Term 3

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.     

Marc Brown.

Our theme through out this year has been “Brotherhood” –  It is the coming together of all cultures in unison to achieve a common purpose.

Tamatoa linked together as a show of brotherhood. When boys learn to work together, respect each other, engage each other in a respectful manner, they grow together – Nathan, W . 

This term for our inquiry we are learning about the “Living world”. In weeks 1 -2 we have been learning about life cycles looking at plants & trees, and what their purpose is in the world.  FACT: Did you know that trees are masters of self -defence and communicators. Scientist have found that when attacked by insects, trees can flood their leaves with chemicals called phenolics.

 How many animals / insects  can you spot!!

Reading: for reading we are continuing with reciprocal reading & reciprocal teaching. Our readings will be on the living world – covering a range of topics.

Maths: Tamatoa  have already started to learn about the different vocabulary in statistics. It has been fun creating tally charts, gathering data and then translating this data into a graph. We have also been learning about the mean, mode & median. 

A huge thank you to all the parents who took time out to come in to our parent interviews. I’m sure it was an insightful time for you and your child. Please remember to keep yourself up to date with our up and coming events through our news letter and website.

Tasi – Tamatoa.