Te wiki tuaono- Wahanga tuawha

Kia ora e te whanau, Te wiki tuaono-Wahanga tuawha!!! HIKA MA! its week 7 already- Only 3 more weeks of kura and our tuakana will be heading into their college/high school lives and our teina ma will be getting ready to be GREAT tuakana for our new teina for #2017!!!

Anei nga mahi o koutou tamariki. Nga mahi waiata hou, karakia hou, panuitia mo te kaupapa o Novel studies me nga panui o te mahi ki te Kelifest 2016.Identifying the different components of a Novel and describing these components in detail and presenting these in a visual context.


Our tamariki have been learning the ‘Lords Prayer- E to matou matua i te rangi’. This is a karakia that all Maoridom know and use every single day for various occassions/events.. I explained to our kids that you can go anywhere in the world for any occassion and you can use this karakia. It is a very special karakia asking our lord/our provider (in Te Ao Maori) to bless and guide us all. Weve also been learning a new waiata Rerenga Wairua. This is coming along nice. Parts will be added next week and we’ll be ready to go for prizegiving 🙂


We’ve been working on our recount writing pieces about Kelifest 2016. Working in pairs-tuakana/teina starting with a brainstorm, then a draft. Once we have established where our recount starts and finishes we are then able to tuhituhi and finish with our edited copy. Once checked by Whaea Terina or Matua Gibby our tamariki were able to publish. This is an area of learning we have focused a lot on this term especially creating HIGH quality pieces of mahi to present to their matua in their portfolios. Tuhituhi has been an area where our kids have expressed and written wonderful pieces of writing, but delivering perfect/non mistake mahi is our main focus this term and this is slowly but surely being achieved by our tamariki.


nga-kakano-2016-pics-of-my-kids-1238 nga-kakano-2016-pics-of-my-kids-1502

Nga Kakano portfolios are full and ready with excellent mahi, to show their matua and our tamariki have worked really hard on these. Please come along to our Student Led Conferences in a couple of weeks to discuss each childs progress this year and receive the end of school report. In these reports, you will see the progression of learning from Term 1 to Term 4 showing how much your tamaiti has socially, culturally and academically excelled here at KI:)

Reminders : We have a wonderful production Sina and the eel visiting our kura on Wednesday morning. Most of our tamariki have paid their $3 but if you havent, please send this with your tamaiti before then.

Over the next 3 weeks, we have Student Led Conferences, Last formal assembly to award Taumata, Year 8 graduation, Whole school prizegiving, End of year trip to Pt.Erin pools so please keep an ear/eye open with panui from your tamariki. We would love to have all our whanau attend these memorable moments for our kids 🙂

Any patai (questions) please email me: terinah@kelstonint.school.nz or haere mai ki te korero ki ahau . Kua puare nga kuaha i nga wa katoa- open door policy so come in and see us anytime 🙂


Have a great week whanau,

Nga mihiNUI Whaea Terina