Term 2 Week 2

Talofa lava and Welcome to week 3 of term 2.

Your child has been very busy learning about metacognitive strategies that would enhance their learning. It is Reciprocal Teaching and they are using predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. We also like to put some other practices in our class such as differentiated learning and multi levelling, which gives our students to challenge themselves in setting goals to achieve and reflecting as well as analysing  their goals on how the achieve them and where to next. everything is really challenging and hoping that they are all doing homework as it is set every week. Just a reminder for last term if your child has not paid for their swimming, school fees and that includes their technology fees, could you please follow this up with our beautiful receptionist at school Miss Keenan and have it all paid as soon as possible.


Your child should have come home with a information booklet about the fun run which will take place this Friday. Please support your child in getting some sponsors so that they are able to support the school for we are all fund raising for new sports uniforms, for soccer, netball and basketball. We are wanting each child to raise as much as they can.

Last week we Sign language week. We were very fortunate to have Kelston Boys come into our class and share with us their knowledge with us. We also got tested in learning our alphabet, by playing a game of bingo, it was a great test for your child to see how much they can take on board.