pathway and achieving their Goals for 2017.  Our Taumata wall display has been completed and we thank Mele our new student to the class and also Hajeerah who spent time yesterday during the lunch time to screen print the design for the Taumata wall.

The poems we have been writing on Respect and Responsibility have been a success and students have made an effort to try and remember the values of the school in their every day lives.  Some days have been better than others for some students and it is a goal for the class to improve everyday.

On Tuesday was the Tag tournament and Whaea May was the coach for the girls team who won two games and unfortunately lost one game.  Shakyna played well for the girls team and was a key player for the team as well as Mathius and Micheal who played for the boys team and their team played well also.

Next week will be a full on academic week again with the students having their OTJ (Overall Teacher Judgement) assessments for the different curriculum areas.  Here we will see what achievements have been made and what achievements that need to be improved and where the teacher can support your child with their individual learning needs.

We hope to see you all tomorrow to share our school work and also kai on Whanau Day.

Turou, Aere Mai.


Whaea May Tamati


Online classroom learning and sharing will be our overall focus for this year and this week students have begun to use their own access to Office 365 and opening up the Te Kei o Te Waka Onenote folder.  Each child will be able to complete assignments and classroom tasks and share these with both the teacher, family and others in the class.  We have been fortunate to have laptops and ipads at school and these are used everyday to support all the different subjects at school.

Our Taumata folders be also be available online and students will keep a record of their evidence for each of the taumata levels with the challenge to aim to achieve the next taumata at the end of term one or for some in term two.

This week students have been writing poems on respect and responsibility.  A very important part of our learning is being proud of our identity and culture and students have been designing their family tree identity designs.

Next week will be a chance for all family members to come to school on Friday for Whanau day and we hope you will be able to find time to come along and see what your child has done so far this year.

On Wednesday we have our Team Taonga fundraiser which is a $5 combo day that includes mufti, sausage sizzle and ice cream sandwich.  This fundraiser will be for our Team Taonga trip at the end of the Term.

A big thank you to those who have returned their swimming permission slips and $10.

Our attendance has been good with only a few students away.  Lateness has still been an issue and just a reminder that your child needs to be at school at 8.40am for the first bell andd then in the class for the second bell which is at 8.50am.

It has been great to see students have continued to work on the Mathletics websites at home and now with the Office 365 logins students can do more homework online as well.

If you have any questions you can call me on 0211376760 Whaea May Tamati



Matua Sean is working with a group to help them with mathematics and reading.

Te Kei o Te Waka Tiriti has been signed by all students and we agreed upon our rules and regulations for our classroom for 2017.

Talofa lava whanau,

This week has been another busy and exciting week with all students organising their Taumata Folders and continuing setting their goals for this term.  At lunch time some students have been keen to participate in the lunchtime trials and well done to Shakyna and Vaikona that attended the tag trials this week.

In Te Kei o Te Waka we are enjoying improving our reading and reading with others in the class.  We congratulate Aryan and Ben for receiving the books of the week from the library for being engaged and completing set tasks in the classroom.

We are all at different levels in our academic and sporting ability so in our PE programme we are learning skills to help improve our small balls skills for cricket and softball.  With a lot of practise our throwing and catching skills are getting better and students are participating with positive sportsmanship.

As part of Team Taonga we have teacher aides who help us in class.  This week Matua Sean has been in Te Kei o Te Waka to help with students with their mathematics and reading.

2017 year will be a year of really utiilising our computers and laptops available at Kelston.  This week the year 8 students help guide our year 7 students through the Mathletics computer programme.  Already some year 7 students have been keen to practise Mathletics at  home with some already achieving some awards.

A reminder parents to please send back to school the swimming permission slips and $10 payment.  Thank you to the parents who make contact if there are issues or concerns with your child.  A reminder this is my contact number you can drop me a text and I will get back to you at lunch time.

Meitaki atupaka,

Whaea May Tamati (0211376760)





Te Kei o Te Waka

This week has been busy with our Leaders for our class being nominated and we congratulate Arizona Johnson our class Councillor for this year and Mark Siliko as our Vice Councillor.  The beginning of the T.O.P.S and Cultural Group programmes started today with all students keen to learn something new and challenge themselves.

Our main goal this week was to set our 2017 Goals and start our Taumata Journals thinking carefully about our Academic, Social and Cultural Goals.  One of our class goals was to aim for excellent attendance and we were proud to achieve 90% attendance as a class and also achieve the highest percentage for Team Taonga.

We thank all parents who returned the TOPS permission slips and this helped with your child getting their first choice.  A reminder students will need to return their swimming permission slip and pay $10.

Did you receive the school newsletter from your child?  This has a lot of information on the success of the beginning of the year, have a read and see what is coming up in the next few weeks.

If any parents have any questions please make contact with Whaea May Tamati on 0211376760.

Meitaki atupaka,

May Tamati


Te Kei o Te Waka students for 2017 were welcomed by Mrs May Terangi Tamati the new class teacher this year.  The Year 8 students were on board to support the new Year 7 students with the Kelston Intermediate Deputy Head boy Mathius Meihana and other leaders in the class such as Arizona Maliumai leading the Karakia for the day and giving the Year 7 a guided tour of the school.  The main focus for this week is to get to know each other in Te Kei o Te Waka, Team Taonga and knowing the importance of WE ARE KELSTON.  Today was a great start and we are looking forward to our Learning Journey for 2017.

Beginning of 2017

Well we are finally on the home straight to the end of the year. Tomorrow is our prizegiving and we hope that you as parents will be able to attend it. On Thursday we finish school at approximately 1.00pm after the Year 8 Graduation. School will officially end for our tamariki after that.  Friday is a TEACHER ONLY DAY in case your child thinks they should be at school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful year and to  wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that 2017 will bring your whanau the happiness and success you all so richly deserve.

Thank you to those children who bought food today for the shared kai. They organised it themselves.   So well done to the tamariki who helped.

Going to miss you all but I know you will have an awesome Summer break.

Arohanui. Kia tupato i tenei hararai.

Na Mrs Conning xxx

Well done Te Kei o te Waka. Your amazing students did a fantastic job on your Forensic play and I was really impressed with the quality. I am sure that you will be looking forward to the next time we have to perform in a public forum. ….. don’t get worried you guys, you wont have to do it again…

Hope you enjoyed Sina and the Eel today….yes it was worth the money!!!  Thanks parents for sponsoring you child to that!

For the rest of the week we will be hard out preparing for our Student Led Conferences. These will be on the 6 and 7 December 2016.  So check the newsletter on Thursday for the times and get a time organised asap so your parents get a good time.

Have a wonderful week and remember 3 more weeks to go. xxx





Kiaora and welcome back.

Four more weeks to go and counting.

The things we will be focussing on this week are:

Completing individual Novel Studies and your teams Forensics Drama / questionnaire

We will also spend time on our Portfolios and you can also work on trying to reach the next Taumata before our last Taumata Assembly.

It wont be long before your reports will be ready to go home so that lets you know what I am doing in the next two weeks.

REMINDER: You can use SWAY for both assignments. It is so much easier than MAKING a booklet but it is your choice

Wow what a fantastic time we had last week.Everyone performed so incredibly and gave us a day that will last in our memory until the next one. Our Kapahaka group will be the next event so keep this date on your calendars. It well be held at Kia Aroha.  But like everything its back to the drawing board to get ourselves ready for the next mahi.

Homework for this week.

This week we will have our Novel Study to do and this has to be completed by 10 November.
Algebra Homework will be available for you tomorrow. It is due in on 11 November

Have a great week and keep to the timeframe for your work to make sure you finish by due dates.

Meitaki maata

PS Dont forget hats, correct PE gear, phone / notes if you are late or away.

Well we are finally here.  This is the week we have been looking forward to all year.  With our Cultural and  TOPS groups working tirelessly to make this the biggest and best event ever, we are all excited and counting down to Friday.

Te Kei o te waka has done a fantastic job on the gardens and is painting and varnishing the garden furniture.

Our class is also in the cultural performances and  will be doing  baking and making confectionary packs for our school stall on Friday.

We hope  to  have our  Recipe Book  for sale  on Friday as well.

Dont forget to look at the list of donated goods for each day which went out in the letter last week.

HOMEWORK:  Forensics unit, Algebra worksheets.

See you all on Friday


Kia ora whanau me tamariki o te kei o te waka

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and that you are looking forward to the final 10 weeks before the end of term.  I know its not long until Xmas is upon us again and the warm weather is with us once again.  It will be a hectic term but a rewarding one.  Some tamariki may even be in the running for the main awards if they continue to act in an appropriate way.  Parents can you please encourage your children to get organised the night before school, check homework online, check that they did it, make sure they come dressed in the correct gear, bring a cap to school even when it is not sunny, bring water only drinks, bring PE shirt, shorts and running shoes and a proper lunch. If they come to school dressed differently then I will text you just to check. Better still can you text me if there is something you need to let me know.  My mobile number again is 0272438602.  If you have changed addresses or numbers can you please let me or the office know.


Writing – Something significant that happened to me this holidays?

Personal Targets for my Taumata – Academic, Social, Cultural, Physical.  You may need to complete them if you didn’t do them  last term.

Inquiry – Watch the youtube link and then answer the questions(click on the purple link)











Kia ora, Kia orana, Asalam alakum to you all before we head out for the holidays.

Thank you so much Te Kei o te Waka for the most inspirational term ever as a teacher at Kelston Intermediate School. All of you have contributed to our success as a class this term.  You only have to look at our highlights (so many I hope I didn’t leave anyone out each week) to realise why I am raving about you this term.

I have had  to write this post prior to this afternoon’s assembly which is so exciting for me as your proud teacher.  Today the following children get Taumata bands. AWESOME!!

TAHI: Dorcas, Mason, Alfie

RUA: Narniyia, Rudy, Abil, Afa, Hala H

TORU: Hala M, Mathius, Tiara

The Talent Quest results will be announced at assembly and no matter what the outcome, we thought you were all superstars!

Hala, Mathius, Grace, Hala M, Afa, Dorcas

And lastly to all of you who worked so fast to get your work completed, I was so amazed with what you produced on SWAY. Show your parents your past present and future assignments. None of them will know this program you will be their teachers. LOL!

Now you all have a great holiday. I will be back at school in the second week if any of the TOPS Recipe group want to come in so phone me.

Be Safe – Mrs Conning

And the last word for the term is from that famous singer AFA : GO TO CHURCH!




Kia orana, Talofa, Malo, Bula,  Selamat pagi (Malay)

The last week has snuck up on us and we seem to be racing to get everything done.

We will be finishing off work and getting portfolios and taumata folders up to date so that we come back next term with everything done.

Hope students trial out for the school touch teams on Monday as  we want to do well once again this year.

Congratulations to Mathius and Brenzel who have represented Glenora at the league championships over the weekend.  We will post their results later in the week.

Well done to all those in the Tops Historecipes group who helped compile lots of yummy delights for our Kelikai Cook Book.  If any parents have got some whanau  recipes they would like to contribute to our book we look forward to getting them. Email them to:  dotc@kelstonint.school.nz



Taumata Recipients  – Congratulations to you all.  You have worked hard to achieve these Taumata levels.

Taumata Rua - tino pai Sylvia.

Taumata Rua – tino pai Sylvia.

Taumata Rua - Ka pai Hariata

Taumata Rua – Ka pai Hariata

Taumata Toru. Awesome Nadia

Taumata Toru. Awesome Nadia

Taumata Toru Mya. You totally deserve it.

Taumata Toru Mya. You totally deserve it.

Congratulations on a great job Monique.

Congratulations on a great job Monique.


Finish off Maths Olympic Stats booklet.

Complete editorial about KidsCan

Make sure you keep on top of your individual inquiry topics for the Past, Present, Future focus area as they are due in on Tuesday next week.




Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo, Talofa, Allo,

We are in for a busy week this week and here is what we are up for:


Choose your TOPS group – Want to write Historecipes?

Kelston Girls High Testing



Kelston Boys High Testing

Year 8 Girls injections



Deadline for Olympics Maths

School Powhiri for Auckland Samoan Speech Competition

Kelston Boys High School

Maori and Polynesian Group Performances



Writing a KidsCan Editorial



New TOPS courses start

Taumata Formal Assembly



Rainbows End – Bluelight Trip – Alfie, Mason going.



  1. Complete Olympics Maths
  2. View Nigel Latta on Immigration
  3. Complete KidsCan Editorial.
  4. Taumata Toru Students to get Mrs Tariu to sign off evidence folders.


Next Week: Mandarin Language Week




Kia ora and welcome  Alfie Stanko who arrived last week from Nottingham. Love having you in our class, mate!  Hope you can help us improve our Soccer skills.

Well done Afa Leasuasu. You have made a good start with your independent study programme. Keep it up Afa.

Taumata Goals

Students need to complete the goals they had set last term if they want to gain their taumata band at the next Taumata Assembly.  Those of you who have been working toward Taumata Toru, need to get your work signed off by the appropriate adult asap.


Your work this week is

Olympic Games inquiry activities to be handed in on Wednesday .

Olympic Maths assignment to be handed in week 7 on Monday. New Maths booklets have been given out to Group Tahi. (Mathius, Tiara, Grace, Mason, Alfie, Mark, Nadia, Adrianna, Cyprus, Sylvia.) You can work on it at your leisure.

Don’t forget to bring your PE gear and runners everyday.

Bring a drink. Its been warm during the day.

Thank you all

Ka kite






Kia orana, Kia ora, Hola and welcome parents and students.

Congratulations to our speech contestants Grace, Mathius and Lotoa. You represented us proudly at the Team Aroha Speech Competition today.  Mathius and Lotoa will now represent us at the school competition. Practise with your parents at home and I will help you with your technique over the next few days

Mathius Winitana-Lole Winner of the Team Aroha Speeches

Mathius Winitana-Lole Winner of the Team Aroha Speeches


Lotoa Runner up

Grace Fruean Speaker

Grace Fruean