Te Pou Herenga Waka

Te Pou Herenga Waka

Stevey Taylor

Only 2 more weeks left of school for 2017 and we are still very busy.

Last week we had our Dragons Market in our school hall, every class in team Taonga had the opportunity to display our businesses proudly in a Dragons Market. Each person in each class was given $5 of voting money to vote for their favourite products, the 8 businesses that won the most votes will then go into the dragons den to present to our judges, who will then crown our Dragons Den entrepreneurs of 2017. we are super excited for Wednesday to come along. If you are available to come and watch, nau mai haere mai.


We have been working very hard these past 4 weeks on creating our own businesses. Part of what makes a good business is how we market and advertise ourselves. One of our first tasks was to come up with our business names that reflect who we are as producers and our products. The fun part came after this when we had to create our own business logos.

Miss Taylor allowed us to use the new Surface Pro 4 to sketch our logos – this was super fun and allowed us to be as creative as we possibly could.

Kia ora – As we commence our second to last week of term 3 there are some very important things to reiterate to whanau.


Firstly,next week Ayziah Wilson from Te Pou herenga Waka will be representing our school at the Auckland speech competition after coming second at the Western Zone speech comp a couple weeks ago. We would like to take a group of students from Te Pou Herenga Waka to support Ayziah on the night. A panui will be sent home this week to whanau requesting permission for certain students to join us.


Secondly, Term 4 students will need to start bringing in their hats. If you have no longer got a school appropriate hat to wear you can purchase them from the front office. Plain black and navy blue hats are also school regulation.

Image result for plain black hat Image result for plain navy blue hat


Lastly, in class our inquiry projects will be due by the end of this week. Please encourage your children to have these complete by the end of the week. Nga mihi

A huge mihi to Whaea Moana who has invested so much love and manaakitanga in our class. She has now finished her practicum with us here in Te Pou Herenga Waka and returns to finish the rest of the year at university. We will miss you dearly.

Reminder for students: class speeches will be taking place on monday so please be prepared to stand tall and talk about your amazing topics. Team Taonga speech competition will take place on Wednesday and full school speeches on Friday. Next week will be so much fun.

This week we have been very busy preparing for Student Led Conferences and organizing our presentations for our parents. One of our highlights, however, from week 1 was KiwiCan and tech.

In term 2, Te Pou Herenga Waka won KiwiCan points for being the most respectful, responsible and engaged class in KiwiCan and in class. As a reward, Matua Sefa and Whaea Amiria will be shouting us a shared lunch this Friday.

This term 


Here you can see one of our math groups challenging each other to complete a wooden puzzle. This activity was based around challenging students to become more abstract thinkers and to think outside the “box”.

At the end of the session students were unsuccessful in achieving the objective but the conversations and the team work that was displayed in this activity are a success in itself.


Also – Welcome back to Whaea Moana who is our student teacher from Auckland university. She will be here in Te Pou Herenga Waka for the rest of the term and for 5 weeks of term 3 also. We look forward to spending more time together and learning from eachother.

Today we received our duffy books while we were in the library. Some of the books that our students received were very interesting. Please ensure that your child is reading atleast 30 mins of every day, this is very important to ensure their minds are stimulated and they are getting better when reading fluently.

In our class we are studying the cause and effects of different social issues that our community face on a daily basis. Today we were welcomed with a special visitor “David Fusitua” who came in to be interviewed on the causes and effects of being a NRL star.

David Fusitua was interviewed by Chelston Richies about what has made him into our very own Kelston Super star. A HUGE mihi to David for taking time out of his very busy schedule to give back to the community that loves him so much!



We have been learning some really high intensive stuff about angles and the different types of angles there are. From acute to obtuse, from supplementary to complementary angles we have been working these out while also learning how to use a protractor appropriately.

Tone our Mathematician working his magic!

Stacey and Saiyan working together to solve some pretty difficult math equations.

We like working in groups, it helps us build relationships and support each other with our learning.

We use devices everyday to assist with our learning. Literacy isnt only about reading and writing, but also becoming a a fluent digital citizen and using a range of devices to work collaboratively with others.

Group work and vocab – this was definitely the highlight of our math session this week!

Welcome back to school everyone, We hope you have enjoyed you school holidays and are well rested to take on term 2!

For Math this term we are focusing on Multiplication and division as well as Geometry.

Geometry is all about shapes and their properties. In geometry we will be learning many things such as, angles, nets, location, symmetries etc so if you enjoy playing with objects or if you like drawing then perhaps Geometry is perfect for you too!


Here a picture of Matua Sean and Chelston having a game of battleships. Battleships is a great way to learn how to use coordinates and also think strategically. It is also a great way to practice using vocab relevant to geometry. Ka pai korua.

This week we have been focussing alot of our efforts on our future learning spaces – what do we want to learn in term 2? What will be our class focus? Science? social science? THERE IS ALOT TO THINK ABOUT!!


Students in Te Pou Herenga Waka have been assigned a week long assignment. This assignment includes watching snippets from the news, identifying social issues within our society, explaining the causes of the issues and some possible outcomes and effects that come from the issues identified. I look forward to receiving this assignment back on monday next week.

Today Te Pou Herenga Waka had our first Mandarin lesson for 2017. In this lesson we learnt to identify different Chinese iconic symbols. We went over our class expectations and an overview of what Te Pou Herenga Waka can look forward to this term. We are super excited to learn new languages and learn about the Chinese culture.

Watch this space for more updates.


click on the title and please make sure that your child returns their permission slip and pays their $15 for entry fee and bus.

Could you please make sure you pay and bring the permission slip by Wednesday 15th March 2017.

Thank you

We have had such a crazy busy week thus far! Yesterday in particular we had a full on day with swimming and learning many swimming skills, to raising money for Team Taonga in our $5 day fundraiser and finally our first student led team assembly for Term 1. This week Te Pou Herenga Waka ran assembly. MC’d by Stacey and Gwendolyne the assembly ran smoothly.

Here are some pics from our Day yesterday (Wednesday 1st of March 2017)

This term for PE we are focusing on Small ball skills – this includes softball skills like pitching, batting and catching with mits. We have been covering this for the past 2 weeks and we have seen a significant improvement in our small ball skills. Keep up the awesome mahi Te Pou Herenga Waka.


This week we would like to welcome the newest additions to our Te Pou Herenga Waka whanau. I am overwhelmed with the amount of intelligent, respectful young woman and young men that have walked into our doors this term.

I would like to also thank our Y8 tuakana for being awesome role models to your teina and to remind you about the significant contributions you are all making to our Kelston community.

This week we learnt about each other, who we are, where we come from, our families, our hobbies and also our dreams and aspirations.

Reminder: we have a team shared kai tomorrow (Friday the 3rd of February) so please bring something to share with our Team Taonga whanau.


Last Saturday, we took our school kapa haka group to the Kapa Haka regionals for Auckland region to represent our Kelston community where we were fortunate enough to place 13th of 28 groups.

Te Pou Herenga Waka was represented by a few students, namely Taylor Strachan, Ayziah Wilson, Aries greening, Tumua’I Eki, Junaid Chand, Stacey Saussey, Gwendolynne Turner-Pako, Chelson Richies and Jasmine Smith-McNamara.

As the teacher of te Pou Herenga waka, and 1 of 5 tutors for our Kapa Haka group, I am super proud of the efforts your children put in this year, from being respectful of Maori culture and the tutors who tirelessly worked on promoting their talent, being responsible by coming to practices all year long and being engaged enough to learn and love the art of Kapa Haka.

Tena koutou nga taiohi o Te Kapa Onewherowhero, ano hoki ki nga whanau whanui o Te Kura takawaenga o Kerehana.

image-3 img_9088 img_9215

Wow, it’s already the fifth week of Term 4. The year is going so fast!  The last Student Led Conferences for 2016 are coming up and we’ve been busy with our Sway presentations this week, getting ready to present to whanau. It’s nearly the end of the year, and students have been working hard on their E-asttle testing, Reading and Maths. It’s great to see how much the students have progressed over  the year.

Just a couple of reminders, Formal Assembly is coming up this Friday, keep trying hard in achieving your next Taumata Band. Also, Kapa Haka Regionals Competition this Saturday, lets wish the Kapa Haka good luck.

Have a great week! J


Madina. A

Word from Taumata rima

Earning Taumata Rima was a great achievement for me. I’m proud of myself that I was able to contribute to our school and wider community to gain more confidence. I have seen the change in myself from last year, the Taumata system wasn’t really important to me, but this year I have worked really hard to finally wear the dark blue band with pride. The Taumata has taught me many lifelong learning skills. Keep trying hard in your Taumata work as you will see how you improve in your socially, culturally and academically. Try your best and forget the rest.

Madina Akbari

As we are all aware, Term 3 is counting down very quickly!!!

Just a couple reminders before the we take off for a well deserved holiday.

  1. Inquiry will be rolling over into term 4.
  2. Brochures are due NOW.
  3. Informative texts about computers are also due NOW!
  4. Kapa haka practices in the 2nd week of the holidays.
  5. Portfolios need to be updated.

Kia kaha Te Pou Herenga Waka, you are very capable of achieving greatness!!


In Te Pou Herenga Waka, we are spending quite some time on statistical investigations. To the left you will see an image of part of our maths wall with examples of some of the awesome work we are doing in class.

The first step to creating a statistical investigation was posing a question – we thought about what we would like to know and asked questions about that topic. The next step was creating a method to collect the data, this was fun because we got to create our own questionnaires, opinion polls and surveys. After that we had to display collected data in an appropriate format, our preferred format turned out to be a range of bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs. Lastly we made statements about the implications or possible actions based on the results of our investigation.

This week we will look at how we can evaluate the effectiveness of different forms of displaying data and make conclusions on the basis of our statistical investigations.


WOW!! we have so much talent here in Te Pou Herenga Waka.

Today we sat in support of 3 of our very own class mates and listened to them as they presented their speeches to our team along with 7 other competitors from different classrooms, and man were they amazing!!

Tumua’i spoke about perfection and how it consumes so many young people nowadays as they strive to achieve something that she considers to be overrated!!

Zayna wowed us with her speech about why kids her age shouldn’t have mobile phones and how it can distract people from the most important things in life – FAMILY!!

Jasmines speech was some what of a “spoken word” – Expressing her concerns of how bullying effects people in different ways, Jasmine attempted to persuade her peers how NOT to treat people as one day it might be too late to right your wrongs.

These three speakers made our class very proud, they really dug deep and came away with a FANTASTIC result with  Jasmine gaining 1st place, Zayna placing 2nd and Tumua’i placing 3rd!! 

Well done ladies – We look forward to having you represent our awesome team at our school speeches on the 9th of September 2016!!

Kia kaha, Kia maia, Kia manawanui

1st 2nd 3rd

Kia ora whanau, and welcome back to yet another fun filled term!

As you are all aware, we have student led conferences coming up next week and it is imperative that someone from attend SLC to receive your child mid year report. If you have not yet booked a time with Miss Taylor, please do so ASAP to ensure that you are given a time suitable for you and your child.


Whats happened so far? Well for the past few days your child has been preparing their digital portfolios to ensure you have a really good insight of what they have achieved so far in Te Pou Herenga waka.

This term we will be focusing heavily on statistics for Maths – we will be looking into statistics of our communities specifically around crime rates in light of some of the horrific events we are seeing in current affairs. This will also assist our “Past, present, future” inquire topic.

Please feel free to pop in to our class when ever you feel the need!! our doors are always open to whanau. Nau mai haere mai.

This week in Te Pou Herenga Waka we have spent a few lessons looking at reflection, rotation and translation in maaths. One of our favorite lessons this week was when Miss Taylor taught us about reflection using mirrors. We were able to create patterns and draw these into our books using the skill of reflection. We were then able to draw patterns and give them to our friends so that they could finish the design using their knowledge of reflection.

IMG_8007 IMG_8006 IMG_8005

We have also received a new teaching tool in our class called an interactive TV. We really enjoy this TV and we are yet to explore all of its amazing functions.



Shortly, we will be taking a team trip to MOTAT to look at some of the amazing exhibitions they have there. The purpose of our trip is to enhance our own knowledge in electricity, to experiment with electrical currents and circuits, solve hands-on activities, and investigate the ways that electricity can be generated.

Miss Taylor has given out the permission slips, these need to be back to my teacher by the Wednesday the 22nd of June 2016 to secure my position on the trip.



Congratulations to Stacey Saussey for achieving taumata tahi this week – Stacey was able to articulate why she deserves taumata tahi through an interview she had with Miss Taylor. Stacey talked about her journey to becoming a more respectful, responsible and engaged pupil of Kelston Intermediate. She was able to identify her family heritage on her fathers side and how she is able to acknowledge the diverse cultures within our school. Kei runga noa atu koe Stacey!!!

Stacey photo

Congratulations to Aries Greening for taking another step closer to the highest taumata level at Kelston intermediate. Today Aries was interviewed by Miss Taylor to achieve taumata rua. Aries was able to talk about her journey to learn more about her cultural heritage. She is active in learning the Tongan language and is willing to request help when needed. An area that Aries and Miss Taylor think she needs improvement in is her ability to work collaboratively with others, participating and contributing in groups. This is something Aries will continue to work on. Ka pai Aries – He mareikura koe.


Geometry poster

Last week we sat a diagnostic test for Geometry, this was to ensure our teacher was able to identify our learning needs in geometry.

For the next 4 weeks Geometry will be our main focus – this will include making nets, identifying 3D and 2D shapes, Angles and lines and much much more. We are super excited for the new learning that will take place in Te Pou Herenga waka this term.

IMG_7702 IMG_7703

This term in Te Pou Herenga Waka, we are spending alot of time working on Persuasive writing in preparation for our speeches this term. This week we created advertisements, targeting other students – attempting to sell different items in our class (not literally). This was an interesting task because we were able to identify which students in Te Pou Herenga already knows the skill of persuasion.

Welcome back!!

So many cool things on the cards this term in Te Pou Herenga Waka. Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the students who attended school on the first day this week! I really enjoyed seeing all of your faces and how keen you all were to get term 2 started!

Thank you so much!


Inquiry is all about the physical world – Science!! Keep an eye on this space to see what kinds of questions our students are coming up with.


This week students are expected to spend atleast half and hour a day reading up on current events in our communities also half an hour on mathletics. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet in your home please direct students towards the closest library.