Term 3 reflection!

Congratulations to the Design students this term..

Ask them what a supply chain is!

Did you know Oxfam set up THE BIG TEN.

The 10 largest food and beverage companies in the world are under pressure to ensure their products are manufactured considering all of these factors.


Clink on this link,  https://www.behindthebrands.org/

Choose a product, find out who makes it and how this company scores.We’ve looked at the biggest food companies’ policies on issues from water to women, the way they expect their suppliers to behave on these issues, and what they do to measure and improve their impact on every worker and farmer who makes their ingredients. After 3 years of campaigning your pressure is making a difference. People have taken over 700,000 actions demanding more from the Big Ten companies and their scores are starting to improve – but all of them still need to do more to make the global food system work for all.

Decide if you will continue to buy it or change . You have the power, without you the Big 10 are not so big.  So show them you’re passionate about supporting farmers and the planet, they will listen.