Term 3 Week 6 – What’s up!

Kia ora and welcome  Alfie Stanko who arrived last week from Nottingham. Love having you in our class, mate!  Hope you can help us improve our Soccer skills.

Well done Afa Leasuasu. You have made a good start with your independent study programme. Keep it up Afa.

Taumata Goals

Students need to complete the goals they had set last term if they want to gain their taumata band at the next Taumata Assembly.  Those of you who have been working toward Taumata Toru, need to get your work signed off by the appropriate adult asap.


Your work this week is

Olympic Games inquiry activities to be handed in on Wednesday .

Olympic Maths assignment to be handed in week 7 on Monday. New Maths booklets have been given out to Group Tahi. (Mathius, Tiara, Grace, Mason, Alfie, Mark, Nadia, Adrianna, Cyprus, Sylvia.) You can work on it at your leisure.

Don’t forget to bring your PE gear and runners everyday.

Bring a drink. Its been warm during the day.

Thank you all

Ka kite