Term 3 Week 3 – Rio 2016

In Brazil, they speak mainly Portuguese

Oi, Tudo bem?  Hello how are you?

Tudo bom. Everything is good.

E voce? And you?

Tudo bom. I am good too!


Olympic Tasks:  Complete the tasks you were given today for homework.  This is the homework for the whole week.

Maths:  Keep a tally of the Olympic  gold medals won, world records set, name of winner and which country the represent.

Persuasive Writing:  Keep notes of any Olympic controversies so they can be discussed at school the next day.

Child Abuse Posters:  These must be finished by Wednesday ready for our March on Friday.

Keeping Ourselves Safe: Our class will have lessons with Constable Carl on Tuesday and Thursday.

Maths Week: We will be choosing our class team this week and will have a trial quiz tomorrow after morning tea. Brainiacs bring it for tomorrow.  Game on!

Parents leave a message at the office or contact me if you require any help

Tchau!  Bye