Term 3

Talofa lava,

With term 3 underway, Tamatoa have been very busy.

Inquiry: Our theme this term is ” How can we change our world, past/present/future.

We have begun to look at writing a biography on famous New Zealanders from the past who have made lasting impacts into the future.

We have also been busy following the Olympics in Rio – Brazil, it has been a talking point in our class on what team from which country has won gold so far. The “KIWI’S” are a hot topic. Here are some other stuff happening in Tamatoa,

20160808_101522  20160808_101532

Constable Carl ; talking to Tamatoa about how to keep safe in and around the community, we had a very interesting question time.

20160809_092915  20160809_092915

In Tamatoa, we also have a student teacher Matua Tyler, who is currently in his second year of completing a teaching degree. The students love him. Here’s Matua Tyler, teaching a group.

That is it for now, but please keep in touch through our news letters which are sent out every week. Also, there is homework for Tamatoa to complete, the students have written down in their diaries what needs to be done, so parents, please check with your child.