We have started our week with the Jade Speaks Up programme as part of our health studies and keeping ourselves safe.  In brief the programme is a chance for all to look at the choices we make about how we act in a more peaceful way and how we can keep ourselves safe.  A permission slip has been given to your child if you do not wish for them to participate in the reseach project questionnaire towards the end of the programme.

Here are some of the poems the students have written so far about the Jade Speaks Up:

P resentation is always excellent and on point

E nvironment making the Physical World a better place

A ttitude is positive

C aring for others and making good choices

E ndurance to overcome a tough time (by Mathius Lole)


P ain will go away and make you have peace and quiet

E motions can get over you so let it go under

A ccept life when it  gives you lemons

C ome to the nearest community to find help

E ven though you seem you’re alone but you’re not (Monique Favier)


T hink about what you say before you say it

R un as fast as you can when someone approaches you

U se your self defence actions to fight back

S trength can help you verbally and physically

T rust the people around you (Nadia Marwan)


T elling someone secretly you trust them

R ing or call someone nearby if you are in trouble

U se your self defence

S afely walk back home

T ry and avoid talking to strangers (Mark Siliko)


S tay strong and run for help

A ask for help

F ind people that you trust

E vacuate from danger (Melefale  Houma)