Term 3 Week 2


Special dedication to Mrs Brown

Thank you Mrs Brown for your hard work, teaching us the good things for our future and helping the students in our class to become better readers and writers.We really thank you for putting a lot of blood and sweat into your time teaching us students.We pray that God will guide you through out your journey and that you may receive a lot of blessings.We will cherish you and your greate work and help forever and ever and have a great journey.  From OJ

Good luck for your future, we will miss you and we will take to heart what you have taught us in Ulimasao and Team Kotahitanga. It was an honour having you as a member at K.I.S and a pleasure as well.Take care, we love you in many ways. Good luck with you,your family, and a new son. Once again, Thank you so much. By Julia

Thank Mrs Brown



Talofa lava, malo le soifua maua and Welcome to week 2 of term 3. This term is going to be an awesome and exciting term with lots of learning and activities happening. Class Ulimasao has been full on, straight in there, busy and ready for new challenges every day, especially getting their e-portfolio ready for Student Led Conference this week. Our focus for this term is ‘Maori and the Forest’.


This term is great fun we tried something different and new which is awesome! We have done Persuasive writing last term and again this term, writing and learning our speeches in English and Samoan. We are also doing explanation writing discovering ‘Maori and the Forest’:

WALT: Explore and investigate the native animals, birds, trees and plants;  the Maori ritual before cutting down a tree;



Ulimasao has been using reciprocal reading Strategies to help us understand what we are reading about and to build our confidence to share in our group discussions and to present our readings to the whole class which we love to do. Our readings are based around “Maori and the Forest” to help us enhance our future learning wall.










Physical education (P.E)

Large ball skills are our focus this term. These skills will be covered in volleyball, netball, soccer, touch and rugby league. Later on, in the term we will be focusing on athletics.



Our Future learning topic for this term is “Living World”. Our focus questions is; “OUR NATURAL RESOURCEs ARE AT RISK?” What can we do about Them? We started to learn about “Maori and the Forest”. Learning more about the issues, causes and effects to our native animals, birds, trees and plants and how we can help our community to have an awareness on these issues.???



This term for Maths we are learning about Statistics and Probability. For Numeracy, we are learning about fractions, decimals and percentages and these are used in our everyday life.



Hapit of minds!

Learn from yesterday,

live for today,

hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.