Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to the all the girls that played in the winter league netball tournament this year at Te Pai. I’d like to also acknowledge their Coaches and managers Leni, Mrs Gates, whaea May, Mrs Teariki and also to the teachers and whaanau that were able to help with transporting and supporting our girls at Te Pai every week! Kei runga noa koutou!
To the year 8 girls leaving and WINNING their grade, thank you for your effort and representation this year.  Miss Tapene – Maoate is definitely going to MISS you all so much. Ka pai e hine maa.

Secondly, thank you to Kelston Boys for inviting us to attend their performances/showcases yesterday at their Kura, rawe!

We as a community need to take a bit more responsibility about how we are driving when dropping tamariki off to school. Please be mindful and SLOW DOWN. Children are precious treasures and cannot compete with a car. We are working on getting a proper crossing with the council, but for now, please SLOW DOWN and be extra careful around our schools.

Living world…

Paanui / tuhituhi
At the moment, for our reading and writing projects we are studying animals. Looking at their special abilities, how they collect food, how they feed their young, the different developmental stages different animals go through when moving from babies into adulthood, their habitats, who they are prey for and who their predators are.
We have had some great discussions in class about what they would or could do if they posessed such abilities as speed, agility, 20/20 vision, easy movement on land, air and water . Also learning about the science behind animals and their technical terms.


Fractions, decimals and percentages is our learning this term. Converting, adding, subtracting and finding these amongst numbers, problems or posed equations is what we have been working on in maths.
Twelve Fifths is the same as two wholes and two fifths. True or False?
What is 30% of $120?
If there were 6 chocolate bars that consisted of 10 pieces, then how much would each person get if you had to share amongst 4 people? (Answer in decimal form and show working out)

This is the study of DATA. Its about investigating an area of life and making sense of that information through numbers, graphs and collecting information. We are now looking at how we can make true statements about the data we are deciphering and graphing.

Hauora / Haakinakina

Large ball skills and athletics are our focus in P.E this term. Health is all about Puberty. Its not as scary as you think it may be, in fact its probably one of the most important times of our students lives as you start to change physically, mentally and emotionally. Knowledge is power, and we are all about empowering our Tamariki.!

Lastly, Thank you whanau for supporting our TEAM AROHA bake sale! We had an awesome time selling all the scrumptious baking that you, our whaanau gave in for us to sell to fundraise for our end of year trip. Thank you, thank you, nga mihi nui rawa kia koutou. Ko koutou te mana, te oranga o aa taatou kura!