Week 2

Important Events:   

Student Led Conferences:

Date – Tuesday 2/8/2016  1.30 – 7.30pm               Wednesday 3/8/2016 3.15 – 5.00pm

What you need to bring back to school on Monday:

Your tech interview time from your parents. Make sure you check that it is near the same time as your time with me.

Bring back your Student Portfolio so we can check everything has been completed for your interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Due dates:

Monday 1/8/2016:   Student Led Conference Interview outline must be completed and presented to Miss Linton and I on Monday.  Student Portfolios will also be presented. Make sure you come prepared for a busy day.

Nadia and Monique : You are on Newsletter this week. It is due in on Wednesday 9am.

Tuesday 2/8/2016:   Student Led Conference Interviews will begin at 1.30 pm.  Make sure you are ready for them. All children will go home at 1pm and return with their parents for conferences.  Those children who do not an interview will stay at school on Tuesday until 3pm then go home.

Wednesday 3/8/2016: We will be preparing for SLC’s for those children who have it booked for Wednesday and for those who missed Tuesday.

Homework:  Inquiry Question:

Should Professional Athletes be allowed to compete at the Olympics or not?

Give your reasons for your answer.

Thursday 4/8/2016:  3 minute prepared speeches: Those children who haven’t given theirs yet you will have a chance today.

Miss Napa is back.

Friday 5/8/2016:  Horticulture Group please bring your old clothes. We will be working in the gardens.

Cook Island Group we will be trying on our Costumes today.


Kia Kaha!