Hola Te Kei o Te Waka Whanau,

Last week was a great eye opener to see the ability of our Mathex teams who will be representing our schools this week.  Well done to Mark Siliko who is part of Year 8 School Mathex team and who managed to receive three of the daily maths prizes in the daily notices competition.  Ardrianna Webster particpated well in the school Mathex competition and she enjoyed working cooperatively with the other Team Taonga Year 8 team members.

We have continued to work on our prepared speeches and these will be ready to present next week with an emphasis on being confident and leaving a positive message with the audience to think about.  Michael Davis has volunteered to be the first to present his speech and his topic of interest is RACISM!  All speeches are to be between 2.30 – 3 minutes long and practised so that the speech is learnt off by heart with cue cards to support.

Inquiry assignments will be due closer to the end of Week 9 and students have chosen a plant species or animal species to focus their inquiry on.  Ofa Tangipa has found the National Library Topic Explorer system on the Library computer very useful for her inquiry research.

Encouragement to all students to continue to ATTEND SCHOOL EVERYDAY and ARRIVE TO SCHOOL EARLY!

Our proverb for this week is TAMA TU TAMA ORA, TAMA NOHO TAMA MATE.  This proverb encourages us all to be physcially healthy and be active and not to sit around and be lazy or we will get sick.  At lunchtime students have been playing basketball, volleyball as well as attending Netball and Rugby League Training.

This week we have a formal assembly all the best to those students aiming to receive their next taumata level.

Kia Kaha! Kia Maroiroi!

Whaea May


Abil being active during the lunchtime basketball seesions!

Arizona and Jared hanging out at lunchtime watching the basketball sessions.

Mark Siliko representing the Year 8 school Mathex
Team and good luck for the Auckland schools competition this Thursday!

Ardrianna representing Team Taonga Year 8 Mathex team in the school competition.

Michael Davies sharing one of his favourite Nelson Mandela quotes.

Ofa Tangipa utilising the National Library Topics Tools computer programme available in the school library.